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review 2017-11-04 17:50
One Sentence Review – Sinking Stones in the Sky by Mike Purfield @MEPurfield
Sinking Stones in the Sky (Miki Radicci Book 8/Lorelei Cox Book 2) - M.E. Purfield


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WHOA, might think about calling the cops after reading about murder, a psychopath, child abuse, pedophiles, a porno ring…that started kind of slow and not so great in the beginning, but hang in there because these two feisty, strong girls will take you to a great ending.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Sinking Stones in the Sky by M E Purfield.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 3 Stars



In the 8th book of M.E. Purfield’s addictive noir fantasy series, two characters from two different novels come together to find a killer and break a chain of evil.


Miki Radicci, a teen psychic who can experience one’s pain and death, lives in Manhattan where she tries to drown her past sins and guilt.


Lorelei Cox (Party Girl Crashes the Rapture), a recovering addict, lives in Jersey City with her one true love and works as a waitress, far from the dark past that almost killed her.


When Lorelei is accused of killing a police officer, Miki spares no expense in helping her friend prove her innocence. The girls soon discover a child pornography operation from out of the past that is run by a demon that will bind them forever.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/one-sentence-review-sinking-stones-in-the-sky-by-mike-purfield-mepurfield
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review 2016-12-02 04:17
Review: Heart on the Devil's Sleeve
Heart on the Devil's Sleeve (Tenebrous Chronicles/Miki Radicci Book 7) - M.E. Purfield

We are back with Miki in book seven this is one where we get some answers about why her father and mother took her money and left. Though it may not be for the reason that Miki knows. We see how she will get close to the truth but receive heartbreak in return. There seems to be no in between for her. Grayson, man what can we say about him. This character is a hoot with everything that comes out of his mouth. He seems to always be able too bring a smile to Miki and his friends. 

I had questions in the previous book about why Miki hasn't heard from her grandpa, and they were answered.  It seems that her grandpa isn't all what we thought him to be. He has secrets and tricks that Miki is going to be in awe about. I had questions in this book as well but I am hoping that in book 8 there will be answers answered. I really have grown to love Miki and the secondary characters in this story. They are all so well written and the plot goes at an amazing pace. 

If you haven't started this series I say go and start it now. 

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review 2016-11-27 12:37
Review: A Girl Close To Death
A Girl Close to Death (Miki Radicci Book 6/Tenebrous Chronicles) - M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review.
Man Miki is at it again. This girl just can not catch a break when it comes to staying out of trouble.

She has left Elite and is back to just doing what she wants. She is trying to have a relationship with Parker, but I am not sure if her lifestyle will allow it.

It also seems that Miki but have a new power within her unless it is only just because she knew this person. It isn't too clear. It seems that Miki can see ghosts. So when she follows this ghosts to wherever she leads Miki it seems that it is trouble brewing. Miki gets caught in the middle of it as her powers make her feel what others go through. Though it seems that it is all catching up to Miki, I am not sure how much more deaths she can take.

She finds herself in a bad situation but the outcome is worth it to find out what happened to someone she called a friend. We see how she beats herself up for not being there when she believes she needed to be.

The group in the book previous will play a role in this book and it is not for the better though I am not sure who they think they are messing with Miki. She is one tough chick that can handle her own when need be. Miki will help the police solve two crimes but will it help her heart from hurting?

Now lets move on to Parker I felt bad for him at first because it was like him and Miki couldn't have a night to themselves only because Miki was losing track of time. I got that because hey when you see a ghost and some other paranormal things you got to follow them. When she decided to come clean to Parker and he acted like a totally douche I was rooting for Miki for I know it broke her heart.

Now I need to read the next book because um I am a bit concerned for her grandpa. It seems that something has happened but we are left with a cliffhanger with him and it was surprising that Miki wasn't as concerned as I expected her to be.

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review 2016-06-06 16:40
Review: Party Girl Crashes the Rapture
Party Girl Crashes the Rapture - M.E. Purfield

Man oh man where do I start with this book? I do have to admit I like this author's writing style and I have enjoyed his other work especially the Miki Raddic series so this was a bit different for me to read. I really was not connecting with the main character Lorelei at first I had the same thoughts as everyone else in the book she was the big sl**  of the school and the way she acted drove me crazy! Especially when she found someone special that really loved her no matter her past. Which we all know those guys are always so hard to find. When she did the big no-no to him I almost threw my kindle and started calling her names but I had to reel back and remember it is just a book and a character lol. 

As her story progress I started to understand where she was coming from and why she was the way she was. My heart broke for her and I wanted nothing but the best no matter what for her. I wanted her to move forward with her life and I was really interested to find out who the girl was in her vision. When it came together I was like WHAT! No way. That was pretty neat. 

Lorelei has been having seizures and visions but doesn't understand why, but slowly over time everything starts to come together especially with the help of Rick the good guy/boyfriend of hers. Everything wraps up for a good ending so you are not left wondering too much on what happens. Though I would like to find out if anyone got into trouble, will her and Rick stay together, heck will she even change fully and leave the drugs and partying scene alone. 

Just so you know this book is not for the teens unless you don't mine sex, drugs and language. Lorelei is not your average good girl she is bad and she knows it.  She isn't perfect far from it but we see the path she is going down and we can only hope that Rick can help her go down the right one. 

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review 2016-04-12 03:17
Review: Blood Like Cherry Ice (Miki Book 3)
Blood Like Cherry Ice: Miki Radicci Book 3 (Volume 3) - M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review. 

This is the third book in this series and I have to say I keep loving the character Miki. In the third book we are not dealing with her working with Elite like she was before this time she is working to find the person who hurt her friend. Miki became more of herself within this book better than in book two and I loved it.

She is back at home which her grandpa loves, Corey is still not living at the apartment. He is living in a hotel room which is fine with her she knows he may be back soon once everything dies down between Grandpa and him. As Corey, Rory and Miki are out one night Corey gets hurt. Miki doesn't believe it to be an accident as she knows she saw something before he got hurt. Miki makes it her mission to get to the bottom of it all even it means she finds herself in trouble and not there when she is needed most at the hospital. There is race talk within this story which really surprised me, though I understood why it was in the story if you are not prepared for it, it may shock you. Miki comes across some shady characters in this one though they soon learn not to mess with her, she isn't someone who you want to make mad.

With all that going on she is getting calls and texts messages from someone named Yippy. But who exactly is this person and how is he able to see and hear her every move? We don't find out in this book but we get a taste of who this person is. Maybe in book four we will learn more?

Overall good storyline, detail characters, and plenty of action I highly recommend this book for you to read. I think you would really enjoy reading about Miki, her powers and how she doesn't let anyone walk over her.


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