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review 2015-02-13 12:44
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World by Keiichi Sigsawa
Kino no Tabi Volume 1: Book one of THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD (v. 1) - Maya Bohnhoff,Keiichi Sigsawa,Kouhaku Kuroboshi,Andrew Cunningham

Apparently this is an anime series. I've never seen it so I went into the this book with no expectations. I'm glad , because I really enjoyed this. Most reviews mention how they were disappointed when comparing this to the series. So my advice would be to read this before seeing the anime.


This book has 6 chapters.

Grownup Country

The Land of Shared Pain

The Land of Majority Rules

Three Men on the Rails

The Land of Peace


Each chapter was a different "land/country" that Kino visits for 3 days.  I liked how I could connect the story that was being told with things that go on in everyday life. Not sure which one is my favorite, but I can tell you Coliseum was my least favorite.


I wish my library had the next book.

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review 2014-06-10 18:06
No. 6, Vol 2
No. 6, Volume 2 - Atsuko Asano,Hinoki Kino

Okay, yeah, I'm completely in love. No. 6 is so awesome it's beyond belief.


There isn't a whole lot of action or anything in this manga, which is part of why I'm so surprised that I love it - usually the first thing that gets my attention is a great magic system or big ugly monsters or-



Roy, go away. I'm trying to write a review here.


But anyway. No. 6 is dystopian, it's not full of fight scenes or mystery or magic or any of the other stuff that usually interests me, and I don't even like most of the characters. But, it's so good I couldn't care less.


It's intelligent, it's hilarious, it's brutal, it's adorable. And I love it to pieces. It's good in a way that not much material is these days. Even the characters I don't like are interesting in their own ways, and they serve a purpose in not only the plot but in expanding and emphasizing the world-building. And since these guys are necessary, I don't even care that I dislike them, because they actually belong in the story.


Seriously. No. 6 is a masterpiece.


Oh, and have I said that the artwork in this manga is gorgeous? Because it really is. They don't bother with empty white space at all - there's always an environment in the background, and there's always stuff going on, and the artwork itself is just stunning. I wish I could draw mountains of books, animals, run-down buildings, and unique character faces like Kino Hinoki does. And those covers are just stunning.


Anyway. Nezumi is still my favorite, I love him so much I can't describe it. He's awesome on so many levels. He's mean and nasty, but he's sweet too. He's sarcastic and hilarious and almost impossible to ruffle. His character is just so well put together, everything about his history and personality and dialogue and facial expressions - he's perfect, you know?


But I do love Shion to death. He's much less of a doormat in this volume - in fact, as Nezumi says once or twice, he's learning really fast. I love him for it. He's still naive and pitiful, but he's got attitude, too. He's also really intelligent, which I love....I'm tired of all the brainless heroes out there and it's nice to find one who's smarter than I am. (Seriously. It's not that difficult to be smarter than I am, why do so many heroes fail?) Oh, and Shion is so adorable it hurts. He's a sweetheart......who just happens to have a serious mean streak in him sometimes.


So. Both the main characters are my babies. I dislike everyone else so far, except maybe for Karan, but as I said, I don't mind that they're around because they serve a purpose. And the story is unbelievably good. I literally had trouble taking my eyes off the pages.


Moving happily on to the next one, now, and recommending this series (loudly) to everyone I know.

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text 2014-06-10 16:24
Reading progress update: I've read 63 out of 200 pages.
No. 6, Volume 2 - Atsuko Asano,Hinoki Kino

So, the note Nezumi sent to Karan was written in Kanji......but the note Karan sent back was written in English. Hm.


I love Nezumi so much it's ridiculous.


And Shion is soooooo cute. When he found the puppies I was just bubbling hearts for a half hour over his unbelievable cuteness. ♥♥♥

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review 2014-06-03 02:37
No. 6
No. 6 Volume 1 - 'Atsuko Asano', 'Hinoki Kino'

I watched the No. 6 anime a long time ago, and it was pretty good except for the end--like a lot of stuff. *shrugs* I would have read the manga right after, in fact, because the story was okay and I really liked Nezumi, one of the main characters. The problem with that is. . . Nezumi. In the nice, shiny books at B&N, the stupid translation calls him Rat. In English. Grrrrrrr!!! Nezumi. Nezumi. NEZUMI. His name is not Rat. I keep picking up those lovely books and seeing Rat on the back, and I put them instantly back down, fuming.


. . .I'm an idiot, I know, but I don't think I can handle seeing Rat, Rat, Rat (I mean, he's around so often--thankfully?--that his name is all over the place. And it's wrong) for the entire series.


