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review 2017-11-21 02:02
Perfect for fans of Zoe Sharp and/or Taylor Stevens and/or Kick Ass women in Thrillers.
The Freedom Broker (A Thea Paris Novel) - K.J. Howe

Thea Paris is such a cool character -- she's like a combination of Charlie Fox and Vanessa Michael Munroe -- but with a very different load of emotional baggage. When she was a child, her brother was sleeping in her room to help her make it through a hard night when he was kidnapped. She's spent the following decades convinced that the only reason he was kidnapped is that the abductors thought he was Thea. Yes, he eventually made it back safely, but he was (obviously) never the same, and Thea used that to fuel her mission in life. Her father is the tycooniest of American Oil Tycoons, and she could've easily rested on his laurels, or followed in the family business.


But no, Thea is in private security, with an emphasis on K&R (Kidnapping and Ransom). She's the one negotiating with kidnappers/their representatives to get a ransom paid and the victim returned to his home/family/nation/company. When that doesn't work, Thea will lead the extraction team doing what they can to bring te victim home. She's one of the best around. She is not perfect, and we see that right off, but she gets the job done well.


Which is good, because on the verge of one of the biggest deals of his life, Thea's father, Christos, is kidnapped. It's up to her, some allies and friends to bring him home. There are several candidates for the kidnapper's identity -- there's the Chinese oil corporations competing with her father, there are representatives of the African nation that kidnapped her brother all those years ago, there's an arms dealer that has rumors flying, too. In the midst of this hunt, secrets will be revealed (many Thea will regret learning), and virtually everyone in her life will end up divulging something dark and hidden.


One more thing about Thea -- she's diabetic. Which is an interesting character trait -- I can't think of another action hero with something like that: a real physical condition that requires maintenance, but is manageable and will not ordinarily cause anything more than inconvenience. Sure, it does give us what I'm calling Chekhov's glucose monitor (not a spoiler, that's what I put in my notes when it was first mentioned).


I liked the other characters, too -- but it's hard to talk about most of them without getting too heavily into the plot. So let's just say there are a few people I'm really looking forward to seeing again, and a few that I enjoyed enough this time out, but am very glad they're in no position to show up again. Just about everyone has a believable motivation -- no matter what side of the law and/or morality they fall on -- which is just great.


Howe's prose is tight and the pacing is great. There's a few times that Thea has the same thought over and over -- which is probably realistic, but it seems repetitive (and possibly not trusting the reader enough) to read her conclude "X may have done Y" in a chapter, and then "Y may have been done by X" in the next. But it's nothing to get too worked up over, I didn't think. Howe does seem to have a "everything including the kitchen sink" approach to story telling -- the number of things that go wrong during Thea's search for her father, and the number of opponents and obstacles in her way is seemingly endless. I love it, every time you think she's on a roll and things are going to start going her way, a problem that the reader should've seen coming (but almost never does) shows up to derail things again. Sure, eventually, that comes to an end -- the book doesn't go on forever -- but not until Howe's good and ready for it to end. She's probably getting a new kitchen constructed to hurl at Thea in the next book.


There's a great mix of action and intrigue, putting clues together and smacking heads, emotional growth and uncovering the past. Like it's protagonist, The Freedom Broker isn't perfect, but it gets the job done well. Sign me up for the upcoming sequel, too.

2017 Library Love Challenge


Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2017/11/15/the-freedom-broker-by-k-j-howe
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review 2017-11-01 20:41
Fun Thriller With Some Issues... But Still Fun
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Katherine Howe
The main character, Connie Goodwin, is working to get her doctorate at Harvard.  As she looks for a topic on for her dissertation her mother asks her to clean out her grandmother’s old home. She finds strange jars full of things,  an old bible with a key and the name Deliverance Dane.  Her curiosity to find out more about Deliverance Dane leads her to a recipe book and Deliverance’s connection to the Salem witch trials.


It took me a little bit to fall into this book because of the times it switched back to characters that spoke with boston accents or flashing back to puritan times accents.  I could not make out what they were exactly saying sometimes. Once I did connect with the book I begin to love the characters and eventually the magic that joined them all together.


My main dislike is it was to easy to see where the story was going, and who the bad guy was.  There was also some dumb plots points where I felt smarter than Connie.  For one she is in search of Deliverance’s book and does not realize that the different names the book may have as she searches for it. I was practically screaming at Connie, “She is calling the book an almanac now!  Look for almanac now!”  There were so many chapters until she realized just that..


I really did like the characters in the book and way magic is described.  I read recently that the author Katherine Howe is writing a sequel.  I am excited for it because even with the downfalls of the book I still enjoyed it very much.  
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url 2017-10-04 23:50
Why I included romance in my new thriller, GUN KISS


GUN KISS will be released by Canada’s Imajin Books in Fall this year.

