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review 2018-09-25 14:45
Get Reiki Treatment from Reiki Healer in Terrigal

Reiki is a therapy that is often designated as palm healing. A Reiki healer in Terrigal puts his/her hands over the patient’s body to enable healing process. It combines Chinese (Ki, vital energy) and Japanese (rei, spiritual) characters. The basic idea behind Reiki is that the vibrant energy can be directed to support the body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki considers that life force energy flows to all living beings. It is the part of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. When a person’s energy is low, they feel stressed or sick while if the energy is at the right level, they feel healthier and happier.


In recent times, Reiki has been incorporated in various healthcare settings such as hospitals. Reiki helps to reduce pain and anxiety by inducing relaxation. It relieves the symptoms of depression and improves fatigue.


Reiki treatment


Any person of any age can take Reiki treatment. Also, there is no need to remove your clothes during this treatment. You can lie down on a table or bed with face up or down. You can also sit on the chair. The Reiki healer in Terrigal places his hands on the forehead, top of head, neck, abdomen, upper and lower chest, feet and chest. The music can be played in the background. Reiki healers can also provide healing treatments from long distance. The healers send energy through another source like facetime without direct contact with the patient.


What happens during Reiki?


Reiki affects the perception of pain like how much your pain is and how much you can feel it. It increases the response of the body to relaxation. After Reiki treatment, you can feel positive changes in the immune system. After a reiki treatment, a person can experience below- mentioned responses:

  • The emotions are released during treatment. Some person can cry.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Peaceful and relaxed
  • Breathing and heart rate can slow down as you feel relaxed.
  • You may fall to sleep during the treatment.


  • Treats depression

Reiki treatment relieves depression. As per a clinical study, scientists studied the effects of Reiki on older patients with anxiety, depression and pain. The subjects reported an improvement in mood, physical symptoms and well-being. Also, they demonstrated more feelings of self-care and relaxation.

  • Relieves anxiety, pain and fatigue

Researchers have studied that Reiki can help to reduce anxiety and pain.

  • Increases quality of life

Reiki treatment improves your overall health. Scientific evidence has shown that Reiki helps to improve the quality of life of women with cancer. Women with regular treatment show improvement in self-confidence, sleep pattern and level of depression. The feelings of relaxation, calm and inner peace were also reported.

  • Boost mood

Reiki treatment improves mood by reducing depression and anxiety. Researchers have also concluded improvement in the mood than people who have not taken Reiki treatment.


Reiki is an effective treatment method that brings positive health benefits. It can also be used with other complementary treatments like massage, acupuncture and counselling.


Get in touch with The Natural Health Sanctuary today for best Massage Therapies, Reiki sessions, facials treatment, Meditation classes in Avoca Beach, Central Coast.

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review 2018-09-24 16:14
Start Meditation with Meditation Teacher in Terrigal

Meditation is one of the best techniques to relax. The benefits of meditation are improved clarity, increased concentration, calm mind and the relaxation of body and mind. The regular sessions of meditation under the guidance of the meditation teacher in Terrigal has a profound effect on three domains such as mental, physical and spiritual.


With regular practice of meditation, every cell gets filled with life. The individual get filled with peace, joy and enthusiasm. Moreover, meditation brings your brain into the state of alpha that promotes healing. It makes your mind beautiful and fresh.


Meditation improves mood and reduces everyday stress


It is a simple technique that can be practiced minimum for 10 minutes. It helps to manage stress, anxiety and improve cardiovascular health. When your body is exposed to sudden threat or stress, then body reacts as a fight or flight response. This adrenaline rush is a result of release of hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline. It increases heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and blood flow. Thus, doing meditation on a regular basis train your mind and body to achieve the state of relaxation. Relaxation results in the reduction of breathing, blood pressure and pulse rate. Thus, it improves mood, digestion, lowers blood pressure and daily stress.


How to meditate?


Meditation comprises a silent repetition of a sound, word and phrase. It requires to sit quietly with closed eyes and good posture for 10 to 20 minutes. The meditation must be done in a quiet place that is free from distractions. Feel that your muscles from feet to your face are getting relaxed. You must focus to breathe from your nose. During meditation, ignore all the intruding thoughts and worries. Try to ignore all the outside sound, phrases and words.


