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text 2017-08-01 13:05
Blog Tour: Even Halos Can Be Crooked by L.M. Schukraft with Giveaway


Today’s stop is for L.M. Schukraft’s Even Halos Can Be Crooked. We will have info about the book and author, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway. Happy Reading :)

Even Halos Can Be Crooked is the first book in a brand new series created by L. M. Schukraft. This novel is an unconventional, contemporary paranormal romance mystery. Combining fantasy with reality, L. M. Schukraft takes the reader on an adventure as her main character, Autumn, wakes up from a near death experience to discover Angels are real. Devils and Demons do exist. And her halo is crooked!

Autumn faces demons, scary Cerberus descendants bred in hell, Fallen Angels and devils as she tries to straighten out her halo. The Heavens themselves have tasked her with saving another Crooked Halos soul. Autumn doesn’t have a clue how she’s supposed to do this and is thankful for the help she has along the way.   Follow Autumn on this fantastical battle for her soul….






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L.M. Schukraft is a long time writer, first time novelist, and passive blogger.
Be sure to visit my blog or Facebook page often, since I will be posting short stories related to The Crooked Halo stories as well as news and information on upcoming releases.
I love dancing, almost anything mint flavored, and spending time with my son. I follow the twin Gemini characteristics by being a contrast of a home body and wanting to go out and have fun. Staying at home, reading a book for hours is definitely something I look forward to after a long day. Now, I'm trying to balance writing the next novel and taking care of my son, along with everyday life basics.
I'm a picky reader. I've got a few authors I follow and read regularly. At one point, I was reading 35 different book series. If you're looking for suggestions of great romances, paranormals, fantasies, mysteries, or books that include all of those, I'm happy to share recommendations. Plus, check out my novel!


Website *** Facebook *** Amazon *** Goodreads







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Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and enter the giveaway!



Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/blog-tour-even-halos-can-crooked-l-m-schukraft-giveaway
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review 2017-06-09 18:38
Book Reviews for Bound by Chains Series by L.M. Roberts
Title: Bound by Chains
Series: A Shattered Hearts Novel #2
Author: L.M. Roberts
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2017
There are only a few things that blow my mind. A good suck. Rough fuck. And a woman by the name of Everly.
I never know what I’m getting when it comes to her. This entire time I thought she was a docile, fragile little flower I could break with a snap of my fingers. Damn, was I wrong. 
She’s a fighter. 
A fucking alpha female.
And I can’t wait to get my hands on her again. 
Bitch boy. That’s my new nickname for Talon. He thinks he’s too hot to trot, but does he have another thing coming.
I’ll show him hot.
And I’ll make him drool while I do it.

Lets start off by saying that this story picked up right where the last one left off on.This story was as intense as the last but not as dark but definitely steamy and exciting and the kind of story that keeps you on edge to see what is going to happen next.

Everly was a major surprise this time around she showed true grit and determination and what she was really made of.In this current tale we find that Everly is not who we think she is but so much more. Omg! This story blew me away as everything we thought was true in the last story has your mind doing a 180 in this story.What a twist loved it and I can stay that what is currently happening in this story is the perfect twist .

Talon is still Talon but we are seeing him change right before our eyes as he is fighting that change with everything he has and questioning everything and listening and seeing and putting things in perspective without going off half cocked all the time.Talon is changing as he starting to see he has a heart after all even if he denies it. Talon is in love with and cares for Everly and she is changing him just by being who and what she truly is.She is changing him for the better.We actually see a lighter version of Talon this time around not off the bat but as the story digresses.I loved seeing this happen.Its like we are seeing him happy for the first time in his life.

I love this story from cover to cover it was full of so many omg moments and surprises that it kept you engrossed in its plot to the very end.I hated to see the story end as we were finally getting some answers to this twisted and intriguing plot but we are left with another cliffhanger.I can't wait to see what happens next.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Another keeper 5 stars from us



Bestselling author L.M. Roberts is a mother of two, completely obsessed with her darling husband of almost nine years, and is a cat mommy to a feisty little tabby named, Mellow, that acts like he's the shit. (She now realizes she gave him the wrong name when she brought him home.) Her hobbies include writing, writing, and more writing! Besides working her dreaded day job, looking after her family, and attending college full-time to obtain her bachelor’s degree, she enjoys getting lost in her imagination, coming up with tantalizing, steamy, and just pretty much over-the-top romance novels for her readers to devour.

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review 2017-05-31 16:38
Book Review for Condemned by Him by L.M. Roberts
Title: Condemned by Him
Series: Shattered Hearts Trilogy #1
Author: LM Roberts
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Release Date: February 24, 2017

Arc provided for honest Review

Reviewed by : Angels With Attitude Book Reviews



Entangle yourself in the web of sensuality, dominance, and submission!

