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url 2019-06-14 12:19
Magento Commerce Platform | Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce platforms are the enterprise-level features for the B2B and B2C e-commerce business for developing seamless and intelligent stores. In traditional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) commerce solutions, merchants' ability to rapidly innovate is limited by the often rigid nature of some multitenant ecommerce solutions. Whereas Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition offers simplified integration with current systems and enhanced merchant ability to provide differentiated customer experiences and rapid technology changes. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition outlines the post-SaaS commerce platform era. It offers all the benefits of modern cloud computing including elastic scalability, high resilience and availability, PCI compliance, global availability, and automated patching. At the core, of this enterprise cloud edition lies an innovative PaaS that allows merchants and their system integration partners to adopt continuous delivery practices by reducing the deployment and management costs compared to multitenant SaaS commerce solutions. Digital Horizons is a preferred partner, for providing comprehensive Magento Commerce Platform setup services for growing businesses.

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url 2019-06-12 12:32
Magento Analytics | Magento Store Ecommerce Analytics Solutions

Gain from Digital Horizons' performance based Magento e-commerce Analytics software, which allows valuable insights into customer behavior data & reports.

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text 2019-06-06 10:01
Do's & Don'ts of Starting an E-commerce Business

Too many people have great ideas. But not all great ideas turn into successful businesses. Or even get off the ground. One of the most common business ideas that people have these days is starting an e-commerce business. It can go both ways depending on how well you plan and execute the idea.


But there is no sure shot formula that works. There are, of course, things that you should and shouldn’t do if you want a successful business.



Let's explore both:




  • Have a Business Plan


This is the most basic thing to do. You have to have a plan of how you are going to run your business and how you are going to take it forward. It is important to know the efforts and investment your business requires. A proper business plan works as a map to guide you through each obstacle. It also works like a planner to help you carry out your tasks one after the other. Preparing a business model first will give you an overview of how your operations should look like.


  • Audience Research


For any business to function, you have to understand the market and to be specific, your targeted audience. This determines how you market your products as well. If you are selling something that targets young adults, you want to use the means and the language that they speak in. but if you are selling something to the old generation, you have to change your medium. Older people are more likely to come across ads on the TV or in the newspaper, as opposed to the internet.


So, understanding your audience should be your priority.


  • Fulfilling Commitments on Time


You must take care to not commit prematurely to a launch date if you are not sure about how much time it will take. Your audience should in no case, be disappointed. The thing that is most likely to delay you is the development. You have to make sure to choose the right platform for your e-commerce store. Out of the many platforms that are available, Magento is your best option because it is mobile friendly, customizable and has plenty of other great features. To make sure that your development process goes smoothly, hire a Magento 2 development company and let them handle it. A smooth, error-free development process can help you come through on your commitments.




  • Unrealistic Aspirations and Expectations


Like any other business, your e-commerce business also has to struggle to get anything close to a profit. You have to pace yourself when it comes to expecting success. In a competitive market, you have to work hard and have patience when it comes to thriving. You have to make sure you put in all the work and deliver a quality shopping experience to make it to the break even.


  • Copy Blindly from your Competitors


There is no fixed pattern that you can follow to take your business to the top level. There are of course certain practices which help in getting success but no sure fire way to get it all. However, this does not mean you copy from your competitors. Everyone conducts business differently. So what you might see at the surface of another business is not all the information that you can simply imitate. You have to work with the resources you have to get the best value for your money.  That gives you a long-term guarantee of achieving long-term benefits rather than quick, fluctuating bouts of successful periods.


  • Try to do Everything Yourself


Having the courage to start-up is half the battle. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other things to do. As a founder, a lot of responsibility falls on you. You have to learn to delegate your tasks to others who can help you. The first step for this is, hiring Magento 2 developers, to build a great website for you. The best Magento 2 development companies will have Magento 2 developers that are Magento certified. You can definitely trust them to give you top-level service.  Delegating tasks for other parts of setting up too. You have to hire someone to manage your finances, marketing, etc.