Tips for beginners


You are advised to start meditation under the supervision of the Meditation teacher in Terrigal. However, we are discussing simple tips that can help you to start meditation

  • Start with two minutes- Start with two minutes and if it goes well then you can increase the time for another two minutes.
  • Meditate in the morning- Set a reminder every morning to get up and do meditation.
  • Don’t worry, just meditate - You might be thinking about how and where to meditate. Don’t over think just start meditation
  • Analyse how you feel- Analyse how you feel after some sessions of meditation. Are you feeling tired, anxious or busy?
  • Count your breaths- Focus on your breath. Count your breaths.
  • Don’t lose hope- It is very common that your mind will wander here and there but it is perfectly fine. Count one and two and start again.
  • Don’t worry if you are going wrong- Just feel happy that you are doing meditation and try to focus on your thought process

Meditation is coming into mainstream as people of all ages are benefitted by it. Multinational companies offer courses in mindfulness and meditation for their employees. Doctors also recommend meditation to improve health and reduce stress.


Get in touch with The Natural Health Sanctuary today for best Massage Therapies, Reiki sessions, Meditation classes, facials treatment in Avoca Beach, Central Coast.

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review 2018-09-23 16:37
Reiki Therapy Improve Your Professional and Personal Life

Reiki is the source of vitality that keeps us healthy and alive. Reiki is the form of energy that flows in every person. It is omnipresent and is present in the entire universe. In order to channelize and access Reiki, one must take the consultation of Reiki healer in the Kincumber. Reiki healer channelize energy for self- healing and healing others.


Reiki can heal, cleanse and rejuvenate at the cellular level. It enhances the performance of organs, tissues and endocrine glands. It also boosts immunity and cleans mental-emotional faculties. It purifies your words, thoughts and actions. It also increases the positive life force. You can take Reiki sessions under the guidance of Reiki healer.


Applications of Reiki that improve professional and personal lives:


  • It relaxes muscles and relieves tension and stress. It eases the emotional and mental pressure.
  • It reduces soreness and pain. It provides relief within few minutes of applying Reiki.
  • It helps to melt the negative mental blocks of the person of all age groups and helps to accept the realities of life. It makes us understand, accept and love ourselves.
  • It protects our emotional and mental faculties from negative reaction under adverse and unfavorable conditions.
  • It brings precision of the mind and firmness of decision.
  • It makes you feel confident and the capable of what you are!
  • Reiki therapy under the guidance of Reiki healer sharpens intellect. It helps you to see with more clarity.
  • It mends relationships. It rekindles love, acceptance and develops understanding between individuals by regular Reiki treatment.
  • The healing process is unconditional. It always works for the highest good of all people.
  • If Reiki energy is sent to a future occasion such as graduation or marriage or function, it assists in the timely and successful completion of the same.
  • It deepens spiritual awareness and sharpens institution. The people who are spiritually inclined experience spiritual advancement with regular Reiki treatment sessions.
  • Reiki brings harmony, peace, cooperation, and mutual understanding. It also establishes a sense of accomplishment between people like workforce, team, family, class, committee and association.
  • Reiki rebuilds mental, physical, professional and emotional well-being.
  • It brings a wave of positivity that is experienced by each and every person who is receiving Reiki directly or indirectly with a group of recipients.

How will you feel after the Reiki sessions?


Many people feel relaxed after a Reiki treatment. You might feel tired but you will be full of energy. Reiki treatment can stir your emotions during the healing process while other people can experience healing reactions like flu-like symptoms and headache. This response will only last for a shorter period of time.


How many treatments do you require?


The number of Reiki treatment sessions depends person to person. Acute problems heal faster as compared to chronic ones. The Reiki healer in the Kincumber will suggest a minimum four treatments on consecutive days.


Thus, Reiki treatment, meditation & massage therapy can improve your professional and personal life. Book your appointment today itself!!

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review 2018-09-21 05:54
How Can Meditation Improve Your Life?

Mindfulness meditation effect physical and mental health. It reduces stress, improves sleep and relationships and enhances focus. Many scientific studies have concluded that meditation improves intellectual and cognitive abilities. If you are looking for a meditation teacher in the Kincumber then we are here for your rescue.


Regular meditation increases the performance of students at school. It also helps to reduce stress and increase the efficiency of people at the workplace. It leads to better decision making, mental alertness, creative problem solving and higher brain integration.Research has demonstrated positive emotions such as happiness, love and well-being. It also leads to improvement in personal and professional relationships. Lower levels of stress lead to better sleep.


Meditation improves your life by the following ways:


  • It reduces stress

All of us experience agitation and stress. Studies have shown that meditation improves and control emotions.


  • Improve concentration

 Meditation showed to increase your ability to focus. Increased concentration leads to increased mental energy.


  • Healthy lifestyle

Meditation can lead to a better lifestyle. A person doing meditation on a regular basis start to consume fresh fruits and green vegetables. The person also stops taking alcohol, coffee, marijuana, tobacco and much more.


