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url 2018-08-16 05:01
AmpSync Email Extractor

Prospect better than your competition with AmpSync, the free email extractor from Ampliz. It is free to download for all Chrome browser users and adds directly to the extension tab. Once you create a free account with Ampliz, open LinkedIn and run the AmpSync extension on the profile you need the email address from. It picks up the verified email from the profile and displays it in a new tab. You can also send emails directly from the Ampliz platform in the paid version. Prospecting has never been easier with AmpSync, the B2B email extractor from Ampliz.


Call Us: +1(844) 289-3513

Email Us: info@ampliz.com

Website: https://www.ampliz.com/AmpSync-email-extractor

Source: www.ampliz.com/AmpSync-email-extractor
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url 2018-08-03 12:39
LinkedIn Clone Script- MintTM

LinkedIn clone is Professional social networking platform related to LinkedIn. Using linkedin clone open source you can finding the people, new contacts, industry, knowledge and goal. You can also find a connections which is similar to your business and interes so you can share and get an idea about your business. That will definitely improve your business status as well as goal.

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text 2016-06-28 13:59
LIS and Social Media

When it comes to social media, I've used different kinds, both personally and professionally. While there are tons of different social media platform, the ones that I've found I've had the most success with are Twitter and Instagram.


Based on my tendency to chit-chat (which you've all probably noticed in my posts), you'd think that personally and professionally I would prefer to steer away from microblogging. But in my experience I've found that microblogging--which, for those of you who might be new to the social media world, is blogging with a very limited amount of space--is the best route to go if you want to have any kind of professional presence, and it certainly helps those of us who are long-winded to maintain a manageable personal presence.


For example: as an English major, a MLS student, and a part-time Material Support Specialist, books play a very central part in my life: in my personal and professional world, I do a lot of sharing about books, about quotes, about authors, etc. When it comes to reviews and lengthy conversations, places like this Booklikes page are fantastic. But when I'm snapshotting a picture of my favorite book or an intriguing quote, or when I'm highlighting a particular author, I don't need an entire blog post...and that is where social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram come in.

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text 2016-05-30 14:00
Themis-Athena Elsewhere

This is a bandwaggon I'd hoped never to have to jump onto, but just in case -- here are links to my profile pages on other websites:


ThemisAthena on Leafmarks

Themis-Athena on Goodreads

Themis-Athena on Libib

ThemisAthena on FictFact

Lioness at Large on Wordpress

ThemisAthena on Pinterest

Ulrike on LinkedIn

Ulrike on Facebook


Essentially my handle is the same on all sites except for LinkedIn, Facebook and Wordpress; just note that sometimes it's hyphenated and sometimes it isn't, depending on the respective site's user name parameters.


ETA1: My Wordpress blog -- Lioness at Large -- is now operational, too.  Currently I'm still mainly copying my reviews there just to have an additional home for them, but I think from here on out I'll be blogging on WP as well.


The only other sites (besides BookLikes) where I've so far actually interacted with others are Leafmarks and Facebook.


ETA2: Well, duh.  Bookstooge just shared Leafmarks's announcement that the site will be shutting down as of July 1.  There goes yet another option then ...


So that leaves Facebook as the only other site where I am truly active.  Time to start experimenting with the others for real, I supose.


FWIW, up to now, this has been my stance vis-à-vis my accounts on the other sites, respectively (and to the extent not expressly struck, the following is still true):


Libib and Fictfact to me are merely (as yet incomplete) backup book catalogues.


Pinterest is my "everything but the kitchen sink" meme repository.


Wordpress is not much more more than an ID and a blog devoid of even the first post at the moment, so as to be able to follow other people's blogs (on WP and elsewhere).  Depending on how things go on here, this may or may not change.
It has changed.


LinkedIn is another "just in case" account.


Goodreads, finally, is also merely a temporary expedient.  I pulled out of there in 2013 and have no intention to go back for good -- just using my vestige ID as a fall back option in the current situation.



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text 2014-01-03 21:58
2014 Update on the Sequel to Desperate Pursuit in Venice
Desperate Pursuit in Venice (#1) - Karynne Summars

In 2013 I published my first novel and joined a large author community, i.e. the World Literary Cafe and MARSocial as well as BookLikes. I never thought that fellow authors would support each other that much, so I was more than pleasantly surprised.  

While busy writing the sequel to Desperate Pursuit in Venice, I met the independent filmmaker KeeranVaani Creations and joined them as Executive Producer for the movie DiSTurBeD, a psychological thriller/mystery horror movie. While this was not on my plan for 2013, their passion and commitment convinced me to do so and has since widened my horizon for 2014. 

Update for Sequel to Desperate Pursuit in Venice (DPIV) 

Work in Progress: 36,700 words written so far. More emotional twists and turns for Luca, Kataryna, Roberto, Carlotta and Francesco. I have also introduced new interesting characters in the sequel. I know that I am a little behind because I had planned to publish the sequel around year-end but I have a good excuse- DiSTurBeD Movie. 
Have a look: www.disturbedmovie.com

However, this gives you, the readers, some more time to finish or start reading DPIV.
Meanwhile here is an excerpt from Chapter Six of Desperate Pursuit in Venice for those who haven't read it yet. FYI: It has some adult content. This excerpt was published via MARSocial in connection with their Author of the Year Competition which I entered last year.http://marsocial.com/docs/desperate-p...

I have also recently entered a competition on LinkedIn. If you would like to support me, please follow the below link and click "Like" on LinkedIn. 
Here is my link.

I wish you all the best, personally and professionally for 2014 and beyond.


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