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url 2019-09-16 11:08
Why Ohio Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal At Broad Spectrum?


The scientific and health-related significance of chemicals found in marijuana, known as cannabinoids, has led to the introduction of approved medications in various forms. Thus, with continued research, we are likely to see further approval of Ohio medical marijuana cards for more medications. Read More: - http://ohiocannabisusa.mystrikingly.com/blog/why-ohio-medical-marijuana-should-be-legal-at-broad-spectrum

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url 2019-09-16 10:48
Ohio Marijuana News - Anxiety and Autism Aren’t Qualified for Medical Marijuana


The sole purpose of a medical marijuana card is to give an individual a legal status to use cannabis plant for remedial purposes, but it is applicable only to certain rare diseases and conditions. The reason being said is because marijuana plants contain more than 100 chemicals and each property has different effects on the body. Read More: - https://medium.com/@hcnnbs/ohio-marijuana-news-anxiety-and-autism-arent-qualified-for-medical-marijuana-9ca2395fe14c

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review 2019-09-12 00:56
Nostalgia City Mysteries


The Marijuana Murders: A Nostalgia City Mystery #3 (Nostalgia City Mysteries)

Mark S. Bacon

Publisher: Archer & Clark Publishing (June 17, 2019)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC




Reviewed by Dr. Wesley Britton



It doesn't happen to me very often--in the first pages of The Marijuana Murders, I knew I was going to enjoy the ride. I was glad I stuck with it.


For one thing, much of the story is set in Nostalgia City--no, not the real museum in Myrtle Beach--but a fictional theme park in Arizona where everything is maintained in the state it was in the 1970s. Especially cars.


For another thing, the backdrop to the story is the competing interests of two movements wanting to legalize pot in Arizona; one wants to impose corporate control over pot sales and the other wants a looser, grow-your-own approach. Do their conflicting interests set the stage for murders in Nostalgia City? Toss in those opposed to legalizing pot at all and we get a number of competing perspectives. Everything is happening with major touches of the '70s mixed in with contemporary issues.


And right from the get-go, we are introduced to a stellar cast of characters revolving around the pivotal pair of Kate Sorenson, the Vice President of Public Relations for Nostalgia City walking around on alluring long legs, and Lyle Deming, former cop and now cab driver for visitors to the immense theme park. They assist official law enforcement when employees start dying in a refurbishing garage which turns out to be the center of a large-scale drug ring.   


Mark S. Bacon unwinds his mystery with a light tone and often humorous touches as parallel investigations get underway as various potential criminals are checked out, ruled out, pulled to the top of the suspect lists, and put Kate, Lyle, and Arizona police in deadly danger for unclear and unknown motives. Through it all, Mark Bacon keeps the pace fast-moving, the descriptions vivid, the setting unusual, the lead players interesting, the plot intriguing, and the surprises coming. You want more in a murder mystery?

I admit, after completing the third volume in the Nostalgia City yarns, I plan on going back and diving into volumes one and two and hoping for another round down the road.


This review first appeared at BookPleasures.com on Sept. 11, 2019:




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url 2019-09-04 07:52
Mama’s Little Helper – How Millennials are Perfecting Parenting with Pot


Dr. Dre said it best, “Smoke weed everyday.”  And he may have been onto something according to the growing number of Millennial moms doing just that. In case you didn’t know, Millennials use a lot of cannabis. More than half of the 55 million self reported recreational cannabis users are in generation ‘M’ [1]. And millennials are having babies, lots of them. According to pewresearch.org “…Millennial women (those born from 1981 to 1996) accounted for 82% of U.S. births in 2016”. [2]  That means that women ages 22 to 38 popped out more than 80% of all the babies born in 2016, and that percentage continues to rise. Read More Information Visit Our Website: - https://www.ohiocannabis.com/mamas-little-helper-how-millennials-are-perfecting-parenting-with-pot/

Read More: - Ohio Marijuana News

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text 2019-08-28 17:31
The Best Makeup Subscription Boxes for Your Budget

Favorite Makeup Subscription Boxes of 2019

Makeup is always in demand because it is being used by women which make more than half of the world population. So it is never out of fashion to stop selling makeup or makeup always has huge demand. Makeup also needs a complete packaging which we design in the form of best makeup subscription boxes. These boxes are named as best makeup subscription boxes because they have everything in them required for making a packaging perfect and necessary. Best makeup subscription boxes are extraordinarily useful and the little portions inside them make these boxes to be useable for all the makeup products so that they are placed carefully. These best makeup subscription boxes are one of the favorite makeup subscription boxes of 2019 by our customers and you can see their opinion through our website.

Here is our pick of the Best Makeup Subscription Boxes

Best makeup subscription boxes are those which have completely separated partitions for every makeup product, which keep every makeup product well in condition, which make a safe delivery without making any damage to makeup products and which do not let the dust particles, germs or chemical elements penetrate through their surface, enter the box an destroy the makeup products. Our best makeup subscription boxes have all these qualities and being highly useful they are top-rated and lay in the category of best makeup subscription boxes of 2019. There are many other best makeup subscription boxes made by other brands but they are never as competitive as our best makeup subscription boxes are. These boxes are also truly wonderful.

Best Beauty Subscription Boxes of 2019

Best makeup subscription boxes are not just for makeup products but for all sorts of beauty products because they are also best beauty boxes. As per the various surveys and opinions collected to make a list of top best beauty subscription boxes, our best makeup subscription boxes also top the list of these boxes. You can use these best makeup subscription boxes to display your beauty products like creams, scrubs, masks, oils, toners and all other health care, fitness and beauty products. If you’re into beauty business, these best makeup subscription boxes are perfect for your beauty salons. So while choosing for best makeup subscription boxes, always look for the opinions of those who have tried them before and then make your own opinion to order them. Our best makeup subscription boxes will never disappoint you.

We have rounded up Makeup Subscription Boxes

Our best makeup subscription boxes are multipurpose boxes because they are not just for specific makeup products, but for all beauty, health, wellness, and fitness items can be safely packed in them. For different beauty salons and beauty brands which market beauty products, best makeup subscription boxes are always good to use. The use of these best makeup subscription boxes to pack beauty products and to keep other products inside is also very helping and brings you to save you money to buy another box for beauty products. For makeup products, the display matters and a lot and these best makeup subscription boxes are also to make an absolutely attractive view of makeup products. So buy these best makeup subscription boxes and use them as you want to.

Get a Personalized Monthly Box of Makeup

A personalized or customized box is the one which looks flawless and appeals to the eyes of onlookers. It has all the beautiful designs on it. For personal use, our best makeup subscription boxes are very good and they will provide you an easy packaging with great ease and comfort. We customize best makeup subscription boxes according to the demands of our customers and you can personalize them according to your own ideas. And if you subscribe to this best makeup subscription boxes, you will get them delivered at your home every month with beautiful and changed designs without any delivery fees. So for enjoying these best makeup subscription boxes, don’t forget to subscribe them on our website.

Source: boxesme.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-best-makeup-subscription-boxes-for.html
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