This is not a definitive guide but these are some definitive pointers that you can look at so that you don’t get overwhelmed in the magnanimity of starting your business. It isn’t easy for sure, but if you take careful, well-planned steps then it should help lessen your worries slightly.

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text 2019-06-04 07:25
Why Use Magento 2.0 For A Modern-age eCommerce Store?

This article takes an effort to explain the outstanding capabilities brought by Magento’s latest 2.0 version and how it can help in developing an eCommerce site as per the current standards of the online industry.


When it’s about developing an eCommerce site, you have plenty of options.  However, if you are looking for a platform that is not just reliable and easy-to-use, but also gives scope for customisations to a great extent. And without a doubt, Magento reigns out of the lot. It’s not just a powerful, secure, scalable but an all-around performer in bringing an eCommerce idea into a reality. Compared to any other platforms, Magento development has more potentiality because of its extensive developer tools, inherent features, extensions and over-the-top store architect. If you go deep into the trending statistics of the eCommerce sector, you could easily know about the significant share of Magento among other platforms after the successful releases of Magento 2.x versions.



Here are the reasons behind such widespread acceptance of eCommerce development with Magento 2.0 by businesses.


Interactive and intuitive themes

Well, that’s true. There are lots better in themes in Magento 2.0, that will help the businesses to get ahead with a store that rightly fits with their business ideas and products niche. Who does not love beautiful looking websites? We all do and the buyers coming to your site do too. So, at the very first stance, try making your site gorgeous to look at with excellent colour combination, design variety and receptive images so that most eyes get stuck at it.  


Out-of-the-box performances

Buyers are simply not going to buy anything if they have to wait longer for products to load and to move to other pages. Magento 2.0 well takes care of the speed aspect of your site, making it load at least 30-50% faster than other sites. The query performance speeds up quite much with it helping shoppers to have smoothest browsing experience.


Provides a Checkout method that people love  

Magento 2.0 comes with a very much updated check-out process. While the idea is to make it easier for every buyer to add products, finalise an order and make payments, the best thing is that the retailers can customise their checkout. They can choose to include only fewer steps, activate guest checkout option and many other options for increasing the conversions.


Enhanced analytics and reporting

Yes, Magento 2 gives retailers the impeccable tools for website performance analysis like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These inherent tools allow the store owners to know from time to time how their store is performing.


Helps to build a store with multi-language and multi-currency support

Magento 2.0 helps to develop a site that any customer accustomed to any language and belonging to any region of the world can understand the site and place orders. Magento 2.0’s support for multiple currencies helps retailers to sell in any part of the world by considering the tax regulations and other monetary standards.


Admin interface that’s simplest to use

Lastly, Magento 2.0 gives eCommerce merchants the comfort and flexibility to run and administer their store. Its new admin interface quite updated than that of version 1.0 with options of customising the business panel. They can customise dashboards in a way that will help easily manage orders, customer data, customer queries and products stocks.



The world today cannot be imagined without eCommerce. With millions of online store trailing, you need to be different and standalone. And Magento 2.0 is the key to it! With lots of major improvements and out-of-the-box functionalities, it is definitely going to make your site most captivating and easiest to manage.

Johan Smith is a highly experienced Magento developer in Sydney, at GetAProgrammer, a renowned web development company offering top-notch Magento development services to small and big retail businesses around the world.   Want to build a site with Magento or upgrade an old site to Magento 2.0? GetAProgrammer’s Magento developers team can help you!

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url 2019-05-31 13:04
magento Customers Email List - Email Gata Group

As marketer for Magento software, it will be an added advantage if you accurate and updated Magento Customers email List by your side. You can collaborate with us at Email Data Group, and invest in our email lists and we make sure you get the most accurate, up-to-date database for marketers. Our dedicated team of researchers is specialized just to give you opted-in Magento Customers Email Addresses.


For More Information reach us at:

Website: https://www.emaildatagroup.net/

Call Us: (800) 710-4895

Email Us: info@emaildatagroup.net

Source: www.emaildatagroup.net/magento
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