He hunkers down in front of me and lifts my chin with his forefinger. “You know what they say about people having dreams, don’t you?” I barely shake my head from side to side before he lets me in on his little tidbit of information. He smiles, and the emotion doesn’t reach his cold, dead eyes. “They always turn into nightmares.” 
Her life could only be described as one thing. Perfect. She was beloved by all and had everything that she ever wanted. Or did she? She’s due for her weekly hangout session with dear ol’ Pops when all of a sudden there’s a knock on the front door. Well, who could that be? Was it Dad forgetting his keys? Dad drunk off his rocker? Instead of Dad, she came face-to-face with a man as sinfully gorgeous as a piece of dark chocolate would be to a model - dark hair, impossibly dark eyes, and a body made of pure freaking perfection. Her breath caught in her lungs and instant fear raced up her spine. She had no idea what this man - one who could make even the hardest, coldest women swoon - was there for.
To take her. Own her. And condemn her.
Otherwise known as Sir or Big and Mighty - is a man who goes above and beyond to get what he wants. Having a rough start in life, he only wants to do one thing - to change one thing - his future. After doing a job for Richard “Dick” Thompson, the only form of payment he wants is - her. Working outside the law had its perks and she was the perkiest of them all - medium height, long dark brown hair, and captivating eyes that seemed to look right into his dark, dead, cold heart. His “edge” begins to soften when he’s near her - becoming weaker, tamer. He can’t let that happen. He needs to keep his mask firmly in place so those around him still see him as the badass-take-no-shit-hardest-motherfucker around. But it’s hard. Man, is it hard. His feelings and actions toward her begin to change. But, it’s too late.
Everly was condemned by him. But he was consumed by her.
Will Talon be able to see what’s right in front of him? Will Everly be able to hide the most important part of herself?
Only time, and a little pain will tell.

Lets start off by saying this is an new author for us and that this story was dark and erotic. I really don't know how to explain how I felt about this story as it brought out so many emotions in the things I was feeling for these characters.This was a really dark and twisted story where the main character is seriously physiologically damaged a sadist and twisted human being.This story was so twisted and dark that it drew you in and captured your interest from the onset.I hated the violence,the abuse,sexual domination,fear Talon put in women and how he thought the women is his life were to do with however he please whether it was of a sexual nature or obedience.The story had me on edge and pins and needle the whole time.Talon was such a sinister monster and all the things I hated about Talons personality just made you keep turning the pages to see just what who would do next.
Everly was given to him as payment of debt from her father. Omg what a sick individual he was to knowing what consequences of Talon handling his dirty work would in tale.I was horrified that Evelry was paying the price of her fathers debt with the rest of her life having to live among this monster on a daily basic.I myself would rather be dead but Evelry is full of fire and has one hell of a backbone and Talon isn't going to be able to break her so easily.
Talon views Everly his property and takes from her whenever he wants when he wants it.He is having her trained for him to please him in her obedience and sexual gratification.Talon is drawn to Everly even maybe a little bit in love and definitely obsessed with her but every time he is with her he does everything to degrade her and treat her like crap yet she is attracted and turned on but this sick man.Talon heats Everly blood and she graves the everything that he makes her feel.
Omg Everly what a character.Loved her from the onset.I loved her strength and determination.One thing we learn about Everly is to expect the unexpected and I loved that about her.Talon was so F*ed up along with being tall, dark and dangerous and sinfully attracted that you could not help but be drawn to him also.
Wow! I don't know what to say other that this story was a page turner that It was so twisted and dark that you could not help but be intrigued just so you could see just what happened next.I could not put it down once I started reading and with the cliffhanger of an ending I can't wait to see how this tale finishes out in the next tale.
Looking for a Dark and Erotic Twisted Tale full of sick desires and violence with a cast of interesting engaging characters give the story a try.This is just the kind of story you want to hate but can't help but love because it kept you on edge and high throughout the entire story.
Can't wait to see what happens next now that I am hooked.
5 stars from us

Bestselling author L.M. Roberts is a mother of two, completely obsessed with her darling husband of almost nine years, and is a cat mommy to a feisty little tabby named, Mellow, that acts like he's the shit. (She now realizes she gave him the wrong name when she brought him home.) Her hobbies include writing, writing, and more writing! Besides working her dreaded day job, looking after her family, and attending college full-time to obtain her bachelor’s degree, she enjoys getting lost in her imagination, coming up with tantalizing, steamy, and just pretty much over-the-top romance novels for her readers to devour.


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review 2016-06-15 19:17
Anne of the Island - L.M. Montgomery

Ahh, Anne. Every time I visit her I sigh wistfully. She's such a romantic dreamer! It's so fun to see her grow up without losing her core spunk and joie de vivre. 

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text 2016-04-30 16:10
April Wrap-Up

So, April was not a good reading month for me, but I had my reasons. One is that I quit school and transferred into some other course that'll start next year (If I get in) but I had to take care of EVERYTHING and I did that in one week (kind of proud). This also means that I'm free 'till the end of September so I applied for jobs and I got in into one, starting 9th of May. I had to go there and stuff as well, so April was the month with lots of changes. After those decisions and such I just wasn't in the mood to read so I watched Netflix (and shows that aren't on Netflix), so yea. I managed to read two books in April:

- Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery 5/5 ★ review

-The Jungle Book + The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling 5/5 ★ review

-Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken (currently reading)

I got halfway through Anne of Green Gables in March already and I'm halfway through Never Fade, so yea even less than you see. I'm already glad that I loved the ones that I've read this month. 


When it comes to tv shows I discovered some new ones so I watched (other than the ones that come out weekly such as Nashville, Faking It and The Big Bang Theory) Master of None (LOVE THAT SHOW!), Jessica Jones (I have now 8 episodes left) and Cuckoo (I'm now in season 2). These three shows are so amazing oh and I watched Modern Family 'till the end of season 5. 

If you haven't watched Cuckoo (season two is with Taylor Lautner (yes from the Twilight saga) and it's so super funny, I love that show! Go watch it if you haven't already haha.

When it comes to May, I'm not sure if I can read more than I have been, but I've made a tbr. My plan is to read In The Afterlight, Oorlogswinter, All The Light We Cannot See, Affinity, A Court Of Thornes And Roses and three little black classics. If I get to those I'll be very happy, but we shall see.


What did you read in April?

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