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text 2018-08-28 14:01
How to Fix MagicJack Common Issues?

MagicJack is the best substitute for your landline telephone. It helps you save hundreds of dollars by making calls over the internet using your computer and telephone. Based on popular technology ‘VOIP’, it uses low bandwidth for making calls. Thus, it passes benefits to the users, they have to pay low monthly or annual charges to avail its services.



The experts at MagicJack Customer Support finds this device’s performance satisfactory, but there are also various flaws in the device and its service. These issues can hinder you from using this device to the best of its ability. So, fixing them at the earliest could be prudent. Let’s have a look at some of its common issues and its solutions.


Subscription Issues

MagicJack allows the users to make long and short distance calls at low monthly or annual packages. But the problems occur when the company charges your debit/credit card before the time. However, your money will be refunded if you decide not to use its services further. In case of delay in the refunding process, you can contact MagicJack Customer Support and take a clear information about it.


Connection Errors

Although this device is extremely easy to use, there are connection issues such as unable to make calls or the device has disconnected when your computer went into sleep mode. To overcome this situation, use a dedicated computer that remains powered on while connected to a USB device. 


 Also, placing MagicJack calls needs a high-speed internet connection. So, if you have lower bandwidth internet packages, you might experience low-quality calls. Upgrade your internet connection to a faster internet service or cut down internet usages while using the VOIP device for making a call. 


Security Issues

The MagicJack device works on VOIP technology that uses the pre-existing internet connection to make or receive calls. However, VOIP technology is a bit insecure, there may be the risk of phone tapping and leakage of sensitive information. To eliminate this risk, use firewall or robust internet security software to protect the VOIP connection from hackers.


Contact Experts For Better Assistance

Having various issues with your VOIP device? No worries now! Call on MagicJack Customer Service Number USA +1844-900-7666 and get all your issues resolved right away. The experts are 24/7 active in order to provide you with marvelous support services in the time of need. Feel free to call now!

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text 2018-07-26 16:45
How Can You Change MagicJack Phone Number Easily?

MagicJack is a piece of equipment that plugs into the USB port of a computer and let you make short and long distance calls for free. It is based on a popular technology called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) that operates using computer power and high-speed internet connection. However, the MagicJack device needs to be connected to your telephone number and must be linked to the new phone number in case you change the number.


It allows the users to change their numbers multiple times by paying a little amount. But the charges may increase after the first time change.


Here, MagicJack Support USA has represented the simple tips to accomplish this task easily. Have a look at these steps described below.

  • Open your preferred browser and navigate to the MagicJack account management page. Access your account using your email Id and password.
  • Click on “Forget password” link below the login button, if you forget your account password. It will send the code on your registered phone number. Follow the on-screen instruction to get know your previous password.
  • If you frequently forget your password then click on the option “Remind me by email” to retrieve it.
  • Locate the option “Add phone number” and click. Select your current number from the drop-down menu that you get, after clicking on “Add phone number” option.
  • Choose your current location that you want to identify with your new telephone number. Doing so, it will show you the area codes and prefix for that state. Select your area code from the given list.
  • Check out the summary page, you are still able to go back and change the information you have filled till this point. If all information is correct, click on the option “Checkout”.
  • Now, enter your payment details to pay the asked amount. You have successfully changed your number, log out your account now.


Contact Experts If You Still Have An Issue


Following these steps are rather simple, but the possibilities of the issues can’t be ignored. You might face various difficulties while following these steps. So, it will be prudent to get this task done under the observation of professionals. Make use of the toll-free MagicJack Customer Care Number USA (+18449007666) to call the experts for instant help. The highly-skilled and experienced support team are on hand 24/7 to resolve any issues or errors you encounter with your MagicJack device. Feel free to call now!

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review 2014-07-24 00:00
Jack's Magic Beans
Jack's Magic Beans - Brian Keene This is a short book with 100 pages were we are presented with a novella a four short stories. For the price I think it deserves more but...

Brian Keene, for those who follow my reviews is one of my favourite horror writers. Him, Clive Barker and Bentley Little are at the core.

What I enjoy of Brian Keene is that he got himself a mythos called Labyrinth. And in my opinion it rules. With each book, or story he gives us something to add to his mythos.

Another thing I enjoy reading is his footnotes about where this short stories or novel comes from. I think it adds something other writers should also give us. I mean, a book is a book and if it was done right it doesn't need any footnotes or information about how it came to be but sometimes it can connects us to the author.

First story - Jack Magic Beens - Its the end of the world but instead of zombies we've got... crazy people (it has the same theme as David Moody trilogy Hate). Of course not everyone went berserk or the story would have ended there. Some people stay "normal" because of their medicine. That's the twist that makes Keene one heck of a writer. The story itself was good but I thought it had some weak ending. It was rushed. The story deserved more pages in my opinion. Or at least I wanted to know more of why or whom this happened. There is connections to other stories. At least one connection was at the third chapter when they say " They could have used a crop-duster or something. Like what happened in that little town in Pensylvania a few years ago. That chemical got released from a hot air balloon and made the rain purple, and then everybody die? Supposedly they went insane before they were killed." Maybe there were more but..

The second story "Without You" I didn't enjoy. It was predictable and a bit weak. Nothing stand out.

"I am exit" and "This is Not an exit" are excellent two part stories about the a killer. Truly unique and it gave much information about the Labyrinth and the information people have of it. Very interesting. I really hope to read the novel, Keene will be writing about him.

"The King', in: Yellow" is a great story for those people who have read "The King in Yellow" by Rpbert W Chambers. ( I have read it sometime ago). This story is a tribute but a tribute that stands on its own. It gives information Chambers never did. It gives Keene intepretation of play.

All in all, it's a great collection of stories. My only concern was the price vs pages in it. Sorry - I know this sounds bad - after purchasing 3000 books things change. I have a family and now my purchase of books are very limited. I must think everything before I buy. Nowadays I wouldn't have bought a 7,50€ book for 100 pages. Sorry. I have almost Brian Keene books but things change unfortunately...
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review 2014-05-10 17:59
Jack's Magic Beans by Brian Keene

This is the second of Mr Keene's stories I have read.  An end of the world tale with a twist I had not expected.  This tale is dark, bloody and intense.  From the ver yopening you have a shock and they keep coming.  Well worth the read.

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review 2011-10-01 00:00
Jack's Magic Beans
Jack's Magic Beans - Brian Keene Jack's Magic Beans - Brian Keene A small collection of early stories by post-splatter horror author Brian Keene, some of them having gone through later re-writes. These are pretty good short little screams....

Jack Magic Beans: Fits nicely into a common Keene theme; The end of the world through chaos, murder and gore. There's a nice twist though in which the survivors are immune due to...sorry, no spoilers. But it is a tight scary story with one problem. It stops abruptly, reading like the first chapter of a longer story. Still worth reading, four stars.

Without You: Short disturbing story with a twist I can't get out of my head. Makes you wonder about those things you promised your sweetheart in your early days. A graduate class on how to write short fiction. Five Stars.

I am an Exit and This is not an exit: Two related stories about serial killing. Not my favorite Keene but still scary. Feels like a preview of a longer novel idea and, inferred from the author's after word, probably is. Three Stars each.

'The King", In: YELLOW: My favorite of the five tales. Absolutely freaking genius. This is a loving tribute to Robert W. Chambers' masterpiece, The King in Yellow. BTW, I agree with what Keene said in the afterword. If you haven't read Chambers'The King in Yellow, you must. But you can enjoy this fine tribute without reading the original inspiration.

So there you go. A solid four stars in total for this nice but too short collection.

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