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text 2019-06-26 05:38
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Little Moments of Love - Catana Chetwynd

So cute 

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text 2019-06-24 05:28
Express Your Love through Notes

Most of the times, when occasions are near you think about the gift that would be unique as well as memorable. You start searching just to see that beautiful smile on your closed ones’ face. It is the most difficult task that you have to complete. To avoid that stress, KindNotes provide unique ideas of gifts that you can gift on any of the occasions to your loved ones. Whether it is their birthday, anniversary, or on any of the special days, you can present a jar of notes as a unique & thoughtful gift!


Express your love to your mother, partner, siblings, or friends through the notes which are closed in the beautiful jars and you can choose your favorite that you think would be liked by the person you are going to give. These notes are generally tied up with the colorful ribbons and every jar depicts some theme. Due to which it becomes easy to choose which theme would be better to express your thoughts. Jar of Notes is the best cheer up gift because you can write anything on the notes. Whether you want to share some moments, some funny incidents, or any other related, the idea of gifting a unique gift would be most memorable.


You can express your love for your mother through these notes by writing about each year on the separate notes. Moreover, you can share your feelings with your partner by penning down the moments that are precious. You can choose the moon and back jar or made with love jar so that it would match with the feelings that you are sharing. Share some happiness with your friends by writing some funny memes or about the funniest moments that you have spent together.  It could be the best friendship gift if given on birthdays or on some special occasions. There is a bird and flowers enjoy every moment jar which would be the best gift to choose that depicts the moments where you are together.


No other idea would be better other than the notes to express your feeling whether you want to apologize, express your love, appreciate, or you want to show gratitude. Other gifts cannot with the notes that you have yourself written. There are 31 notes in the jar; if you want you can leave some of them blank so that the person to whom you are giving this jar will also express what he/she felt after receiving this gift.


Express your love through these notes and just write down what comes in your mind first when you think about that person. What would be the more unique and cheerful idea other than this? On the coming occasions, gift a jar of notes by choosing the themes from KindNotes.

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review 2019-06-23 18:59
Book Review for Ropes by Jack Davenport Burning Saints MC #3
Ropes (Burning Saints MC Book 3) Kindle Edition - Jack Davenport



Let's start off by saying this is a new author for us and we enjoyed our very first read by them.
Ropes and Devlin couldn't have been any more different yet perfect for one another.Ropes for the most part is mild mannered unless riled then he is deadly.Devlin on the other hand is funny,feisty,mouthy and a take no sh** kind of girl.This is my kind of girl ! lol
I have to say that I really loved the plot of the story as it was totally unexpected but, fun.One of the things we liked is that Ropes wasn't your typical biker type or so I thought.Ropes definitely  fits into the lifestyle and all that and is rough around the edges but, he was so much more.
We found to be fun,smart,sexy,deadly,protective and a man who knows what he wants a makes no bones about it.I also loved that he had asensitive side and was open about his insecurities and was open about them with his girl not something bikers usually do.All of these things just made us love him more."We loved seeing his softer side."
I loved how he came out to his president about his secret profession it was the funniest and most priceless moments ever. LOL 
Devlin we found to be sexy,smart,smart mouthed,had a temper,driven,protective,possessive and just a lot of fun as she had a feisty personality."We just loved her!"
Overall this story was a lot of fun as it had and unusual plot and storyline had enough drama and a touching romance to keep you turning the pages to the very end.The story was filled with a great cast of characters and the main characters we easy to love.I will also say that the story brought us tons of laughs along with giving us tons of smiles and that is always a plus in my book.
Favorite quotes of ours
Ropes secret thoughts of Devlin
"One thousand pieces. No corners, no edges, give up now."
This was a really fun read for me.I would recommend it to all.I am looking forward to reading the series and also the latest releases to come.
5 stars from us
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text 2019-06-23 17:16
Reading progress update: I've read 56 out of 250 pages.
Just for the love of it - Cathy O'Dowd

Oh, holy crap! They're up there on 10th May? I had no idea when I picked up this book. 

