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review 2016-06-23 14:50
Darkest Embrace (The Lanistter Chronicles #1) by Robyn M. Pierce
Darkest Embrace - Robyn M. Pierce
I'm being generous by giving this 4 stars, if there were half stars then it would be 3.5. Although this is a good story and entertaining, there are large chunks of it that aren't explained all that well and the timeline itself is quite confusing. One minute can be written about is great detail and then the next moment a few weeks/months have passed with something happening in the middle but it's glossed over.

It is interesting to see how things develop between the brothers and Elyssa as the story progresses but some things are not revealed apart from the fact that Elyssa is the girl from the prophecy and will effect them all. The brothers are all interesting in their own way but it took a while to warm up to Zeke, simply because he is such a nasty character! Dysfunctional at its best!

A good story, definitely 18+ due to the sexual and violent aspects of the book. Would like to read book 2 though to continue with the story!
* Verified Purchase on Amazon - October 2012 *
Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2016/06/review-by-merissa-darkest-embrace.html
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review 2014-10-31 00:00
Last Light
Last Light - M. Pierce This book consumed me for two days. Last Light was all I could think about. I obsessed over it. I felt bad for these characters. The scenes were intense, sexy, raw, and sick. This book left me like…what? Again, I have no idea how to rate this. How to explain what I think about it to you. I am so torn on this story.

This book is something of a head trip. Last Light carries us into Matt’s disappearance. Matt’s utter despair and loneliness. Hannah’s grief and humiliation. Matt fakes his death. The details are a bit vague on how he dies but all the details after are carefuly planned. Only Hannah is in on it. She alone carries the weight of the truth into her life. Then a book shows up on the internet that lays out the intimate details of Hannah and Matt’s world-wind obsession with each other. Hannah is at the funeral, dealing with his grieving family, putting on a face for his devastated publisher, and then dashing off to see Matt as he hides out in a cabin in the woods. Matt is no less crazy than before and Hannah is still completely wrapped up in his game.

I wanted to hate Matt for doing all of it to Hannah. The book when it comes out divulges the steamy sex in great details between Matt and Hannah. What kind of person writes a book like that about someone without getting consent first? He used her real name people! It is one thing to be open about your sex life, it is quite another to tell the world that your girlfriend enjoys being called “my little slut!” The humiliation she must of felt at the funeral. They all knew it was Matt’s book and they all knew it was probably true. How embarrassing?

Matt’s brothers, Nate and Seth, play key roles in this story. Hannah and the brothers have a bit of drama. Matt finds a friend in the girl who agree to make his last book an internet sensation. There is still a lot of lying, and again I felt so bad for Hannah. She hides him, she lies for him. She has it so bad for him. The sex laid out in this book is just as steamy as the first story, Night Owl. Matt’s mouth is just as dirty and they even have some fantasy role play in this book. Just like in the first book, the sex is not the whole story. The obsession with each other is. Hannah and Matt do things to and for each other. They are both a bit mental.

My rating of this story is due to my addiction to their story and its readability. The writing is no less brilliant than the first book. I can’t deny that this book made me feel, and it made me worry. It made me forget about everything else going on in my life. It takes so much guts to write a story with characters like this. Hannah and her stupid girlfriend role. Matt and his crazy narcissism. Do I root for them? Do I just hope they don’t procreate? What the absolute fuck? I admit to being that stupid girl at some point in my life. The one who was so wrapped up, I couldn’t see how bad the guy was for me. I have been with guys like Matt that blow things out of proportion and threaten crazy on me. I don’t know how it could ever be a happily ever after with these two. I can’t see the author making this end that way. How can this series end in the next book without these characters ending up dead in each others arms or running from the law?

I think most readers of this trilogy will find it just as hard to put down. Although, at times for me it felt like watching an accident scene unfold. I just couldn’t look away. I have to find out how this series ends. The final book is available for preorder now, but won’t be out until around March 2015.

Please M., bring us closure with the final book.
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review 2014-10-30 00:00
Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy)
Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy) - M. Pierce I loved and hated this book. No, not the book. I loved and hated the characters in Night Owl. I just finished the epilogue of Night Owl. I wanted to write this while my views are fresh. I read all the rave reviews of this book and thought, “I have to read this!” It was not what I expected. The writing is brilliant. The characters dark and scary real. This book didn’t give me any reprieve, it just went there. Deep into madness and crazy love. I am so torn on how to review this. But let me try…

Night Owl is a book about a love affair. Hannah meets Matt on a collaborative writing website. Matt is a bit of an ass. No, he is a big ass. But she agrees to work with him anyways. His writing is brilliant. They start off completely anonymous, but then identities are accidentally revealed. They begin to let slip little details about each other in online chats. Between the writing there is this curiosity about each other. Hannah is giving him all of her info, and Matt begins to seek her out. Hannah is just getting out a relationship and starting over. She has nothing to lose.

