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review 2021-07-04 02:07
WRATH'S EMBRACE by Tawny Taylor
Wrath's Embrace - Tawny Taylor

Magus and Cyr are two of 14 immortals who have sacrificed their lives for the continuation of mankind. These two men carry Wrath inside them and they are coming close to losing their battle as they search for the one who will love them and save them from losing what humanity they have. Gina comes to live with her grandmother next door to Magus and Cyr and four of their friends. The men know she is the one but, although attracted to the two men, she is preoccupied with her grandmother and the loss of her old life. Secrets have kept but now must be told to save all three of them.


I enjoyed this book. I liked Magus and Cyr and Gina. I liked her grandmother also--what a scamp!  The story caught me up and put me in Gina's shoes. I wanted to be her. When all the secrets are out they all have to decide what choices to make. Gina probably has the most to decide. She walks a fine line between staying and running. But like all good ménage romance she works it out for everyone's satisfaction.

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review 2015-11-09 15:12
Secrets of the Water Dragon by Tracey West
Dragon Masters #3: Secret of the Water Dragon (A Branches Book) - Graham Howells,Tracey West

This series is one of my son's favorites. The dragons are all so unique and somewhat mirror their dragon master's personalities. They all work together very well and in each story they have a new adventure featuring a different dragon. In book three we get to learn more about Shu the water dragon and find out what type of unique power he has.

The book is very engaging - even as a parent I was drawn into the story. There are just enough pictures for younger readers while still keeping a detailed plot line. I have really enjoyed learning about all the dragons. Up next is the fire dragon and I bet it will be very exciting.

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review 2015-06-07 23:44
Saving the Sun Dragon by Tracey West
Dragon Masters #2: Saving the Sun Dragon - Tracey West,Graham Howells

I loved the Sun Dragon's story and the legends behind it. Another great story that my son (3yo) sat through in one sitting. Worm and his friends grow closer and discover some new friends and even some new magic. We can't wait to get started on the next one.

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review 2013-10-11 18:50
Caesar's Women (Masters of Rome Series)
Caesar's Women - Colleen McCullough I liked this one a bit less than the earlier books in the series. This is actually the fourth book in the Master of Rome series. Earlier ones focused on key predecessors to Caesar in the late Roman Republic--Marius and Sulla. This is the first book then where Julius Caesar dominates the narrative. I don't think McCullough's books shine because of her prose. Some complain the books are ponderous, the prose pedestrian, and I think there's justice in that. She's not a strong stylist such as Robert Graves or Mary Renault. But what I did love in the Master of Rome series is how well she conjures up the late Roman Republic, from the at times alien mindset to things where it's easy to to see modern parallels such as in the Roman Senate, to the surprisingly cosmopolitan insula (tenement). My main problem in the later books is, like with Renault and Alexander the Great, McCullough obviously hero worships Caesar. It's not just his depiction alone. I have a friend who is a classicist, and her take on Caesar is that "he's awesome." As written by McCullough Caesar is extremely gifted and a charmer. I think my problem is that every other character is put through the Caesar prism. McCullough's Cicero, for instance, is far from admirable. (Although again, my classicist friend would actually agree on that.) But it seems as if everyone opposed to Caesar in this story is a tool or an envious fool. As for Caesar's women, I don't know that I feel they're all that front and central here in a way that justifies the title. Certainly Caesar's mother, Aurelia, is among the most modern in feel, the strongest female character, and the most admirable. Servilia, one of Caesar's mistresses, is abominable, but fun to read. One of those characters you almost love to hate, and when I think of this book, among the scenes I find absolutely the most memorable is her crucifixion of a slave. So, very much still worth the read, but for me Caesar is beginning to wear out his welcome.
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review 2013-05-01 14:50
Review - Purgatory Masters #1 "Tucker's Fall" by Eliza Gayle
Tucker's Fall - Eliza Gayle

Maggie Cisco and Tucker Lewis went to high school together and they shared one sole kiss that they never forgot.
Then, Maggie was on her way to being an expert in BDSM lifestyle, a professor and a respectable marriage. But above all that road led her to unhappiness and heartache.
Now, back in her hometown, the only thing she wishes is to forget the past and start a new life and be left alone. Easier said than done.

Tucker Lewis never forgot Maggie and now that she is in her most fragile state he decides that he's going in for the kill. He knows that she craves dominance and that she has submissive desires.
Being one of the owner's of Purgatory, he is the right man to show her that belonging to someone is a beautiful and passionate life.

How I loved this book, so brave and tortured Tucker, going after the one that got away.
With all the baggage on his family, the secrets that have to be protected at all costs, and the beginning of falling in love with someone as different as he is, he is full of things going on in his life.
I also appreciate the fact that he is an artist, someone that fills up his life with creativity, something rare and beautiful to see.
I couldn't pass out the sexy as hell Dom that he is and the hot ideas that he comes up for Maggie.

Maggie is the wounded little bird that comes crawling back in search of peace and determined to find out what her desires are in fact. Writing about a theme is one thing, experience it, living it, is another.
She get's the chance with Tucker and goes for it, with some bumps along the way but she get's there in the end.

This author was a first for me, a pleasurable one I might add and I can't wait for the next book.
She writes beautifully, in the relationship department and also building up a backside story to follow through, with suspense and interest.
I really loved the relationship between the two main characters, the physical, (hot), and the hearty one, trust comes with time and sometimes space has to be given so your head can clear up.

If you haven't read this book don't pass on it, read it, you'll love it. 

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