  • Increased self-awareness

Meditation teaches you to recognize your own anger and become disconnected from it. Thus, by increasing self- awareness you can manage your emotions.


  • Increased happiness

Research has demonstrated that increased brain signals in the left side increases positive emotions. If the activity gets decreased, then it leads to negative emotions. Thus, meditation improves the brain signals in the left side of the brain, resulting in increased positive emotions like happiness.


  • Increased acceptance

Meditation helps you to accept your weakness and strengths. It helps you to explore the inner self. It changes the way you feel about yourself and enjoys leading life.


  • Delays aging

Clinical studies showed that meditation alters brain physiology to the process of aging. It was also concluded that the people who meditate have more grey matter thus, more brain cells. It lengthens life and reduces stress. Reduced stress leads to delay in the process of aging.


  • Improves immunity and reduce cardiovascular risk

Meditation promotes relaxation thereby increasing nitric oxide. This nitric oxide opens blood vessels resulting in the reduction of blood pressure. The scientific evidence proved that 40 to 60 percent of patients with high blood pressure stopped their blood pressure medicines by doing meditation on a daily basis. Meditation strengthens the immune system and helps to fight against infections and diseases.


  • Alcohol, drug and nicotine addiction

It minimizes addiction to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.


  • Eating disorders

Binge eating is often triggered by stress. Meditation lowers stress and thus, less stress makes you capable to recover from food addiction.


  • Pain

Clinical studies showed that meditation helps to manage pain. It helps to treat, manage and cure medical conditions.


Thus, we have discussed various points that can make your life easy. Do meditation under the guidance of the meditation teacher in the Kincumber.


Contact The Natural Health Sanctuary today for best Massage Therapies, Meditation classes, Reiki sessions, facials treatment in Avoca Beach, Central Coast.

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review 2018-09-20 06:05
Gift Yourself a Massage from Massage Therapist in the Kincumber
  • The massage therapy is becoming popular. More than 250 different kinds of massages are offered worldwide. The massages depend on the patient’s goals. Massage therapy treats both physical and mental ailments. Research has shown that massage improves functions of the lymphatic system that regulate hormones and prevent injuries.


    Different massage techniques and massages


    There are different body massages that are performed under the guidance of a massage therapist in the Kincumber. Some of the common massages are as follows:

    • Deep tissue massage

    These massages involve massage of deep tissue that affects sublayer of fascia and musculature. They treat injury rehabilitation, chronic muscular pain and inflammation disorders like arthritis.

    • Swedish massage

    This is a popular massage therapy that stimulates circulation and involves five kneading strokes. These strokes flow toward the heart.

    • Sports massage

    This massage is done on athletes or sportsmen to improve blood flow warm their body and treat or prevent injuries. They are done before an event, after an event and as a part of preventive treatment plans.

    • Thai massage

    Thai massages are practiced in Thailand for more than 2500 years. They are done on a firm mat on the floor. It involves positioning and kneading that stimulates organs and tissue.

    • Acupressure

    It is an ancient healing art that utilizes fingers to press main points on the skin surface. It stimulates energy channels and lower muscular tension and improves blood flow.

    • Soft tissue massage

    This method came from Europe that treats runners and athletes. It involves placing muscles in a specific position and softly manipulating them to stretch in a specific direction.

    • Shiatsu

    It is an ancient Japanese massage similar to acupressure. It unblocks the flow of energy and restores the balance of the body.


    Various massages involve different modalities:

    • Pricking
    • Stroking
    • Tapping
    • Kneading
    • Cupping
    • Compression
    • Rocking
    • Vibration
    • Use of oils, powders and lotions
    • Friction
    • Pressure to organs and muscular tissue.

    Benefits of massage therapy

    • Lower blood pressure

    The massage therapy is effective, safe, and cost-effective to control increased blood pressure and pre-hypertension state.

    • Treats lower back pain

    Massage is effective to treat chronic and acute lower back pain. Research has demonstrated that acupuncture is more effective as compared to Swedish massage.

    • Reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue

    Massage reduces stress with fatigue and depression. The depression stimulated by chronic and active pain can result in worsening of pain and muscle tension.

    • Reduces joint pain and arthritis

    People go to the massage therapist in the Kincumber to ease pain linked with soreness, stiffness, chronic health condition and injuries. It helps to relax muscles and stiff joints.

    • Prevent sports injury and improve athletic performance

    Massage therapy increase recovery from injury and athletic performance. The athletes receive the massage at training site or athletic arena.

    • Boost immunity

    It lower distress and help to tackle the symptoms of illness.


    It is now proven that massage therapy provides both mental and physical benefits. You can find a certified massage therapist & Meditation teacher & reiki healer in the Kincumber.

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