Source: www.khaledtalibthriller.com
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review 2017-07-31 15:22
Review – The Freedom Broker by K J Howe @KJHoweAuthor @SDSXXTours
The Freedom Broker (A Thea Paris Novel) - K.J. Howe
Everything about The Freedom Broker by K J Howe speaks to me.
Soooo….let’s check it out, shall we?
The Freedom Broker
by KJ Howe
Genre: Thriller
Everything about The Freedom Broker by K J Howe, spoke to me. I am always on the lookout for strong female characters that are different, that walk to the beat of their own drum and Thea does that in spades. The thrills and chill begin early and never let up.
I don’t feel I did this book justice in my review. For some reason, the words won’t come for the level of feelings I had for some of the characters…not the rich and famous…but the ones caught up in the maelstrom, for the sense of truth I felt throughout the story, even though I know it’s fiction. The level of brutality someone can callously inflict on another is indescribable.
All hell breaks loose in Africa.
We have action from the beginning…a hostage to be rescued in Nigeria.
Kidnapping is big business. Thea is one of the top negotiators in the world and the only female. Her team is the best of the best. When her father is taken, she will pull out all the stops to save him. There is no way she will step aside and let others run the investigation.
Thea is not so much flawed or disabled, she just has to stay in tune with her body. She has diabetes, but it doesn’t stop her from trudging through jungles, fully geared up, fighting alongside men twice her size.
Bullets are fired, throats are slit, bombs are exploding, bodies are literally falling off the cliffs, a plane crashing, and as the body count rises, so does the mystery for those investigating Christo Paris’ kidnapping.
The brutal torture, starvation and filth the kidnapped endure is only compounded by the mental isolation and helplessness. Professional kidnappers, terrorists, political agendas.
I was stunned at Ares’ true identity. He is wanted worldwide for gun trafficking, kidnapping and murder. This is really bad. Every time HE comes near Thea, I fear for her. When she does figure it out, I wonder what will happen.
Every time I begin to relax, trying to put the pieces together, some danger rears its ugly head and more people die.
An aura of danger permeates every page. We have many convoluted machinations within multiple factions, each with their own agenda. Betrayal…that word does not begin to describe what happens. I keep waiting…waiting…waiting…for her to learn the truth.
The Freedom Broker by K J Howe is one of those books that reads like a true story filled with death and danger. The research K J Howe has done shines through.
I voluntarily reviewed a copy of The Freedom Broker by K J Howe.

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Source: www.fundinmental.com/giveaway-freedom-broker-k-j-howe-kjhoweauthor-sdsxxtours
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review 2017-07-28 15:15
Dämonen der Vergangenheit
Der Fährmann - Bernhard Kleinschmidt,Christopher Golden,John Howe

Wenn sich alte Mythen aus der Vergessenheit erheben, die Grenzen zwischen Hier und Dort verschwimmen und sich jemand wagemutig gegen den Tod stellt, ist es an der Zeit, den Kampf gegen die Dämonen der Vergangenheit aufzunehmen.

David und Janine finden nach einem Schicksalsschlag langsam wieder zueinander. Während sie   sich ganz behutsam einandern nähern, greift ein dunkler Schatten nach ihnen, dem es zu Entrinnen gilt.

Es handelt sich um einen Horrorroman, der mit den besten Elementen des Genres spielt. Emotionale Dichte, verstörende Momente und religiöse Mythen vereinen sich zu einem ausgezeichneten Gänsehaut-Roman.

Gleich zu Beginn wird man mit einer mystischen Traumwelt konfrontiert. Es dauert, bis man sie einordnen kann, dennoch gibt sie der Geschichte ihre Richtung und sorgt von Anfang an für die richtige Grundstimmung.

David und Janine stehen im Vordergrund, wobei ich den Lehrer David als Protagonisten bezeichnen würde. Durch Janine wird er ins Zentrum einer unheimlichen Bedrohung gezogen, die sich langsam zu manifestieren beginnt. David ist Lehrer und hat in letzter Zeit seltsame Erscheinungen, die er sich nicht erklären kann. Sie machen ihm Angst, trotzdem versucht er sie abzuschütteln.

Diese Erzählweise hat mich an alte Horrorfilme aus den 1970ern erinnert. Ich mag es, wenn man zuerst einmal mit der Normalität der Figuren vertraut gemacht wird und dazwischen immer das Unheimliche aufblitzt. Meist wird aus Davids Perspektive von seinem Alltag erzählt und nach und nach kommt es zu verstörenden Zwischenfällen, die er sich nicht erklären kann.

Janine steht im Mittelpunkt und hat schwer mit ihrer Vergangenheit zutun. Gescheiterte Beziehungen und ein einschneidender Schicksalsschlag haben ihr Leben dramatisch verdreht. Nun versucht sie wieder auf die Füße zu kommen und ist froh, dass sie einen Freund wie David hat.

Außerdem wird der Hardcore-Exorzismus-Religion ebenfalls Raum gegeben und genau damit hat man mich an der Angel. Ich finde es einfach total spannend, wie aus römisch-katholischer Perspektive damit umgegangen wird. Denn hier ist schon die Realität ein Horrorroman, die vom Autor geschickt eingewoben wird. Christopher Golden beschränkt sich aber nicht nur darauf, sondern geht gleichzeitig alte Mythen und Legenden an.

Weniger gefallen haben mir einige Beziehungskisten, die mir einfach zu viel geworden sind. Zum Ende hin musste es zwar sein, weil es ansonsten nicht rund gewesen wäre, trotzdem hätten ein paar Schreckmomente mehr und etwas weniger Pärchen-Gehabe dem Roman insgesamt gut getan.

Normalerweise gehe ich nicht auf die Aufmachung von Büchern ein. Doch „Der Fährmann“ ist eine Zierde, was nicht unerwähnt bleiben darf. Der hochqualitative Einband wird von schwarzen Seitenrändern geziert und man merkt bei der ersten Berührung, wie viel Liebe in alle Details geflossen ist.

Klassischer Horror spiegelt sich durchgehend in allen Szenen wieder. Bedrückende, vom Bösen triefende, Momente wechseln sich mit heiteren Stunden ab, über die eine fühlbare Bedrohung schwebt. Obwohl es stellenweise sehr ruhig zu lesen ist, spürt man, dass sich im Hintergrund wahrhaft Bedrohliches zusammenbraut und man eine wahre Horror-Story in den Händen hält.

Source: zeit-fuer-neue-genres.blogspot.co.at
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