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review 2017-02-16 04:00
The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death - Kim Harrison

Trisk sat at her booth hoping to find an employer. She was a geneticists. It had been four months since Trisk had graduated. It was like a reverse job fair post graduates came from all over the country to see if there was a place in their company for the graduates. There wasn’t that many of Trisk’s people left- elves. The population would drop a lot more if they couldn’t halt the ongoing genetic degradation caused by an ancient war. Trisk and her dad had only entertained three employers at their table and they were only interested in her minor in security rather than her major in genetic research. After the fair was over a man from the Conclave told Trisk to put her application in for Global Genetics which was a human ran lab. Trisk would make enough to be free and afford to live and not have to marry. At least she could do what she loved doing at Global Genetics. It had been three years trisk still yawned at noon but no longer fell asleep during lunch as elves were most alert at sunrise and sunset. But Trisk had to follow a human schedule now instead of then naps her body wanted at noon and midnight. Angie was Trisk’s lab assistant. Trisk was helping design tactical biological weapons. Trisk had let Sa’han know of Daniel's research almost eighteen months ago. Trisk had tweaked it and Daniels work could not hurt any paranormals. Then Trisk ran into the new CEO at Global Genetics and he was a vampire but he was not undead but a living vampire. Rick- the CEO told her he was making sure the tweaks she had made on Daniel’s virus wouldn’t hurt vampires. He knew she was an elf and that she worked for Sa’Han and rick told her that was why she and Dr. Pluck were still alive. There was a man who was a witch from the military another who was a vampire with Sa’Han and the were talking to Trisk’s nemesis Kal. Kal was to go to Global genetics and check Trisk’s work. Kal wants to take Trisk’s research and use it as his own as well as get rid of her. I couldn’t get into this in any way I tried a couple times and it just bored me .

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review 2017-02-06 12:22
The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death - Kim Harrison

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

I really liked this book a lot. I have only read a few of the early books in this series but I knew that I had to read this book as soon as I saw it. I always thought that the history of the world we saw in Dead Witch Walking was extremely interesting. I didn't even know half the story. This book really grabbed my interest right away and held it until the end.

How did a simple tomato kill a large percentage of the human population? We finally find out in this book. Trisk and Kal are both elves and are geneticists at the top of their class. Oh yeah, I should mention that they don't like each other...at all. Trisk ends up working at a human lab working to tweak a virus that is going to be used a weapon so that it cannot harm interlanders. She has also engineered a tomato plant that can survive in almost any condition and is hoped to help solve the world's hunger problem. Kal is asked to also take a look at her work to make sure it is safe before it is released on the world. Let's just say that things go horribly wrong.

The events in this book take place in the 1960's so there aren't too many characters that appear in the series. Every time a character I knew showed up in the story, I found it very exciting. Since I haven't read the whole series, there may have been more well known characters from the series that I just didn't recognize.

The main characters in this story were mostly new to me and I really liked most of them. Trisk was pretty awesome. She works hard and does what is right. When things don't go her way, she makes the best of whatever situation she finds herself in. Daniel is a human working closely with Trisk at the lab. He is actually the man who designed the virus. Daniel became more likable for me the more I read. I absolutely loved him by the end of the book. Orchid is a pixie in a world without a lot of her kind. She's not Jenks but she is pretty awesome. Kal was the kind of character that I love to hate. He is really pretty horrible in just about every way imaginable.

This was a book that I found myself liking more and more as I read. The beginning of the story was interesting but I really got hooked once things started going wrong. I had to know how they were going to deal with what was happening. The characters really proved what kind of person they were during the tragedy. The pacing of the story was well done and once I hit the second half of the book, I had a very hard time putting it down.

I would recommend this book to others. I enjoyed it a lot even though I am nowhere near caught up with this series. I think that it could be read as a stand alone although readers of The Hollows will get a little more from the book. I actually think it is possible we may see more books in this time period. Maybe? I hope so. In the meantime, I will continue to work my way through the original series.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley.

Initial Thoughts
I really liked this one a lot. I haven't read all of the books in the Hollows series (I know that I really need to fix this soon) but I have read enough to know how things change in the world. As soon as I saw that this book was about that change, I knew that I would have to read it. It turned out to be a great story.

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review 2017-02-02 14:20
The Turn (The Hollows 0.1) by Kim Harrison
The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death - Kim Harrison




Can science save us when all else fails?

Trisk and her hated rival, Kalamack, have the same goal: save their species from extinction.

Death comes in the guise of hope when a genetically modified tomato created to feed the world combines with the government's new tactical virus, giving it an unexpected host and a mode of transport. Plague takes the world, giving the paranormal species an uncomfortable choice to stay hidden and allow humanity to die, or to show themselves in a bid to save them.

Under accusations of scientific misconduct, Trisk and Kal flee across a plague torn United States to convince leaders of the major paranormal species to save their supposedly weaker kin, but not everyone thinks humanity should be saved.