Ang Dorje and the Sherpas wanted to go for the summit. I felt good and strong, better than I had expected. I, too, wanted to go. I feared that every day spent waiting at this altitude would simply weaken me. Tomorrow the weather might change, the winds might rise again. Our chance would be gone.

However, both Bruce and Ian were feeling battered and tired by their passage through the storm, and favoured another 24 hours of rest. None of us knew what to make of the weather.

This was it. The decision. Stay back and miss the summit or press on and risk the weather. I listened to the circling conversation, edgy and impatient. I wanted to go and would climb just with the Sherpas if I had to. However, I was reluctant to go without the other two, after all we had been through together. Was it more important to keep the team together, with the risk that no one would reach the summit, or to split the group to grab a summit chance? I didn’t know.

The Sherpas agreed to wait one more day. For better or worse, the decision was made. The wind died in the late evening and the spectacular Himalayan star pattern began to peep through the cloud. At 11.30 p.m. we watched as the other teams left for the summit, one by one. As the tiny, gleaming head-torches slowly made their way off into the darkness in the early hours of 10 May, the unspoken question was whether we had made a terrible mistake. Rob Hall was on the way to his fifth ascent of Everest, a record for any Western climber. Scott Fischer was an experienced and immensely strong mountaineer. Both had decided the time was right.

At least it was our decision. It would be better to have done what we thought was safe and to have made a mistake, than simply to have followed people more experienced than we were, and then to have blamed them if things did not work out.

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text 2019-06-23 13:20
Reading progress update: I've read 25 out of 250 pages.
Just for the love of it - Cathy O'Dowd

O'Dowd's book is about the first South African expedition to Everest. This was organised in 1996 and the team of climbers originally contained 5 men, who were invited, and 1 woman, who had to audition. Susbequently, two women were added to the team:

Ian finally informed us one by one of his choice. All the while we were being filmed. By now I felt like a piece of putty that had been stretched out way too thin. He rambled on about how difficult the selection had been, and how sorry he was he could not take everyone. My heart sank. Then he invited me to join the team to Nepal. Initially I just felt overwhelming relief. Then the excitement welled up.

The other selection was Deshun. That came as something of a surprise on the face of it, but made sense on reflection. Jackie was simply incompatible with Ian. Anneli wanted Everest for the wrong reasons. Nandi’s heart was not in it. Cynthia, although determined and game, was physically tiny. Ian did not think she had the bodily strength. That left Deshun and me.

I had found Deshun quiet, friendly, efficient, determined. I thought we would get on well. Ian’s rationale for taking two women was that the woman on the team would be under intense media scrutiny. He wanted a back up. He felt that, in exchange for three months of free travel in Nepal, we could put up with some tensions of being still ‘on selection’.

We returned to South Africa and went our separate ways. I would only be needed back in Johannesburg at the end of February. There would be six long weeks of waiting. I was trying my best to finish my thesis before I left. However, the topic of ‘the selection and presentation of photographs of political violence in South African newspapers’ was difficult to get excited about when Everest was looming so large on my horizon.

Sitting in front of my computer in my Grahamstown flat, the whole Everest application experience seemed unreal. It was almost impossible for me to grasp the reality of it all. In a few weeks I would be on my way to the Himalaya, to the slopes of the highest mountain in the world. I was revelling in the anticipation of it all.

However, disturbing rumours were reaching me about the other members of the team. I heard through the grapevine of the climbing community that one of the others, Ed February, was commenting that they, the other members, would ‘throw the baggage off the mountain’. Deshun and I were the ‘baggage’.

They also ended up with a dodgy doctor, more interested in getting high (in any way but altitude) than her duties on the trip, and a questionable journalist to report back to the newspaper that sponsored the expedition.


If we thought that other expeditions were fraught with discord and ill-will, this one seemed to have exceeded it. 


For various reasons that became apparent very early on in this book, this will be the only one of O'Dowd'd books I'll ever read, but there is some interesting content in this. 

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