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review 2017-07-10 20:12
Ho Hum
The Skin Collector (Lincoln Rhyme) by Deaver, Jeffery (2014) Hardcover - Jeffery Deaver

Not much to say about this one except that I didn't enjoy it. I saw every plot point coming way before the author showed it. I don't get what Deaver's obsession is with


the Watchmaker, but the character has passed the point of fascination. His link to the overall plot in this one was so not believable.

(spoiler show)


I really wish that Sach's relationship with Pam would just go on the wayside. The character (Pam) is not vital to this series, and the constant fights about Pam's relationships is getting old. We don't get to spend much time with any of our old favorites either which didn't thrill me.


"The Skin Collector" starts off with an unsub kidnapping a young woman and tattooing something on her body. When Sachs and Rhyme are pulled in, they find out that the unsub is using poison to cause his victims to die in terrible pain. There seems to be a potential connection to an old case of Rhyme and Sachs involving "The Bone Collector" which leads to ties to Sach's pseudo-daughter, Pam.


The forensics aspect of the case were great and I did like reading about different poisons. It's pretty obvious Deaver did some research into tattoos as well and I loved reading about the different ways a person can be tattooed and what certain things mean.


The characters in this one did not have a lot to do though.


Sachs and Pam hit a wall due to Sachs mothering Pam and being unhappy that Pam is going to walk away from school to go traveling with her boyfriend Seth. After the last time Pam got obsessed with a guy I don't even know why Sachs continues to get involved. Due to Pam's upbringing it is pretty obvious that she needs a therapist or someone since she is so desperate to be loved. But Sachs also doesn't really know how to parent and should not be trying to parent Pam who is 19 at this point in the series. The book shifts back to Sachs doing her best to get past feeling rejected by Pam and dealing with her issue with small spaces in this one. I really wish that Deaver had continued to have the unsub leave the victims in small spaces to see how he would have Sachs react to that. But unfortunately he seemed to forget about that as the book went on. Also one of the things I liked about Sachs was her having to deal with having arthritis issues. Due to the plot in that one, Deaver has that not being an issue for her anymore which I wish he had left in. I liked the fact that Sachs had a real ailment that made it hard for her to do police work. It seems like most books Deaver has some character undergo an operation and voila, they are fixed.


Rhyme was even more of a tool in this one than he has been in a lot of books. I think I am just over him speaking to other characters the way he does and no one blows up at him.


Pulaski (former rookie) needs some growth ASAP. It feels like this character has not changed much from his first book appearance. He is still unsure and nervous everytime he does anything it appears.


Per usual, Deaver gives us POV from the murderer. I found myself bored with the unsub though. I think the issue for me was that I guessed who this person was and was right which is always a disappointment.


The flow was up and down on this one and I found myself irritated with the writing since as I said above, I could guess what was going to happen every five seconds. I also loathe authors having revelations brought forth that the readers are not privy to. It's just a lazy way to write yourself out of a corner due to you not setting things up properly. The chapters in this one were pretty short and at times I started having flashbacks to reading a Dan Brown book (never good). I felt like everything was being staged as a movie and it drove me up the wall.


Taking place in New York again, but I think the series needs to change locations or something. There does not seem to be a wealth of knowledge that used to sprinkle these books about old New York and current locations.


The ending was a joke and a half. I just rolled my eyes a bunch of times.

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review 2014-05-28 22:54
Review: The Skin Collector (Lincoln Rhyme #11) by Jeffery Deaver


I can always, and I mean always count on Mr. Deaver to kept me entertained for a few days.  His books always have the most amazing twists!

What I liked:  I love all the reoccurring characters in Mr. Deaver's books.  While Lincoln Rhyme is the focal point, the supporting characters more than add to my enjoyment.  Amelia is becoming almost as good as Rhyme in the discovery department.  Their minds compliment each other.  

While this is only the 11th in the series, I've read many of Mr. Deaver's short stories and one particularly ties into The Skin Collector.  It was published in a book of short stories, I know you're wondering, but I can't say because it's a spoiler.  The Skin Collector can be read without having read the short story though.

I always try to pit my wits against Mr. Deaver in figuring out what's gonna happen and who the "bad" guy is and the reasons behind what's happening.  I have NEVER figured anything out completely.  I love that!  I think surely I have it this time and then "the twist" happens and I have to reevaluate everything.  

I'm very selective in reading mysteries/thrillers and suspense novels but Mr. Deaver is on my automatic buy list.  

What I didn't like:  I honestly can't think of a thing to write here......

Overall, an engrossing read.  Not my favorite but a typical edge of your seat Lincoln Rhyme novel!

You can purchase the e-book at Kobo for $14.99.  At B & N, the hardcover is $17.99 and the Nook book is $14.99.

Highly Recommend!!

Source: www.justtalkingbooks.com/blog/review-the-skin-collector-lincoln-rhyme-11-by-jeffery-deaver
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