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text 2019-10-17 13:03
Importance of Company Registration in Malaysia

The incorporation of the company in Malaysia is cheaper compared to Malaysia in terms of labor, office rental, etc.
It offers tax allocation and incentives for the production sector.
It is more beneficial for tourism and the hotel industry, as it is one of the most visited tourist sites.

What are the types of commercial entities in Malaysia?

The limited liability company, also known as Sendirian Berhad preferred especially by foreign entrepreneurs. It offers entrepreneurs to transact with Malaysian customers and hire an employee on the mainland.

Free Zone is preferred for production and export units. The government offers various tax benefits.



The international trading company is also known as the Labuan company, preferred especially by entrepreneurs who deal with overseas customers. The government offers such a tax-exempt vehicle for such a company.


Bumiputera Company is a company in which at least 30% of the shares are owned by a resident of Malaysia or Bumiputera corporations. If they have met this requirement then the company is eligible for special grants and discounts.


The limited liability partnership may be incorporated with at least 2 partners, and such partners may also be foreigners. There is no minimum contribution required and will be governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Law of 2012. It is more beneficial for foreign entrepreneurs trying to work on a specific project in partnership with a Malaysian company.

The branch / representative is an option available to the foreign parent company to open a branch in Malaysia. Requires the appointment of 2 resident representatives from Malaysia.


What will be the procedure for setting up the company in Malaysia?
Request for reservation of the name at the Malaysian company commission
Preparation of the company's memorandum and articles of incorporation.
Preparation of various documents such as the letter of consent of the directors and the letter of appointment.

Once all the incorporation documents are ready, the same must be signed by the directors and notified.

All the documents of incorporation are submitted to the SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) and then if the documents are appropriate than the SSM will issue a certificate of incorporation. Opening a corporate bank account in Malaysia.

With the opening of the bank account, the registration of the company is obliged to deposit the proposed capital, as prescribed in the MOA actions by the shareholders.
What are the advantages of company registration in Malaysia?

Great opportunities for foreign investors to launch their subsidiary in Malaysia, as the government offers various incentives and opportunities
It is one of the ideal locations for the regional headquarters, as it is located in the center of Southeast Asia

Best for financial and investment services because it can market and market their financial products for both corporate and retail clients
It is one of the ideal places for setting up a production and distribution company, because the availability of the raw material and the skilled labor is cheap compared to other countries.

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url 2019-05-15 06:46
Company Formation in Malaysia

Malaysia has become one of the 10 most important companies in the world for its stable economic growth and welcomes the investments of business owners from around the world. Malaysia is also a strategic country with greater internal stability and better ways of life. As investment opportunities increase in this country, the demand for the establishment of Malaysian companies increases.


we understand the challenges you will face when you start a business in Malaysia. We have experience in the creation of tests and difficulties for newly created companies. malaysia foreign company registration formation We know how exhausting, boring and chaotic it is. Therefore, through our experience, we will be able to travel with you all the time, not only as a service provider but also as a business consultant.


If you are interested in merging a Malaysian company with SSM (Malaysian Corporate Council), we are the secretary of the licensed company you can trust and trust. The entire registration process takes 5 to 7 days without problems.


The basic requirements for the incorporation of companies in Malaysia:


- Subscribers with at least one share of the company.


- At least 18 directors who are at least in Malaysia. Directors should not go bankrupt or have a criminal record.


- At least one secretary of the company, who is a member of one of the professional bodies specified or licensed by SSM.


- There must be a registered office in Malaysia where you can send letters and notices.

Are you interested in partnering with Klozer to establish your business? Contact us today and we will arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible.

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text 2018-07-04 04:02
Begin Your Business in Malaysia the Right Way, Right Away

Malaysia has recently become the hub of economic activity and has seen an upsurge in new ventures and businesses. People have become more aware about the favorable policies and schemes and are becoming more interested in starting a business on their own. These changes might have gotten to you and pushed you to think of a business idea for yourself as well.


However, this is only possible if you are aware about the requirements and needs you need to fulfill to be able to begin your firm and register it successfully. To get this knowledge and get understanding about every concept of how a business works, you can avail Malaysia company register services from 3E Accounting and find the best consultancy regarding everything. Don’t let any business query go unanswered or unsatisfactorily answered, and get every detail about the aspect. 3E Accounting is determined to make business registration easy for you by being at your beck and call whenever the need arises or you face any sort of confusion during the entire process.


Starting a business might look like a piece of cake, and certainly an experience you look forward to; but once you get acquainted with the numerous formalities to be completed and the hundreds of documents to be submitted to get your request processed, your enthusiasm will start fading soon.


This is the point where you will need someone to guide you and simplify this process so that you can actually focus on your business idea and start building it. 3E Accounting understands this condition and never fails you when you come seeking help. They assist you in every possible manner during registration of business in Malaysia so that you can relax and act calmly in any situation.


If you have no idea about how to start and what to do to turn your idea into a successful business, then everything from scratch will be explained to you by the expert consultants at 3E Accounting and you will get a clearer picture regarding all your doubts.


With their help Malaysia company register would no more appear as a humongous task as you will be able to proceed step by step in the right direction. Inch closer to your dream of having your own business and be completely assured about the procedure you are following, it is sure to bring you success.

Source: www.3ecpa.com.my
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