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text 2016-10-02 16:32
My September 2016
Verstummt - Karin Slaughter,Klaus Berr
Harables - Haidji
Keeping Her Secret - Sarah Davison Lady Nicolas
Das Gegenteil von Einsamkeit - Marina Keegan,Brigitte Jakobeit
Willing Target - Kathleen Mix
Getrennte Wege - Marie Traut
Verstummt - 5 stars
Harables - 4.5 stars
Keeping Her Secret - 5 stars
Das Gegenteil von Einsamkeit - 4.5 stars
Willing Target - 4 stars
Getrennte Wege - 3 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: Verstummt, Harables, Keeping Her Secret, Das Gegenteil von Einsamkeit


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Stopping the Noise in Your Head, Shopaholic, Alice hinter den Spiegeln, Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray, Here I am, Throne of Glass 2 - Kriegerin im Schatten


Well, well, well. I know this was going to happen sooner or later, with me going to the clinic, reading is just not happening. I take all the breaks that I have and the bus ride home to read but I feel like I don't get anything done. On the weekends, I actually don't read that much either because I just wanna watch vlogs on youtube or a movie/tv show.

I hate it, though. I really miss having a peaceful and quite time for reading, where I can really dive into another world, without getting interupted all the time. But right now, the clinic thing is very important and the reading thing will get better again. (But I'm super behind on ARCs I got from NetGalley and that's stressing me out big time)

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review 2016-09-21 17:05
Das Gegenteil von Einsamkeit // The Opposite of Loneliness!!!
Das Gegenteil von Einsamkeit - Marina Keegan,Brigitte Jakobeit

German and english review


Oh man, oh mann. Das Buch war eine Achterbahn der Gefühle, wahrscheinlich hauptsächlich auch wegen dem Hintergrund und der Tragödie um Marina Keegan. Es ist wirklich ein richtig bitteres Vergnügen, weil ich gerne so viel mehr von ihr lesen würde und sehen würde, wie sie sich als Schreiberling entwickelt hätte. Traurig.


Die Geschichten und Essays fand ich wirklich alle total spannend und interessant. Nicht alle haben mich gepackt und bewegt aber sie waren alle toll und haben mich echt zum Nachdenken gebracht.


Ich mochte den Schreibstil einfach richtig sehr und hab mich ziemlich schnell reingefunden, gleich von der ersten Seite an. Ich habe das Buch zwischen Therapiestunden und während Busfahrten gelesen und bin wirklich super schnell durchgeflogen und da durch, dass es viele unterschiedliche Texte waren, habe ich auch nie den Faden verloren.


Den ein oder anderen Text werde ich auf jeden Fall bald wieder lesen.




Oh boy, oh boy. That book was a roller coaster ride through all the emotions, I think mostly because of the background and the tragedy around Merina Keegan. It's so bittersweet, cause I would have loved to read more from her and see her grow as a writer. Sad.


The stories and essays were all really exciting and interesting. Not all of them got to me and moved me in the same way, but they were all really great and made me think about a lot of things.


I really liked the writing and really got into it, right from the first page. I read this book mostly in between therapy sessions and during the bus rides, and I just flew through the pages. With all the different stories, I always got right back into things.


Some of the stories I will totally read again, very soon.


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review 2016-05-02 18:00
The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan
The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories - Marina Keegan

I get stuck on the titles of books and this one got me. The cover is great too. I know it's just a picture of the author, but her pose and expression and body language were endearing. It was like she wasn't sure if this was a good idea but needed to say what she needed to see. She had to send it out into the ether and hoped for an echo that she doubted would come. Then I opened the book to discover that she had passed before it's publishing and it was published by her family for her. She had wanted to make it in this business and they really honored that. It's not a spoiler, it's right in the forward, written by one of her teachers at Yale. 

Most of the book is comprised of her short stories, which were rather good. I enjoyed each one for different reasons. I appreciated the way she looked at people, the way the stories were about their interactions more than anything else. They were clearly about the way people moved together or ground against each other. I think I would have enjoyed a novel had she had the opportunity to write one. 

The essays were interesting for the same reason. They were snapshots of life when they were about people, but there were a few that were existential. Her opinion on the sun and the future of the planet were interesting. They certainly put a different spin on things for me. Her essay on having Celiac disease was perfect. It perfect encompassed the difference between dealing with something on your own and dealing with something as a parent. I hope her mother appreciated reading it, that before the end, Keegan was beginning to understand why it affected everything the way it did. I loved her thoughts on being special, on being heard, on sending something out to the ether. 


I wish there could be more. Perhaps my appreciation is tainted by knowing there never could be, but I don't think so. It's nice to get a perspective on possibility from someone in their youth and I think I would have wanted to know how she felt about it down the road, but it just isn't possible now. Perhaps someone else will take that torch. Until then, I'll recommend Keegan.

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review 2015-10-30 21:26
Just one more page
The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories - Marina Keegan,Anne Fadiman

There are some books that even after you have read the last page you hope in vain for 'just one more page'. Sometimes this is because it's an amazing series and all you have to do is go pick up the next installment. At other times, it's a standalone novel but there are many other books which make up that author's body of work to satisfy you indefinitely. However, this is not always the case. 


I just finished The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan and it blew me away. For those unfamiliar with the story behind this book, Marina Keegan was a promising young writer who tragically lost her life shortly after graduating from Yale. This book was compiled by her family and a few of her professors and classmates in her honor. The book includes poignant pieces about what it means to be a part of something bigger, what it means to let yourself feel, and above all what it means to be a part of humanity itself. There are essays, short stories, and nonfiction pieces which showcase what a gifted writer Keegan was. Her writing practically exudes her lust for life and it is impossible to read this and not feel like the world could be a better place if only we looked for the beauty that is already there. When you read this you are struck by the realization that no matter how much you wish for 'just one more page' you'll have to content yourself with these meager few. This is a book you don't want to miss out on, guys. 10/10

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2015-09-03 22:26
Confusion in words
The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories - Marina Keegan,Anne Fadiman

Write what you know. It’s always the ‘advice’ others give us. Whether you believe it or not, it seems to be a staple of what people recommend you do when approaching creative writing, no matter how knowledgeable they may or may not be.


Marina wrote what she knew, and what she lived. Which, as a woman in her early twenties about to graduate, was confusion. She voices the adolescent mind working its way through everything it encounters like no other. I remember feeling precisely what she describes, and she’s captured it so perfectly. The Opposite of Loneliness is a fabulous essay, a moment and emotion in time caught perfectly. She had much talent, and I am sure would have gone on to do many things. The repeated line ‘we are so young’ makes the piece that much more evocative in light of her death.


Much of her writing is very similar in the prose sections. I much preferred her essays and the snippets of poetry. She is repeating sentiments and feeling, much as she was probably experiencing in her own mind. Much as you do when you’re a teen. That was her perspective on life, and it’s very well done.


This is a good collection, worth reading for the power of raw talent so sadly lost that radiates throughout.

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