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review 2019-01-09 03:14
J is for Judgment
J is for Judgment (Kinsey Millhone, #10) - Sue Grafton

Wow. This was a really good one to sink your teeth into. We have Kinsey showing why she is really a good investigator and her also having to deal with changes to her professional life. I thought the writing was great as well as the flow of the book. The ending comes with a very nice gut punch too. What is great though is that some of these characters pop up in a later book. 


In "J is for Judgment" Kinsey is asked to investigate if Wendell Jaffe is still alive. This is an issue because years ago, Wendell Jaffe disappeared, believed to die at sea. Too bad this happened before he disappeared after taking a lot of investors money with him. Kinsey works for an insurance company which is asking her to go where Jaffe is presumed to be hiding out (in Mexico) and get evidence he is still alive. 


Kinsey ends up becoming wrapped in the lives of Jaffe's family (two sons and a wife) who struggled to go on after he was presumed dead. Now collecting the insurance money should help their lives out. And one of Jaffe's sons has a problem that really is going to need a lot of money to deal with.


Kinsey feels a lot more freer to me in this one. We get to see how she was able to track down Jaffe and how she went about tying all of the pieces together once she returns back to Santa Theresa. We still get updates on characters like Henry and Rosie. We also get a really good look at Kinsey's history. We know her Aunt Gin raised her, but now we get even more details that leads to more questions about her past for Kinsey. 


I loved the writing and flow. Sometimes the flow can get dragged down when Grafton tried to juggle too many things, but this one was really well done.


I always love these books for being set pre-cell phone and computer age era (the 1980s). We see Kinsey using her brain a lot and her piecing things together with her notecards (or her deduction cards).


The ending was a surprise. We are led to one mystery with Kinsey giving us readers a partial answer. I am so sad we will never get to see Z is for Zero. But it's fun re-reading this series. 

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url 2018-09-06 22:26
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Y is for Yesterday (A Kinsey Millhone Novel) - Sue Grafton
Welcome to Hard Times - E.L. Doctorow
Standing in the Rainbow - Fannie Flagg
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review 2018-04-13 17:51
Ehhh Middling Kinsey Millhone
"H" is for Homicide - Sue Grafton

So though I have been re-reading some of the books along with Moonlight Reader, I have not re-did my reviews, I just reblogged them and left it to that. This is my first review for a Kinsey Millhone ABC book since Sue Grafton passed away. I love this series and will be forever sad we will not get to see how she would have ended things with Kinsey in Z. 


That said, "H is for Homicide" doesn't work that well. The first part with Kinsey investigating a possible insurance scam while running afoul of a corporate suit that is going to cause her working relationship with California Fidelity Insurance some angst. When Kinsey goes undercover that book fell apart for me. For a minute I thought I was reading a VI Warshawski book since that is the kind of mess that VI would get into.


Per usual we have Kinsey starting off the book giving us her vital statistics. She's wrapping up a case in San Diego and heads back to Santa Teresa. Going by her office that is housed in California Fidelity Insurance, she finds the police there working a homicide. She quickly realizes she knows the dead man who is her friend, Parnell Perkins. On top of the homicide, she starts to investigate a possible insurance scam that Parnell had passed onto another adjusted before he died. Kinsey quickly realizes that the woman, Bibianna Diaz, is possibly tied into Parnell's death and is close to someone that Kinsey used to know from her days back on the force. Kinsey goes undercover to see if she can catch the bad guys. 


I have a hard time with so many aspects of this book. We have Kinsey talking about being close friends with Parnell though he was never mentioned in prior books (believe me I looked). She is all c'est la vie with her "I don't know what it is" relationship with Robert Dietz. Why she puts herself in danger with running around with Bibianna and the man who is the architect of the insurance scam baffled me. I know that we have Kinsey always talking about taking risks and she loves to lie, but this was a little out there. 

I didn't like the character of Bibianna at all. She was definitely a user. But I also hated the man controlling her, Raymond. As Moonlight said in her review, I have a hard time thinking this man had the brains to put this whole together. He is obsessed with Bibianna and doesn't care that she doesn't want to be with him. There's a terrible scene where Raymond hurts someone close to Bibianna to force her to do what he wants and it's a mess. 


The book ran a little cartoony for me. With Kinsey staying close to Bibianna she puts herself in harms way. I didn't really understand why she was doing it, the justifications made no sense.  The flow was all over the place too. When Kinsey goes undercover I found myself rolling my eyes a lot of the time. 


This was a buddy read with Moonlight Reader and you can take a look at her full review here,  H is for Homicide


Next up, I is for Innocent. 

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text 2018-04-13 17:30
Reading progress update: I've read 320 out of 320 pages.
"H" is for Homicide - Sue Grafton

It has been years since I read this book and now I remember why. This was not a good installment of Kinsey at all. The justification that Kinsey takes to stick close to Bibianna was crap. The ending was all kinds of crazy and I would have strangled Kinsey for being my bridesmaid in her terrible all purpose black dress.


This was a buddy read with Moonlight Reader. Take a look at her review here,  H is for Homicide.




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text 2018-04-12 14:25
Reading progress update: I've read 49 out of 320 pages.
"H" is for Homicide - Sue Grafton

Really good so far! Kinsey is looking into an insurance scam and seems to be running afoul of an executive at the insurance company she freelances with.

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