Kal surreptitiously works against her as Trisk fights the prejudices of two societies to prove that not only does humanity have something to offer, but that long-accepted beliefs against women, dark magic, and humanity itself can turn to understanding; that when people are at their worst that the best show their true strength, and that love can hold the world together as a new balance is found.


my though



I’m a huge fan of Kim Harrison’s Hollow series so I really looking forward to this book when she announced it. And now finally got to read it. I have to say I was a little worried because I read her Peri Reed Chronicles after the Hollows series and sadly was not a fan so I really was hoping I would like this one. And I was not disappointed. Fan of the Hollows series finally get to see what actually went down with the Turn. We meet people we only ever heard of and of course some really familiar faces. I should say that even if you have not read the Hollows series, you can still read and enjoy this book. You don’t have to have read the Hollows book and it would actually be a great book to start the series. While fans of the hollows are familiar of the world it was still a bit different since a major part of the book humans have no idea about the interlander community. I really liked the flow of the story line. It started out a little slow but picked up pretty fast. It was really interesting, suspenseful and funny at times. It made me not want to put the book down. I really liked Trisk she is smart, strong and can stand her own against people and demons alike. I think Rachel would have loved her and could have maybe learned a thing or two. Kal ….. Ugh I really disliked him, he is such a manipulative little elf. I really would have liked to hit him once or twice. He made Trent look like a unicorn or steroids, but we cab defiantly see where Trent got his mean streak. Of course we also get to see Quen, which I must say I like much better in this book. There is Al ….. Well Al is Al and he and some other faces familiar or not, or even some people just mentioned make me miss the Hollows and really made me want to re-read the entire series. I think it be interesting to read it now after this book. Overall really great book and if you are a fan of the Hollows this book is a must have.


I rate it 4 ★



***I received a free copy from the publisher and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!***






Will be available February 7th 2017





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Kim Harrison, author of the New York Times #1 best selling Hollows series, was born in Detroit and lived most her her life within an easy drive. She's currently working on the Peri Reed Chronicles, and when not at her desk, is most likely to be found landscaping her new/old Victorian home, in the garden, or on the links.





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Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/turn-hollows-0-1-kim-harrison
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text 2017-01-16 16:55
Reading progress update: I've read 30%.
The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death - Kim Harrison A little slow start but so far so good
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review 2016-12-05 05:53
The Operator
The Operator - Kim Harrison

The Operator is the latest book by award winning author Kim Harrison. It is the second book in the Peri Reed Chronicles, the first being The Drafter. 


I am assuming that The Operator begins very close in time to where The Drafter ends. I haven't read the first, so I can't speak for certain. However, The Operator opens with Peri in the coffee shop that she owns, trying to piece the last year back together. She is a Drafter, which means she can rewind time for a bit and rewrite it. It means that she loses a period of time in her life though. Which causes some problems because new memories can be placed there, ones that Peri can't dispute because she has no organic memories of that place in time. 


Peri is given a copy of the diary she kept during her training at OPTI, and as she begins to piece back together those pieces of her past, that past comes calling again. Her constant companion, Jack, was her Anchor. The person Peri trusted to fill in her memory blanks from Drafting. Jack betrayed her, and is now a hallucination that Peri uses as her intuition. But Jack is back, the real Jack. And he's got some tricks up his sleeve that Peri isn't prepared for.


When her former "boss" at OPTI tries to lure Peri back, she tries to run. Tries to keep her life as her own. But the promises that she's being made seem almost too good to be true. Can he really have a drug that can allow Peri to draft by herself, eliminating her need for an anchor, and thus eliminating the potential for all of her memories to be erased and rewritten?


The Operator takes us on a thrill ride, as Peri both works with and tries to evade the CIA, OPTI, and the local police, all while trying to piece together her real past. She meets old "friends" and new ones, and has to determine who is less likely to get her suckered into working for them, or killed. And on some occasions, being killed is only temporary, so it's the question of permanently killed, instead of "mostly dead".


The Operator was fun, but I think I'd have enjoyed it more if I'd read The Drafter first. Kim Harrison writes books in a series, and while they can be read alone, it's always better to read them in order. There is so much background information, character development, and general information you miss if you don't start with the first book in each series. It was a bit of a slog though, I kept picking it up and putting it back down, because while it was good and enjoyable, it just didn't seem to grab me as tightly as some other books do. I liked it, but it wasn't fantastic, and won't go on my "read again" list. However, I'd still recommend it, if you like semi dystopian books, kick-ass heroines, people dealing with some serious (metaphorical, in this case) demons, etc. It's worth a read, with the caveat of reading The Drafter first.



  • Series: The Peri Reed Chronicles
    Mass Market Paperback: 496 pages
    Publisher: Pocket Books (November 22, 2016)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1501149911
    ISBN-13: 978-1501149917


In the interest of disclosure, the publisher did provide me with a copy of this book to read.


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