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text 2015-11-09 16:29
Jam: Roller Derby in Romance Novels
The Mane Squeeze (The Pride Series) - Shelly Laurenston
Falling Hard: 1 (Roller Girls) - Megan Sparks
Loved by You: BBW BWWM Romance (Found by You Book 2) - Victoria H. Smith
Love and Skate: Books 1-5, The Complete Series - Lila Felix
The Derby Girl - Tamara Morgan
Derby Girl - Shauna Cross
A Taste Of You - Jennifer Stevenson
Going in Circles (Pocket Readers Guide) - Pamela Ribon
Prom Nights from Hell - Michele Jaffe,Lauren Myracle,Stephenie Meyer
Demon Derby - Carrie Harris

I love Sports Romance. I just love a hero or heroine who is really really good at something. 


I love capable heroines who aren't afraid to punch someone in the face. 


I use to be a competive speed skater. 


Thus, I love Roller Derby and if I can get it in a Romance Novel--Joy is Mine!


Here are some Romances with Roller Derby! My lists are never in any particular order. 


1.  The Mane Squeeze by Shelly Laurenston


Growing up on the tough Philly streets, Gwen O'Neill knows how to fend for herself. But what is she supposed to do with a nice, suburban Jersey boy who has a tendency to turn into a massive Grizzly? Despite his menacing growl and four-inch claws, Gwen finds Lachlan "Lock" MacRyrie cute and really sweet. He actually watches out for her, and unlike the rest of her out-of-control family, manages not to morbidly embarrass her. Too bad cats don't believe in forever.


At nearly seven feet tall, Lock is used to people responding to him in two ways: screaming or running away. Gwen--half lioness, half tigress, all kick-ass--does neither. She's sexy beyond belief and smart as hell, but she's so busy protecting her family and friends that she's forgetting about her own safety. Lock probably shouldn't get involved, but he can't simply walk away. Not when Gwen means absolutely everything to him.


2. Falling Hard by Megan Sparks


When Annie moves from London to a small town in the midwest, she struggles to fit in. She gets off to a bad start when she makes an enemy of her school's queen bee, Kelsey. But she discovers a new passion, the exciting sport of roller derby, and makes friends with the cool and quirky girls on her team, the Liberty Belles. She also meets Jesse, the friendly boy who works at the roller rink, and Tyler, a cute, all-American sports star.


3. Found by You by Victoria H. Smith


He’s noticed by everyone… 

Griffin Chandler. 

He’s captain of our college’s basketball team. I swear to God I’ve already seen him in a Nike ad, and he’s one of the top picks when he goes pro following our spring graduation. 

His life is on display for the world. Both his accomplishments and demons there for judgment. 

I’m a girl who likes to play roller derby from, of all places, Wisconsin. My own demons better concealed. And one day… 

He notices me. 

Found by You is a new adult contemporary romance. 


4. Love and Skate: Books 1-5, The Complete Series by Lila Felix


On the rink she’s tough, she’s a leader, she’s fast and she’s the epitome of a rebellious girl. But Nellie’s been hurt, only once, but it was enough to make her look at life through different eyes and off the rink she’s a timid girl who loves with no pretenses. 
A long time ago Owen Black was betrayed by the girl he thought he loved and the guy he called his best friend. The anguish set off a domino effect of negativity in his life and he never has fully recovered. He meets Nellie Forrester and thinks he can let it go for her.  
But how can you love someone when the wounds from your past are still wide open?


5. The Derby Girl by Tamara Morgan


Roller derby girl Gretchen "Honey Badger" Badgerton lives in the moment, no apologies. Like every woman in Pleasant Park with a pulse, she finds Dr. Jared Fine irresistible, but she's taken by surprise when her unattainable new neighbor asks her out.

On paper, Jared is the perfect man: gorgeous, wealthy and charitable. But his golden image is just that, and opening an upstate practice is a welcome chance to start a new life. When Gretchen stops to help him with a flat tire, he's intrigued by her feisty attitude—and her sexy body art. There's something refreshing about being with a take-charge woman who doesn't expect him to be anything but himself.


Though Gretchen is hesitant to shatter Jared's "bad girl" illusion of her, she has to face facts: she's fallen for the good doctor. She's used to putting everyone else's needs before hers, but as their relationship heats up, can she handle having someone take care of her for a change?


6. Derby Girl by Shauna Cross


Meet Bliss Cavendar, a blue haired, indie-rock loving misfit stuck in the tiny town of Bodeen, Texas.

Her pageant-addicted mother expects her to compete for the coveted Miss Blue Bonnet crown, but Bliss would rather feast on roaches than be subjected to such rhinestone tyranny.

Bliss' escape? Take up Roller Derby.