But, I've read. . . um, actually the first few volumes, not just the first one (oops, I should have reviewed it sooner), and I really, really want to read the rest. So I guess I have to just deal with more Rat. *sigh*


Wow, I didn't mean to rant so long just about the name thing. Oops again. As for the review of the actual book(s). . .


Sion, the other main character, is adorable and funny, and I really like him. And he loves animals. :) He's an idiot, though, and he does ask a ton of useless questions (one of Nezumi's complaints about him). He's seriously flawed, I guess, which can be a very good thing (I'm sick of flawless characters). (kills self for using too many parentheses)


Nezumi is a solid 10 stars in the books--a lot better than in the anime, even though he was my favorite there, too. He's smart, funny, also adorable, and is generally awesome at all times. He's not particularly good or evil, either, which I like; sometimes he can be sweet, but can still be cruel, too. Yay.


As for the plot, it makes much more sense than the anime, is better-structured, and is a heck of a lot less boring. Why am I comparing everything to the anime? The book(s) is/are plenty sensible, well-structured, and entertaining all on its/their own. I don't know why I gave it/them 5 stars, though. I guess because of the MCs, since the side characters are pretty much entirely despicable--although I do like Sion's mom. She's sweet, and likes bitties. *cheers*


The art is really good, too. The covers and the panels are both well-drawn and pretty consistent. Especially the eyes--they're beautifully drawn.


(Oh, and Nezumi has Hosoya Yoshimasa's voice! YAAAAY! *bubbles hearts* Kaji Yuuki isn't too shabby either, Sion XD)


Anyway, I going to end this mess review before I wander around any more. Bye! ;D




Orva, Snow Bound LandLeviath, Angelique Maren no RokukishiKazuya, Sekigahara Kitan: Toki no Kizuna

(spoiler show)


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review 2014-05-31 18:49
No. 6, Vol 1
No. 6 Volume 1 - 'Atsuko Asano', 'Hinoki Kino'

This was really good.


I watched the anime for No. 6 over a year ago, and except for the very end - like, the last five minutes - I liked it. I always intended to read the manga and the novels, if I could. And really? I should've gotten around to it a long time ago.


The manga so far is much better than the anime. The story is a lot more concise, there's none of that superfluous Safu stuff that I didn't care about....wait a sec. I don't dislike Safu. She's okay. It's just that she had almost half the camera time in the anime, and I really didn't care because all of it was boring. But anyway, back to the subject: without all the Safu stuff, the story really comes through a lot more quickly and has a lot more punch to it. Also, when they're not wasting their storytelling time on people and places I don't care about, they seem able to do a much better job of explaining things that actually matter.


The manga's just more intelligent in every way. Nezumi actually uses his brain instead of smashing headfirst into walls without looking first. The world-building is set up much more smoothly and quickly, and the governmental stuff is handled a lot better.


I like Shion a lot, he's a good main character. He's not too completely stupid, he has a family and friends that he actually cares about, he's sweet and sympathetic and his naïveté is frustratingly adorable....although since he's voiced by Kaji Yuuki in the anime, obviously he has a mean streak somewhere in there. He's a bit of a doormat, but I really don't mind too much.


Side note: I don't like the spelling Sion, even though it's official - I prefer Shion, so that's what I'm going to use.


Nezumi is awesome. Seriously. I liked him in the anime, but in the manga he's just amazing. He's actually smart, he's sarcastic and funny and nasty in all the right ways. And he does it all without being an indestructible ninja or a suicidal driver. He's easily my favorite.


Side note: I really hate it when they translate his name into "Rat" in English. Ugh. His name might mean rat to us, but it's Nezumi, when people speak his name they pronounce it as Nezumi. Calling him Rat is just silly.


Back to the manga - the story is really good, which surprises me since I avoid the "Dystopian" tag like the plague. The artwork is gorgeous - I can't believe how the artist draws those roomfuls of books. The two main characters are both great.


Other random thoughts:


A) Nezumi's little mice are too adorable. I want one. Or five.


B) Nezumi's room is awesome. Good grief, how can anyone draw so many books like that? I want to evict him and steal his room for myself.


C) Poor Shion has trouble with his eyes. Specifically when it comes to white hair. (He didn't notice the white hair hanging into his eyes, but he noticed the couple of strands that came free in his fingers after he rubbed the back of his neck....)


D) The covers on these volumes are gorgeous.


Anyway. I really enjoyed this volume, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm officially a fan of No. 6.


(Not the city, the story. But you get the idea.)

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