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review 2018-10-20 18:57
Sookie the mutant have sex with vampire Bill
Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris

Sookie was a waitress and a mutant who could read minds. 


Because of that, she find it hard to have sex with a man. She is also heterosexual. 


Anyway, she could not read the minds of vampire and so make vampire very desirable to her. 

So she have sex with a vampire and allows this vampire Bill to suck her blood.


They have sex. And that's the main part of the book. 


Someone got killed, some are killed by vampire and some are by human. 


And Sookie is in danger for very little reason. The damsel in distress played too many times. It got boring. 

And somehow she taste good to vampire. And Eric wants to have her too. 


It is really boring. So glad it is over.  


Reading this for Southern Gothic square. 



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text 2018-10-20 13:04
Reading progress update: I've read 180 out of 292 pages.
Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris

Sookie is a virgin mutant who can read minds. Met a vampire Bill. Loss her virginity and have rabbit sex. 


The story is about vampire having restored right as human.


Also about how vampires behave with humans and vise versa in the US south. 


Reading this for Southern Gothic. 

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review 2018-10-19 15:00
Hitting the Books
Hitting the Books (A Library Lover's Mystery) - Jenn McKinlay

Lindsay and Scully are living together. Beth's wedding is over and she is home from the honeymoon and driving everyone crazy with her constant discussion of her honeymoon and where her husband proposed. While at the Crafternoon event at the library, Lindsay is looking out the window and sees Teresa run over and she and Beth run out to provide help after telling people to call 911. When there is a 2nd attempt on her life, she is moved into the house of her wealthy fiance and he hires the twin brothers to protect her. They do a good job, but that doesn't stop the constant attacks. 


Robby begs Lindsay to get involved so that he can act as her Watson. He learns information and so does she, giving it to Emma, the police chief, and Robby's girlfriend. 

Lindsay even has to get Emma to get a subpoena to find out who had borrowed all the material found in the back of the car used to hit Teresa. It is because of the information found on who borrowed the items that she finds out the truth of who was attempting to kill Teresa. 



I borrowed this as an audio and we listened to it while in the car yesterday, finishing it while we went everywhere we had to go (art lessons, Kentucky in rush hour traffic, back to Cincinnati in rush hour traffic, etc). Lindsay even has to get Emma to get a subpoena to find out who had borrowed all the material found in the back of the car used to hit Teresa. 



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review 2018-10-18 20:06
The tale of the Weekend Warriors a Review!
Weekend Warriors - Fern Michaels

Good hello everyone and how are you doing today?! I hope all is well with you all! I'm doing pretty awesome myself. I'm enjoying being back and sharing book stuff with you all! Today is going to be another review and this time I'll be reviewing "Weekend Warriors" by Fern Michaels. I have a lot to write about so Allons-y!


This is book one of the Sisterhood series. I believe there are 28 books so far, but I'm not to sure. I got into this book because my Step Grandmother had recommend that I read this! So, here I am finally sharing what I thought about it!


This first book is about how the Sisterhood was formed, it started when the main characters Nikki lost her best friend Barbara in a hit and run. She and Barbara's mother Myra witnessed it! Unfortunately they couldn't do anything about it, because the person who killed Barbara had diplomatic immunity. Then one day after witnessing something crazy. Myra and Nikki come up with an idea of bringing together a group of women who was failed by the Justice System, to go and find the people responsible for the wrong doings of these women and get them back! This one focuses on one member of the group, who was raped by three men, and it is up to the group to come up with a way to avenge her and she gets to decide how it will happened.


This story was so good, right away it grabbed my interested and held me til the end! I was surprised at how quickly everything was done. It's a fast pace read. I like all the female characters and Myra's Boyfriend Charles. At first I was a little hesitant with one of the characters named Yoko Akia, but she came out fine, then there are the other women in the group: Kathryn Lucas, Alexis Thorne, Isabella Flanders, and Julia Webster. They make up the sisterhood of course along with Nikki and Myra. Charles is the honorary member. Then I can't forget to add Nikki's Ex Boyfriend Jack who is a bit of a douche and I don't like him! 


I really did enjoy reading this one and I will slowly continue making my way to reading the other books as soon as possible! This one made me laugh quite a bit and of course getting annoyed at certain spots. I don't want to give to much away, so I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead.


 If you're into thrillers, suspense, and women power! Then, this is a book for you!  I will be back on Tuesday with a new review, yes, I know another review, but I'm making up for lost times. Also, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be the days I will be posting on here, so make sure to stick around to see what I have! Until then have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday!






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review 2018-10-18 00:17
Lark! The Herald Angels Sing
Lark! The Herald Angels Sing - Donna Andrews

I only borrowed this as an audiobook (just became available) and my daughter and I listened to the whole book on a road trip to Elizabethtown and back again. We were giggling over different sections of the book and cheering at other parts and just thoroughly enjoyed the story. 


Meg is running the Christmas Program and when a baby is found in the manger, she has to prove that it isn't her brother's child and then find the real mom of the baby as she has been trusted to keep the baby because she and Michael are foster parents for her area. When the real mom is found, it is also found out that her husband is the man that is being hunted by Clay County police for the murder of another man. One that Caerphilly police do not believe he committed and they want to get him to a safe place so that he is not murdered in the jail. 


This was a really good book and the story just kept you wanting to know more. I was so frustrated at points because I really wanted to read the book (driving not an option), so that I could get through the book a little faster to find out what was going to happen next. 


This is the newest book by Donna Andrews in the series. 

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