When she discovers a league in nearby Austin, Bliss embarks on an epic journey full of hilarious tattooed girls, delicious boys in bands, and a few not-so-awesome realities even the most bad-assed derby chick has to learn.
7. A Hinky Taste Of You by Jennifer Stevenson
Hel became an energy vampire at seventeen and accidentally reduced her first boyfriend to ashes. Forty years later, she still looks seventeen. Her life is teaching hyperactive boys, roller derby, and worrying about paying her mother's hospital bills. 

Nick Jones, federal anti-magic cop, has a secret, too. Magic excites him, to his shame. This makes it hard for him when he's assigned to recruit Hel. 

Nick feels guilty for his attraction to a teenager. Hel adores Nick's yummy energy. If he learns she’s a vampire, he'll send her to Hinky Guantanamo. 

But can they keep their hands off each other?
8. Going in Circles by Pamela Ribon
In fact, she reached her life’s quotient when her husband of five months walked out on her, only to abruptly change his mind a few weeks later and move back in. Stung by a whiplash of grief, resentment, and confusion, Charlotte calls a time-out, taking a small apartment where she can figure out what shewants. Instead, the thought of making even the simplest choices triggers an anxiety attack. In order to get out of bed in the morning, she must concoct a to-do list for each day, The Plan, one with absolutely no surprises.

“Without The Plan, horrible things can happen. I’m likely to end up sitting on a curb beside a taco truck on Sunset Boulevard, crying over a carne asada burrito, wondering where my marriage went. I can’t handle being the Weeping Burrito Girl.”

Charlotte knows all this self-absorbed introspection isn’t good for her, but she’s running out of people to turn to, as seemingly everyone in her life is pressuring her to make an immediate decision about her future. Then her new friend Francesca—an impulsive, smartass co-worker—offers Charlotte salvation in the unlikeliest of places: the fast-paced, super-tough, bump-and-bruise-filled world of roller derby.

Sure, it’s dangerous. Yeah, she could get hurt. But what’s a little physical pain when healing your soul is at stake? The question is: whether she’s on or off the track, will Charlotte be strong enough to stand on her own two feet?


n this exciting collection of paranormal tales, best-selling authors Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), Kim Harrison (Once Dead, Twice Shy), Meg Cabot (How to Be Popular), Lauren Myracle (ttyl), and Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty) take prom mishaps to a whole new level—a truly hellish level. Wardrobe malfunctions and two left feet don't hold a candle to discovering your date is the Grim Reaper—and he isn't here to tell you how hot you look.

From angels fighting demons to a twisted take on getting what you wish for, these five stories will entertain better than any DJ in a bad tux can. No corsage or limo rental necessary. Just good, creepy fun.


10. Demon Derby by Carrie Harris


Casey kicked cancer’s ass. Now a demon wants to kick hers. . . .

Casey hates being known as the girl who survived cancer. She wants people to treat her like her old self, fearless and strong. And after a creepy encounter with a crazy guy in an alley, Casey is all about reclaiming her power.

So when she has a chance to try out for the Apocalypsies roller derby team, she jumps on it. Being a derby girl would prove that she doesn’t need anybody’s pity. It doesn’t hurt that Michael, the team manager, is almost unnaturally hot. Which makes sense when Casey finds out that he’s not human.

Michael’s got a secret: he trains demon hunters. That crazy guy in the alley? Demon. And the fact that Casey went head to head with evil and lived makes her a threat to demonkind. Casey thought she’d already fought and won the battle of her lifetime. But it’s only beginning. . . .


Did I miss one? Let me know!


Vote on my Goodreads list: Jam: Roller Derby in Romance Novels 

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review 2013-12-25 00:00
Love and Skate (Love and Skate, #1)
Love and Skate (Love and Skate, #1) - Lila Felix I've been struggling with this from the first meeting of our main characters. I didn't feel the spark between them and nothing exciting happened and still hadn't at the 25% mark and I just couldn't find the will to continue reading it.

This book just wasn't for me.
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review 2013-11-18 00:00
False Start (Love and Skate, #5) - Lila ... False Start (Love and Skate, #5) - Lila Felix “I don’t pity you. But that’s fine. Run away.”
“I’m walking, not running,” I said, already making my way to the door.
“The only difference is speed,” I heard her whisper to the air, since she probably didn’t think I was listening.


Rex is closed off, seeking out the solitude in all things. He has a past that has kept him from being comfortable around others. But when he loses his father, his half-brother brings him to Louisiana and into the arms of a ready-made family. Hayes can't seem to find a guy she deems worthy of a second date. Tired of being alone she takes a chance and asks Rex out, only to make a fool of herself on the phone. Little did she know that phone call would be the start of something amazing between the two. Together they will find the hope in one another to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Goodness me. Lila, your men are something else. No matter the book, you give us such amazing male characters. Why are they not real? They need to be. Speaking of these guys, Rex is one of my favorites. I love that he is more broodier than the others. He has layers that are more complex than the others. He has a freaking beard…um, yummy! No I am not talking Duck Dynasty beard...but there is enough scruff to make you giddy. At least I was giddy. I love an author not afraid to give her MC a little facial hair. It seems to be lacking in a lot of the stuff I've been reading lately.

