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text 2018-10-14 18:28
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 218 pages.
Hangsaman - Shirley Jackson,Katherine Howe,Khristine Hvam,Francine Prose

50 Women Novelists in a Row: Book 10!


a couple of notes: since I’m in that small band of wet blankets who think The Haunting of Hill House isn’t all that, The Sundial is my favorite Shirley Jackson novel so far. let’s see if this can challenge...though my every instinct screams that this will be very different than The Sundial. doesn’t mean I won’t like it better, though...


...and, this will be my triumphant tenth novel in my 50 Women Novelists Marathon! I confess that the only novel by a man that is tempting me before I do all 50 is Earth Storm, by Mons Kallentoft...but an intended marathon is an intended marathon, and instead of rationalizing that the Kallentoft book features one of my favorite woman crime-solvers - the great Marlin Fors - I’m not going to deviate from the plan. now, the plan has always allowed for inserting a Nonfiction book, by woman or man, in the proceedings as a quick break from Fiction, at any time - and that may be happening after Hangsaman, with something called Bluespeople.

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review 2018-06-01 01:13
Bunnicula by Deborah Howe and James Howe
Bunnicula - a rabbit tale of mystery - James Howe

Series: Bunnicula #1


Although I'd heard of this before when it popped up on my feed, I'd never actually read it, and it sounded cute enough that I thought I might as well if I could get it from the library. It was as cute and as funny as promised, although I can't say that I approve of giving the dog chocolate (he seems to tolerate it though).


I think my favourite parts were Chester and his antics. Especially the scene where he gets given a bath after dousing himself in garlic. Anyway, if you're up for a cute story about a vampire bunny sucking vegetables dry (and the family trying to figure out this strange vegetable "blight"), you might want to check it out even though it's a kids book.


I'm not sure if I'll check out any of the other books in the series since I've heard they're not as good.

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review 2018-05-28 09:12
Bunnicula by James Howe
Bunnicula - a rabbit tale of mystery - James Howe

Harold the Dog and Chester the Cat must solve the mystery of the white dessicated vegetables and if this has anything to do with the home's new pet rabbit that sleeps during the day and can escape from his unopened cage.  This is a childrens book but the author doesn't talk down to children or use overly simplified language.  The story is cute and funny, while the characters each have their own personality.  An entertaining read for children and older "children".

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review 2018-05-21 21:04
Bunnicula - a rabbit tale of mystery - James Howe

“He’s a vampire!” Chester snarled. “Today, vegetables. Tomorrow … the world!”


I loved this. 


I loved Bunnicula, and I loved the relationship between Harold, the dog, and Chester, the cat, which is obviously based on Watson and Holmes.

Chester is such a cat ... and a bit of an asshat.


This cracked me up just as much as made me worried for poor little Bunnicula:


“No dice,” Chester said. “Just read this to me so I’ll be sure I’m doing it right.” And he handed me a book.
That book, again.

“Start at the top of the page,” Chester said as he picked up the steak.

“Why don’t you read, and I’ll hold the steak?”

“Mmphph,” Chester replied. I took it to mean that I was to start reading.

“‘To destroy the vampire and end his reign of terror, it is necessary to pound a sharp stake …’”

Chester interrupted. “A sharp steak?” he asked. “What does that mean?”

“I’ll taste it and tell you if it’s sharp,” I offered.

“Oh, never mind. This will do. It’s sirloin. Keep reading.”

“‘… to pound a sharp stake into the vampire’s heart. This must be done during the daylight hours, when the vampire has no powers.’”

“Okay,” he said, “this is it. I’m sorry I had to go this far, but if they’d listened, this wouldn’t have been necessary.” He dragged the steak across the floor and laid it across the inert bunny. Then with his paws, he began to hit the steak.

“Are you sure this is what they mean, Chester?”

“Am I anywhere near his heart?” he asked.

“It’s hard to tell,” I said. “All I can really see are his nose and his ears. You know, he’s really sort of cute.”

Chester was getting that glint in his eyes again. He was pounding away at the steak, harder and harder.

“Be careful,” I cried, “you’ll hurt him.”

Chester increased his attack.


So, yeah, I'll take in the vampire bunny any day, but that cat is a psycho ...

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text 2018-05-21 11:10
Overdrive / Libby find!
Bunnicula - a rabbit tale of mystery - James Howe



I found this last night on my library's Overdive/Libby catalogue - it is about a vampire bunny!

A vampire bunny!!!


It's an audiobook read by Victor Garber and I really wish I had a print or ebook version so I could share quotes. 

I'm only a few minutes in, but so far the bunny has been found by a family watching a Dracula movie at the cinema. It had been abandoned on a seat, wrapped in a blanket and placed in a box with some earth covering the bottom. ... This alone cracked me up for its obvious faithful re-imagination of the Stoker story.


Needless to say, all other current reading has been suspended because ... vampire bunny!

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