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review 2017-06-03 00:50
An early reader.
Kitty and Me (Reading Stars) - Judy Wolfman,Brett Greiman

I shared this with my toddler grandchildren and it got a bit of a mixed response. They love being able to read books on my Kindle with me but they definitely have their favourites. The eldest, nearly two years old, likes the book, but always wants to skip forwards to the dog - considering that she is surrounded by cats I find this a bit surprising. No other part of the book holds her attention. My grandson, 6 months younger, watched it intently and with much more enthusiasm.


Having said that, this is not solely a book for toddlers, it is intended to introduce a number of very simple words, which are repeated throughout, to start early readers along the route towards reading. For this reason it is pretty simple.

I'm not, personally, a great fan of the artwork and the story doesn't have much to appeal to parents for repeated reading (like The Gruffalo or Dear Zoo, for example), but it serves its purpose as an early reader and we'll probably return to it from time to time.

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review 2017-05-22 19:18
"Kitty Saves The World - Kitty Norville #14 - last in the series
Kitty Saves the World - Carrie Vaughn

"Kitty Saves The World", the last Kitty Norville book, reflects my experience of the series as a whole, strong on good guys, albeit sometimes flawed and haunted good guys, but weak on really evil villains who are a terrifying threat to the world.


Still, if you enjoyed the first thirteen books, the lack of palpable evil will neither surprise nor disappoint you.


The book read like a fond farewell, bringing back some of my favourite characters, having Kitty give another great performance on "The Midnight Hour", showing Kitty and Ben as a strong and loving couple and finally resolving the conflict with Roman so that Kitty can indeed, save the world.


I liked Kitty in this book. She continued to be strong and brave and witty, even when deeply afraid, but she was also willing to lead and to accept her right to take the help offered by her friends.


The resolution with Roman was clever, original and plausible, within the context of the series. It was drama rather than melodrama. I enjoyed it partly because it felt like something that Carrie Vaughn had been carefully leading up to for some time, rather than a "how am I gonna end this so I don't have to write any more of them?" ending.


It seems to me that Carrie Vaughn has never quite known what to do with the pack that Kitty and Ben lead. She had one book, after Kitty took over, where the pack dynamics were important but mostly, Kitty's pack have been passive elements in the story. Sadly, this remained true for the final book, although there was a good explanation for it.


I ended the book and the series very glad to have spent time with Kitty and watched her grow from a frightened victim of terrible abuse into a strong and compassionate leader who inspired loyalty and created hope.


I think the final book honored Kitty and her readers by staying true to the spirit of the series and by bringing many story arcs to satisfying conclusions without closing everything off so neatly that it became too "happily ever after".


I'm sure the Kitty books are over but I have a suspicion that Carrie Vaughn isn't quite done with Cormac yet. Which is a very fine way to end a series.

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text 2017-05-01 18:33
32 New Books in Series Releasing Today
Kris Longknife - Emissary - Mike Shepherd
Viper's Blood (Master of War) - David Gilman
Reaper - Geri Glenn
Murder between the Lines (Kitty Weeks Mystery) - Radha Vatsal
16th Seduction (Women's Murder Club) - James Patterson
Fool's Gold: A Victorian London mystery (A Liberty Lane Mystery) - Caro Peacock
Shadows of the Dead: A 1920s London Mystery (A DCI Paul Stark Mystery) - Jim Eldridge
The White Feather Murders (Herringford and Watts Mysteries) - Rachel McMillan

See https://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar for complete list.

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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text 2017-04-23 19:01
Happy World Book Day!

Today is #WorldBookDay!  





There is also a WORLD BOOK NIGHT.  


WBN logo 2017


Learn more here: http://www.worldbookday.com/2017/04/23796/


or here: https://twitter.com/WorldBookDayUK




I celebrate by reading and having a #SexySunday.  


Today, I am reading Shopping For A CEO's Wife by Julia Kent.

If you would like to know more about this funny and sexy series, click here!!





What are you reading this fine day?


Join the reading discussion below.  

Tell me what you're currently reading or what your favorite book of all time is.  


(If you can actually do that!)





Happy Reading!!






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review 2017-04-08 01:56
Murder between the Lines (Kitty Weeks Mystery) - Radha Vatsal

I could definitely tell that this book was set in the early 1900's. The women wearing their gloves and not allowed to go out without an escort. Oh, the shame. The author did a great job with that, I really felt like I was back in that era. And poor Kitty when she thought she was going to be found out at a women's suffragette meeting and her father told. The girl was a working women and of age! So glad I wasn't living in those times.

I enjoyed reading this book, however, a teenage girl dies in the cold right after talking to Kitty Weeks. A smart girl full of hope and dreams. Kitty feels bad for this girl and can't believe that this happened to her and starts investigating. What she finds out is a whole different story than what she has been told. There are a lot of secrets being kept. Those secrets end up taking Kitty to the Naval Yard, to a dinner with President Wilson and to investigating a real news story instead of her usual "ladies stories"

A great mystery read that did not fail to enjoy thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this entertaining book.

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