“I can’t stand for you not to look at me. Come on,” I said it all in a rush, climbing into the bed, “Just go ahead, get your eye full. I know you want to see the tats.”
She looked at me, her blush still in full force. “Give me the tour. Start with the first one.”


Oh did I forget tats? My bad. Yeah he has them.

But let’s not forget the ladies of the series. They are the heart and soul of the family. They are the true backbone that keeps everyone together and everything running smoothly. We just like to pretend it is Falcon. ;) But what a great addition to the series Hayes is. First of all...love the name. Secondly, the girl really knows how to put Rex in his place. She isn't afraid of hurting his feelings. And she is exactly what he needs to pull him from his funk and back to the land of the living. Let’s give her some credit…his own brother couldn’t do this great feat.

May he what? See my tattoo? Yes. Touch my leg? Hell, yes. Push my dress back up with his very big hands, Hell, yes, please.

See why I love this girl? She is snarky and fun and I couldn't get enough of her.

I thought I was doing great getting through 99% of the book without crying. Because let’s face it, Lila always makes me cry. What I wasn't planning on was that last 1% coming at me head on. I know I should have been better prepared. I mean Lila did spring this on me months ago. But even so, nothing can really prepare you for this. Nothing. Break out the tissues and settle in for one heck of a fabulous read.

I have said it before and I truly mean it...I find that with each of the books of the series, they just keep getting better and better. Yes, there is so much emotion and so much romance in each of them. But with this being the last, it was so bittersweet. But wait! There is some hinting (ok, flat-out telling us) that this is not the last we have heard of these characters. Lila has her work cut out for herself when she does decide to dive back in to this amazing world she created. Those Black kids are a handful! ;)
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review 2013-09-30 23:19
He Was A Boy, She Was A Girl ~ Love & Skate by Lila Felix Review
Love and Skate - Lila Felix

NA romance is like a packet of Allen's Lollies - sometimes, you'll get a handful of your faves, and sometimes you'll get one or two liquorice flavoured jelly babies which will ruin your day.


Well Love and Skate was definitely not a liquorice jelly baby! (unless you happen to love liquorice flavoured confectionary) Love and Skate is a NA romance with a punk twist, introducing two characters who you will grow to love, root for, and cry over during the course of this novel.


The first of them, being our main protagonist/roller derby gal, Nellie Forrester:


"Yes Mom, I know that I'll never find anybody who loves me with blue hair. That's why I dyed it pink."


Nellie's straightforward personality, wit and charm create a character who has depth and a brain where most female characters only have air and 'feelings'. She has the rare female character ability to see the difference between love and lust - and to only accept the former. With a strength built up from years of heartache and a lack of acceptance from her family, Nellie is ready to take on anything. 


Including Owen Black:


'I stood stunned. She had known me less than a week and had me all figured out. She pecked me on the lips and left me standing there in the parking lot, standing on the line that marked where her car was. But instead of feeling betrayed, I felt freed.'

Owen and Nellie are basically two peas in a pod. With his own skeletons in the closet, Owen has a hard time with trust - something that he admits he struggles to come to terms with on a daily basis. Yet, be ready to throw your fangirl pom-poms up and down, because this tattooed mountain of maleness is...


*drum roll*


That's right, ladies! He may have tats, but the guy has more chivalry packed into his frame than most clean-cut guy characters have at the end of a novel. 


Owen and Nellie's relationship spans across a little over 200 pages, and is allowed to grow, and to be explored by the reader in all its facets - good, bad, ugly. And downright adorable. 


So if you like novels about cute guys who meet feisty girls who happen to like playing at roller derbies, you'll definitely like Love and Skate


Although, be prepared to do this more than once:

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review 2013-09-10 00:00
Love and Skate (Love and Skate, #1)
Love and Skate (Love and Skate, #1) - Lila Felix 2 stars. It started out pretty well, and i love the idea of a roller derby playing heroine, but around the half way point I started to lose interest....there wasnt a whole hell of a lot of the derby stuff, and the whole story....it just felt like there was no point....and I don't even think there was a climax to the story....there was some drama sure....very low key drama, but no pivotal plot point. And it all felt very superficial, if that make sense. And, while it's technically new adult, IMO, it didn't feel like it and it didn't really feel like it lived up to the cover. Also the book ends sooner then you think, because there's a lot of promo stuff at the end :(So...meh. It was okay. I may read, a LF title again, but maybe not for a while.
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