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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-03-01 07:53
MagnoVille...Just Shy of Being Awesome
Magno Girl - Joe Canzano


What I Thought:


The book was about a female superhero...but the book was not from the superhero's POV but the guy dating her!


Some of the jokes and situations were too funny and silly -- I loved them! -- but the jokes did get tiring at the end


All kinds of discrimination were made fun of and I liked how the author made us see the silliness when it comes to advertising, pregnancy etc. but the MCs continuously joked about the short stature of one of the villains.


The character of the teenage girl who became increasingly vapid was fun to read about but her curse was made into such a big deal and then it was solved just like that!


I enjoyed every conversation that Magno Girl had with her mother. They were all laugh out loud funny! It also made sense that Sandra would use the issues that Magno Girl had as a curse.


Legalman was my favorite character -- he would find a reason to sue you even if it killed him you!


I do not know what it was but I kept wanting to put the book away and could not gobble it in one go. I kept wanting to enjoy it and get hooked but that didn't happen. That is why, I am rating it 2.5 rather than 3 stars. However, if you want to try something unusual and funny, Magno Girl is a good idea!


#MagnoGirlWillAweYou #SuperheroesAndTheirTightPants #SuperheroesAndAdvertising #LegalmanWasTooGood

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review 2015-11-08 18:36
Magno Girl - Joe Canzano

So, I won this in a Booklikes giveaway a while ago.   I didn't mean to take this long reading this book, especially after I got sucked in.  I just went on a Humble Bundle comics kick, and got sucked into that.   Sometimes I just work better with particular formats of book, and I wanted PDF comics at that point in time. 


So, the author didn't require a review, much less a positive one for this book. 


So, let's get the issue I had out of the way first.    While the book was all about outrageous humor, I was bothered by the racial aspect of this, most notably the use of Asian characters and cultural ideas that were skewed so badly I couldn't help but laugh at them. (And then felt a little guilty about it, to be honest.)   It was a little harder in retrospect, after I had finished the book: the skewering of the white people gets resolved, and there's far less of a connection with the non-white characters. 


Which, to be honest, is pretty common in books.   The white characters get more time, get more fleshed out, and often times get redeemed in way that other characters don't.   Just because I've come to expect this in a lot of books, it doesn't make it any less disheartening. 


It is, in fact, especially disheartening in a book that is as genuinely funny and well written as the book is.   Canzano paces this well, has a lot of really good characters who feel real, and whom I like.   Magno girl holds onto her own morals despite a lot of pressure to be someone she isn't and to do things she doesn't want to do, usually for money. 


Ron can be a little pushy, and I didn't particularly like that about him, but overall, he was a good guy, and I liked him, too.   (Which was good since this was told from his point of view.)


The children Magno girl tutored all seemed to have their heads on straight despite their pretty awful childhoods, and the only regret is that I'd like to have seen more of them. 


A quick, easy read that is funny, and had all the action I've come to expect from a superhero novel.   Although I do have to warn that this is not kid-friendly: sex, swears, and drugs do abound.  

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text 2015-11-08 14:04
Reading progress update: I've read 116 out of 309 pages.
Magno Girl - Joe Canzano

So, reading related, I'm having trouble reading anything that's a DTB right now. 


I'm trying, though.  I'm hoping to finish this, and the Doctor Who book from Blogging for Books today. 

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text 2015-10-30 23:23
Reading progress update: I've read 26 out of 309 pages.
Magno Girl - Joe Canzano

I'm really into this so far, but my eyes are aching.   I'll pick this up tomorrow after work. 

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text 2015-10-30 20:58
This came in the mail today!
Magno Girl - Joe Canzano

Thank you to the author for running this giveaway. 


I'm going to finish up a book or two that are due to the library, then start on this.   (And manage to squash in some Readercon reading, too.  Somehow.   I may have to create a longer day.)

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