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text 2018-11-23 09:48
Empreinte Lingerie: How To Properly Purchase From Online Distributors


Even though there a large number of physical shops that have Empreinte lingerie today, a ton of women also prefer to obtain these products through the Internet nowadays. This might be because there are more variety of underwear sold at sellers on the Internet, and the fact that you can easily obtain them without having to get out of your residence.


However, if you haven't tried ordering lingerie online in the past, you might be anxious that you will work with an undependable supplier or receive bad products. So listed below are a couple of guidelines that will guarantee you experience a great and secure lingerie buying experience at the convenience of your home:


1. Find testimonials regarding the online store

It’s preferable to read testimonials about the online supplier you are interested to purchase from. Nearly all of the online suppliers at present have a page on their online site that showcase the comments of their customers, while some maintain accounts on review websites such as TrustPilot, Feefo, and more. Simply head over to these web pages and spend some time to browse every review written by the buyers. Then, confirm if they were satisfied with the Empreinte lingerie product and customer support that they got. If yes, then it is a favourable sign that you must buy from them.


2. Check the online distributor's lingerie size guide

Other than checking reviews regarding the lingerie store, you should also see if they possess an underwear size guide on their online site. The majority of countries have different sizes for underclothes, so plenty of sellers on the Internet today have lingerie size guides for Australia, Japan, UK, France, USA, Europe, and more. It is recommended that you determine the precise measurements of your hip, breast, and waist, and compare it to the size chart of the available on the online site of the seller. As a result, you can ensure that you would not acquire undergarments that are extremely big or little for you.


3. Verify the online store’s return policy

Even though you get lingerie in your right size, you might still not like their shade or style once you actually see them. That’s the reason why you always need to verify the store’s return policy. Many online stores implement guidelines about returning purchased products, and they may not accept the item if you don’t follow them. For instance, you shouldn’t put on cosmetic products like lipstick and eye shadow when trying on undergarments because they may blemish the items. Remember that that some stores would only take back the product if it is in an outstanding, unused state and still placed in its original packaging.


4. Buy a lingerie style that you feel comfortable in

Last but not the least, you should only obtain underwear that you’re at ease to put on. It’s a good idea to think about the types and shades of undergarments you like the most, then order lingerie items in that design. Do you want to put on bras with straps? Are you more comfortable with push up bras? Do you love neutral colours? Determining these things will ensure that you get good value out of your money because you’ll possibly wear these products on a regular basis.


Getting Empreinte lingerie online can help you avoid wasting lots time and money. You do not need to visit a physical store, wait for shop assistants to assist you, and fall in line simply to obtain these products. And by simply taking into consideration the points discussed in this article, you can enjoy a much quicker time getting the appropriate lingerie for you.

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review 2014-05-17 00:00
Naughty Bits Part I: The Lingerie Shop
Naughty Bits Part I: The Lingerie Shop - Joey W. Hill The first part in a sensual, naughty series about Madison.
Her career with finance doesn´t fulfill her as she wants and when her sister leaves her her lingerie shop in the will, it´s her sisters way of trying to get Madison to reach for joy and happiness in her life.
And explore her need to submit, even if she doesn´t want to acknowledge it, even to her self.
When the neighbouring shop owner turns out to be a good friend of her sister, and a Dom, all pieces seem to fall in place. And through soft coaching, Madison gets her first task from Logan.
Like a yummy starter, you just want more when you´ve read this. Can´t wait for the next part and see what´ll happen with Madison & Logan.
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review 2014-04-27 17:34
Review: Naughty Bits Part I: The Lingerie Shop by Joey W. Hill
Naughty Bits, Part I: The Lingerie Shop - Joey W. Hill

A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings.

Serial novels have been a popular trend in romance for a while now, and frankly, it’s one I’ve grown tired of. These days I’m limiting myself to serials written by my favorite authors, and with no more than five parts. NAUGHTY BITS qualifies on both counts, although I’ll admit I would probably waive the five part rule for Joey W. Hill. She’s one of my all-time favorite writers of contemporary BDSM erotic romance, and this first installment, THE LINGERIE SHOP, has already assured me that her talent for plot and character development will lend itself well to this new format. 

As you might expect, most of THE LINGERIE SHOP is setting up the premise for why our heroine finds herself running her late sister’s sex boutique in Charlotte instead of being back in Boston at her boring but safe finance job. Madison and her sister Alice had exceptionally close until the day Alice pushed too hard about Madison’s sex life (or lack of one) and Madison responded by moving away and avoiding all contact. It took Alice’s terminal illness and subsequent death to force Madison back to Charlotte and the shop she’d always mocked. Now all Madison has is the store, her memories and her regrets. But Alice’s bequest extends beyond the building and its contents. She’s also made sure that Madison will finally find sexual submission with a man who can make it all happen. It’s now up to Madison to decide if she’s ready to finally accept the gift her sister always wanted her to have.