Matt, on the other hand, is a man who lives with so many secrets. He has everything to lose, so he lies. The big one has to do with his writing. He lies about his true identity to her. He lies to Hannah about having a girlfriend. The cheating element was a bit of an issue for me. I could over look that because it happened almost against his will. Once you meet this character, you begin to understand. The mental illness that Matt suffers from, is something to be pitied. He is narcissistic, and very fragile at the same time. He never says goodbye on the phone, he just hangs up. He stalks her a bit, she doesn’t seem to mind. He tries to buy everything for her, no red flag is raised. He has hot and cold emotions and Hannah just blows it off. So much like a woman, Hannah is just happy to have him. When Hannah finally does put her foot down, Matt has a break down and shit gets real.

The complexity of this book is not easy to break down. First, the writing is brilliant. I could easily see this story. It is descriptive but not annoyingly so. The sex scenes in this book were incredible. Very hot sex, and deliciously written. The dirty talk is something I enjoy in a character, and Matt drives it home with his filthy, fictional mouth. Even with the amazing sex, this book is not all about sex. I don’t even think I could classify this as smut. The relationship isn’t what I would classify as normal. It is more like an addition for each other. How far would you go for your knight in shining armor? This is how far Hannah went for hers. At times, I felt he was deserving. Other times, I wanted to smack some sense into Hannah.

So I am torn on my review of Night Owl. I read this book incredibly fast. Like, late into the night, sneaking pages in at work. I love and hate the character of Matt. He is just like a man every man I have ever met. Because I love a**holes I love the character of Matt for pulling my heart strings. I know I shouldn’t even admit it, but I know how Hannah felt. When she saw her knight broken on the floor, lying in the hospital, crying because he was overcome with it. I know because women are so capable of love and look beyond every bad deed to see the man that he could be.

I love that the author of this book is also so secretive. Is M. Pierce a man or a woman. It is edgy and dangerous to write about a man like Matt. Is he sexist? Crazy? Maybe. He might turn a lot of readers off. By looking at the reviews of this book, Matt had the opposite effect. Is this book inspired by real life? I am completely absorbed in this story. It ended so…. suddenly. M. Pierce, where are we going with this? Luckily, I have [b:Last Light|2167112|Last Light (Last Light, #1)|Alex Scarrow|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328995482s/2167112.jpg|2172641], the next book in this trilogy, just waiting for me on my kindle. That review is coming soon…
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review 2014-07-17 20:20
Great Read!!
Failing Test - J.M. Pierce

Every loner teen-age guy dreams of having super-powers, and being a hero. They daydream about that pretty girl who doesn't seem to ever take notice of them. They have one friend who's been there since Kindergarten. They hate their home life, and can't wait to turn 18 so they can get out on their own. They have a car that's an extension of themselves, that they love til the end, even if others spit at it. Sound familiar? Well, that's Test's life in a nutshell. Til now...

What do you do, when you suddenly have super-natural powers that seem pretty limitless? Apparently, in Test's world, you just try to fly under the radar and not cause trouble...after impressing the girl of your dreams, and your best friend, of course.

After some unfortunate accidents occur from his new powers, Test is thrown into a world of running, survival, and searching for answers. With the help of friends, both old and new, he sets out to figure out the secret behind his past, and try to figure out a future that doesn't include being a lab rat, or prison.

With good writing that flows well, this fast paced story keeps you on your toes until the last page, and leaves you wanting more. It is a story I think any guy can relate to, and any girl will enjoy. I'd recommend it to any YA fan.

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review 2014-06-24 00:00
Night Owl
Night Owl - M. Pierce WTF? This freaking book ate my brain, chewed it up and spit it out. No joke. It’s 9:55am on a Tuesday I finished at 1:00am this morning. I immediately messaged JJ and I kinda freaked out on her over this book. Because, this is the kind of book that I wanted to talk about immediately, with someone that had read it too. I think she(JJ) was kind of laughing at me.

This book has been on my radar since it came out in November and it has been on my TBR list since then. I knew it was different and I was very intrigued by the different reactions to it. Some loved it, some hated it. I stopped reading reviews because, I did not want those reviews to influence my feelings towards it as I read. I did know (as does everyone) that cheating takes place. I took that into account and dove in some time on Sunday night I think and I read it every chance I got.

This book is different. In many ways I like and some I’m not sure about. The parts I’m not sure about are a personal preferences- nothing more. ;) Matthew- well, he is one hell of a character. The blurb says he has a perfect life…blah, blah, blah and I felt like nothing could be farther from the truth! He seemed to struggle to move through a day without making lists or even eating a normal, nourishing meal. But good Lord, the man had one hell of a mouth on him when it came to Hannah.

Hannah and Matt had ridiculous chemistry that was immediate and even though I kinda wanted to smack Matt a few times I really liked him. He was so edgy and yet there was a tenderness to him that I really wanted to see more of. I suspect though, that “tenderness” isn’t one of his dominant traits. Dominance is though. Holy moly, is he ever dominant! I think I found Matt ridiculously attractive and I felt like he needed a hug at the same time. Hannah recognized her need to comfort him, too.

For the rest of my review: Straight Shootin' Book Reviews
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