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review 2017-04-30 15:30
Review: Devour (Unbreakable Bonds #4) by Rinda Elliott and Jocelynn Drake
Devour - Jocelynn Drake,Rinda Elliott




Loved.Loved this book. Great last installment of this series.

Besides Snow and Jude, Ian and Hollis are my favorite couple.
Finally we get Ian's full story. It made me love him even more.











I really loved all the dynamics of these men. They are such an amazing family. I'll sure be reading this series again.

I'm glad we getting Snow & Jude's novella and also Ian & Hollis's cause AND a new spin-off series starting with Geofrey and Sven. I'm not ready to say goodbye to these men yet ...

Nine years ago, he’d been caught in a nightmare and rescued by a few men who’d seen something in him that he might never understand. They’d taken him away, given him a home, and helped him create a new life. A fantastic new life. Together, the four of them had made a family, and now there were four more.

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review 2017-04-30 14:20
Review: Olive Juice by T.J. Klune
Olive Juice - T.J. Klune


















I feel like my heart has been stomped on.


This was so beautifully written but what happend was unthinkable. I don't even wanna go there.

You breathe.

You ache.

You live.

You die inside, sometimes.

These little deaths. It’s how you know you’re still living. That hurt, that damnable pain in your chest that never really goes away, is meant to burn to show you that you’re human. After all, you have these little deaths because you live.

You ache, but you’re able to breathe. And if you can breathe, then you can take another step. You can push yourself up and you can take another step.

Please when you feel strong enough to read this, be sure NOT to read any spoilers. I will really ruin the experience.

Thanks Marco and CinnaMMon for the BR.

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review 2017-04-21 22:39
Review: Enemy of my Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer
Enemy of My Enemy - Tal Bauer





* 5 AMAZEBALL stars*




Can't possible say how amazing this series is. It's enthralling and shocking at the same time. Never was I bored. Loved Ethan and Jack, the other couples too. They broke my heart multiple times.

I just coudn't read this in one sitting!! So much happened and it left me breathless everytime.
So I needed to take hold of my breath many times.



I want to continue immediately with the last installement but I may need some sleep first.

Ethan & Jake

I will tear through the whole world to get to your side. Always


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review 2017-04-17 22:14
Review: Knickers in a Twist by Ofelia Gränd
Knickers in a Twist - Ofelia Gränd


Who says men in lace aren't sexy? Not me!!!



This was sweet. I loved how Alex always made sure Peter felt good about himself.

"I like pretty things just as much as anyone else, and I want to call my man ‘baby’ or ‘honey’ or ‘sweetie’, and I bought that pink package for me. I bought what’s in it, for me. For you to wear, while you fuck me.”

This story is a free story from Goodreads M/M Romance Group (MM Romance Group - Love's Landscapes, 2014)



Picture and prompt

A man is standing with his back to the camera. He is shielding his face with his arm, displaying muscles and strength, but hiding. He is wearing a black garter belt in lace with matching stockings, gloves and a harness in black leather, and nothing else. He is a beautiful contrast of strength and delicacy.



Dear Author,

Dear Author,

So I’m a man and I like to wear lace. Sometimes I like to wear leather and lace. Is that such a crime? I don’t want to be dominated, I don’t want to submit, I just want a partner who will look at me and think I’m hotter than the sun. I just want a man who won’t see me as weak because of what I wear under my clothes. But it’s hard enough to find a partner as a gay man; how am I ever going to find one who will enjoy my kink as much as I do? God, I’m so tired of hiding who I am.

Please, no BDSM. The rest is up to you.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: lingerie salesman, teacher, underwear fetish, sports, sex in public, Sweden, disability
Word Count: 14,666

(spoiler show)
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review 2017-04-17 13:53
Review: Single Malt (Agents Irish and Whiskey #1) by Layla Reyne
Single Malt - Layla Reyne


Loved Irish (Aiden) & Whiskey (Jamie).



“I need...”

“What do you need?” Walker angled his face in, more than a mere brush, noses nudging each other, mouths inches apart.

“I need to feel alive again.”

“Then kiss me, Talley,” he whispered..

This book is low on steam but high on cyber talk. It took me some time to get used to. But I'm looking forward in reading about Aiden & Jamie's relationship. Aiden is having a hard time letting his husband go.

“No promises, Whiskey. We have fun, we enjoy each other, we keep it casual and quiet.
Can you do that?”

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