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review 2015-09-05 06:13
Gold Coast Blues: A Jules Landau Mystery - Marc Krulewitch

4 Stars!  #GoldCoastBlues @makkrul  @randomhouse
Wow, this book had so many players and so many players that it was terribly hard to guess just what in the heck was going on. I mean the story wasn't hard to follow, but guessing what was actually going on. There's no way I was ever going to figure that one out.

Everyone is looking out for this girl named Tanya and everyone has a different reason why. Some people you know their reason, and some people you don't. You've got an ex-con paying a private investigator looking for her, then you have a rogue cop looking for her, then the FBI just happens to be looking for her and let's just go ahead and throw in some wine counterfeiters while we're at it. Then there's the jilted girlfriend who thinks she's dead because she killed her and the jilted boyfriend who thinks she's dead because why would she leave him? When you think about it, it's all kind of funny. But when you're reading about it, it's not funny, it's some serious. Some of these people looking for her mean business and it's not the kind of business that leaves you breathing.

I truly enjoyed this book. I thought it well written, entertaining, definitely held my interest and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this book!

Hugh thanks to Random House Alibi and Net Galley for providing me a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-03-05 21:44
Maxwell Street Blues - Marc Krulewitch
A land grab, incest, a nosy Private Investigator getting beaten, shady cops, crooked politicians, a femme fatale, in a very place-and-time-specific story. Chinatown? Nope! Maxwell Street Blues. P.I. Jules Landau has questionable ancestry and a cat with a taste for raw organ meats. He's also a vegetarian who buys his clothes in thrift stores. The cast is rounded out by not one but two sexy tattoo artists, 3 vicious meth heads, a University Official and Swanky Franky, a Hot Doug-inspired restaurateur who's not nearly as nice as the real Hot Doug.
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review 2015-03-05 21:42
Windy City Blues: A Jules Landau Mystery - Marc Krulewitch
Jules Landau is back and this time he's hired to investigate a murder that nobody else seems to care about. His investigation leads him into Chicago's strange and unpopular parking meter privatization, mass media cover-up, police corruption, and a human-trafficking ring run by a Russian mafia. Of course there's also more murder. Along the way we see his mentor waste away from cancer, his out-of-jail father sink slowly into dementia, and we learn more about his cop frenemy's relationship to both.
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review 2014-12-20 19:51
Windy City Blues
Windy City Blues: A Jules Landau Mystery - Marc Krulewitch

By Marc Krulewitch

A Jules Landau Mystery

ISBN: 9780804177214

Publisher:  Random House/Alibi 

Publication Date:  01/06/2015 

Format: e-book

My Rating:  2 Stars 


A special thank you to Random House Publishing Group, Alibi, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Marc Krulewitch returns with Windy City Blues: A Jules Landau Mystery after the introduction of "Maxwell Street Blues", the first of his Blues Trilogy with PI Jules, trying to overcome his family’s criminal past in the Windy City of Chicago.


From Book one we learn of Jules Landau as a new private detective been thrown into the dark secrets of Chicago and a family full of criminals. When he gets his first case, the client is his ex-con father and the job is finding the killer of a man whom Jules loved like family. All about Charles Snook and finding answers. Snooky had all sort of clients as he uncovers one dirty secret after another to solve the murder. .


In Windy City Blues,  PI begins to uncover all sorts of corruption, prostitution, the mob, murder, dirty cops, and politics. He was hoping after the previous case, he could get back to simpler less violent crimes.


When someone gets involved in a murder story and the Meter police, the small news media and Landau is offered a retainer to investigate, since his last victory; this time he needs to find a killer. Jack is the deceased, an immigrant for the country of Georgia and was found with his head decapitated behind Chicago public housing.


The client hiring him is not related to the victim; however, a part of the small immigrant community and wants the killer found. Appears the police are not working to find the killer as part of the Department of Revenue, leasing to a private company, Windy City, is subsidy of an unlisted holding company.


As he investigates he uncovers all sorts of dirt from kick-backs, illegal immigrants, prostitutes, organized crime, and the mafia. Then there is the wealthy, adoptive grandfather, the Georgian community, and The Kutaisi Georgian Bakery. The entire book seemed very confusing, and I did not connect with the story, nor did not hold my interest. Sorry, gave up on this one (which is something I seldom do). Not one I can recommend, even though I do love Chicago.



Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1117124603
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review 2014-05-07 00:00
Maxwell Street Blues
Maxwell Street Blues - Marc Krulewitch Jules Landau comes from a long line of crooks and thieves but as well all know, your family history doesn't always dictate your future. Attempting to make a career as a P.I., Jules takes on a case involving the murder of Snooky (no, not that Snooky), a family friend who just happens to be an expert money launderer. Hired by Jules’ own ex-con father, can Landau track down Snooky’s executioner or will his family name draw deadly attention?

I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Landau must have scored top spot on the dean’s list at the Philip Marlowe school of hard knocks. Landau is a P.I. who takes a beating and throughout his quest to nab Snooky’s killer, he ends up with more bumps and bruises than Johnny Knoxville in a shopping cart.

Author Marc Krulewitch crafts an interesting and compelling mystery filled with drugs, murder and political maneuvering. Landau deals with a wide cast of characters with help from a plucky journalist, an old school detective mentor and a sultry tattoo artist along the way. There’s a lot to like about this book although I felt at times the case became just a tad convoluted. However, like a great Chandler book, Krulewitch’s prose flows smoothly and keeps the reader turning the pages.

Krulewitch originally released Maxwell Street Blues independently a few years back but it has since been picked up by Random House’s crime imprint Alibi and set for release in August 2014. I’m hoping this is the start of a series as I’d love to read more from him in the future.

Release Date: August 05th, 2014
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