The man that Alice has found for Madison is Logan Scott: hardware store owner, woodworker, and sexual Dominant. Even before Madison knows who Logan is and what he will mean to her, she’s mesmerized by his looks and demeanor. She knows he represents what she’s always both wanted and feared. Logan knows Madison been too afraid to embrace her submissive desires, but that the decision must be hers, and hers alone. All he can do is point her in the right direction and hope that he can earn her trust along the way.

In THE LINGERIE SHOP, we see how Madison had always been threatened by Alice’s embrace of her own sexuality, even though Alice was right about why the men in Madison’s life had never measured up. We also see how Logan had fit into Alice’s life and why he is the perfect man to help Madison embrace her hidden self. By the time we reach the end of this first part of NAUGHTY BITS, we have a good idea of how our heroine got here and what our hero has to do to make her his by the end of the final installment.

What I loved best about THE LINGERIE SHOP was how it neatly avoided the problems that have made me burned out on serial novels in the first place. So many of the serials I’ve read have consisted of a relatively simple plot, doled out in tiny portions that either end on an insane cliffhanger, or at what appears to be a predetermined page length, regardless of where the story is at that point. But THE LINGERIE SHOP has absolutely none of these problems. First of all, it’s well over a hundred pages, qualifying as a novella in its own right. And it ends at a logical stopping point, after Madison has used Logan’s offering of the erotic cards and handcuffs, and sets the stage for THE TRAINING SESSION, Part 2 of NAUGHTY BITS. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Overall: 5
Sensuality level: 3.5 (several BDSM-related discussions, brief descriptions of BDSM club activity, heroine’s solo sexual activity and related thoughts/dreams)

Source: mharvey816.mh2.org/?p=525
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review 2014-04-23 00:00
Naughty Bits Part I: The Lingerie Shop
Naughty Bits Part I: The Lingerie Shop - Joey W. Hill An introduction to the novella.
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review 2014-04-15 19:16
A charismatic hero
Naughty Bits, Part I: The Lingerie Shop - Joey W. Hill

4 stars. Review posted April 14, 2014

photo oie_IWSpg1VplmNU_zps11482773.gif

From Boston to the small town Matthews on the outskirts of Charlotte . From selling stocks and bonds and managing the investments of powerful millionaires and corporate businessmen to inheriting her late sister's business and selling sexy lingerie and BDSM accessories. That's quite a change for our heroine Madison and requires some adjustments. Add in the fact that Madison fed a few kinky fantasies over the course of time and being in the presence of her new neighbor, Logan Scott, a hardware store owner and training Master at the local dungeon, revved up her imaginative mind quite a bit.

photo oie_89QwUsWiSPKz_zpsa13959a5.gif

OMG, there goes my feels…*sigh*
This is what I want and expect from Joey. 

A deep connection. To the story. And its characters. 

The very best offered within 110 pages. I loved it. Imagine, no kiss and no sex between these two in this first novella and yet there were moments where I could feel the air vibrate with sexual tension. Gah…I was glued to the pages and I'm so excited to see more of Logan and Madison in Naughty Bits Part II: The Training Session. There's room for a higher rating. *hint* *hint*

I'll be honest, I was afraid to read this novella because of my latest disaster. Joey W. Hill's Divine Solace was so not what I was hoping for. However, Naughty Bits Part I put me back in my little happy place. This novella reads like a sensual appetizer and I cannot wait to get to the mouth-watering main course where Joey will blend in the sensuality with blatant sexuality. Hopefully.

photo oie_49vKiqIBDldj_zpsbefc81a3.gif

The beginning did not quite convince me but when I first laid my eyes on Logan I was a goner. What came out of that man's mouth reminded me a bit of Tyler. Logan is one thoughtful and sexy package pushing forty, very masculine with warm brown eyes and brown, long-ish hair peppered with gray. He's got a mesmerizing voice and exudes a worldly wisdom I will always fall for in a heartbeat. He's got a firm presence that practically screams authority and yet he exudes a gentleness that softens his rougher edges. He's got something else in spades that will always make me end up in a puddle of goo at a hero's feet: charisma.Fact is, I wasn't particularly fond of Madison to whom I did not fully connect, but I definitely swooned over Logan. Without doubt, he made that short story for me and held me in his irresistible spell. 

Madison is standing at a crossroads in her life. This first novella deals with her fantasies. It's about figuring out what she really wants for herself and exploring her hidden feelings. It's also about making a choice. Logan doesn't push, he only gives her an inspiration, an idea what she can expect. He offers to be her teacher among other 'things', but he made it clear it will be up to Madison to decide what she wants from him.

photo 4090d2d8-23cd-41b1-a23a-e6f7a5667a89_zps03a01590.png

A great and satisfying intro, well written and sprinkled with a little bit of Joey magic. I'm so glad I read it and cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel. Is it May yet?

Thank you, Joey.

Recommended read.

All quotes are taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted in the final copy.

**ARC courtesy of Penguin Group via NetGalley**

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/904672609?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating
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