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text 2014-03-08 02:30
February Roundup
Blood Royal: A True Tale of Crime and Detection in Medieval Paris - Eric Jager
Mary Boleyn: The Mistress of Kings - Alison Weir
Flying Too High - Kerry Greenwood
A Bone of Contention - Susanna Gregory
Dying in the Wool - Frances Brody

The best book: Blood Royal: A True Tale of Crime and Detection in Medieval Paris, by Eric Jager.


Nothing under three stars. 


A good reading month.

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review 2014-02-08 22:50
A Bone of Contention, by Susanna Gregory
A Bone of Contention - Susanna Gregory

I enjoyed this historical mystery, set in medieval Cambridge, but it did suffer from two problems.  The plot was a little too twisty to be believable, and the villain had a bad case of "James Bond movie villain talking disease."  He had our heroes cornered (with a guy with a crossbow fixed on them), and just blathered on and on and on about how clever he was.  (Three guesses as to if he was caught, and the first two don't count.)


Aside from that, it was a nice immersion in 14th century Cambridge, a world of town vs. gown, where they dig saint's relics from the town sewer/drainage ditch/protective moat, and books are rare commodities indeed.

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review 2013-10-16 00:37
An Unholy Alliance (Matthew Bartholomew, #2) by Susanna Gregory
An Unholy Alliance - Susanna Gregory

bookshelves: one-penny-wonder, paper-read, medieval5c-16c, britain-england, mystery-thriller, autumn-2011, bedside, historical-fiction

Read from September 09 to 13, 2011

With flister Susanna reading #1 A Plague on Both Your Houses, I felt a yen for some more Matthew Bartholomew.

First line - ISOBEL WATKINS GLANCED FEARFULLY BEHIND HER for at least the fourth time since leaving the home of the wealthy merchant on Milne Street.

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review 2013-09-15 00:00
A Wicked Deed - Susanna Gregory I always enjoy [a:Susanna Gregory|37774|Susanna Gregory|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1316288895p2/37774.jpg]’s Matthew Bartholomew mysteries. Like visiting friends, I knew what to expect from [b:A Wicked Deed|211287|A Wicked Deed (Matthew Bartholomew, #5)|Susanna Gregory|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1332327020s/211287.jpg|1370928] but I love the characters Matthew Bartholomew, a teaching physician, and Brother Michael both members of the College of Michaelhouse at the University of Cambridge. This is a tale of the scholars of Michaelhouse traveling to the village Grudisburh in Suffolk to accept the gift of a parish church. I know that Ms. Gregory’s writing can get a bit repetitive, well maybe a lot repetitive and I might have figured out the” who” before the end but I love the pictures she paints. Why both Michael and Matthew kept making excuses against murder with all the dead people in such a small village was beyond me and a bit annoying. This was not one of my favorite Matthew Bartholomew tales but it won’t stop me from moving on to number 6 in the series when I feel a “history mystery” attack coming on.
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review 2013-07-21 20:58
A Plague on Both Your Houses (Matthew Bartholomew Chronicles)
A Plague on Both Your Houses - Susanna Gregory This shows promise. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I knew more about Cambridge and how it works that I would understand if I had attended either Oxford or Cambridge but honestly I sometimes felt a little lost occasionally in the discussion of houses and how the colleges came to be. Our hero, Matthew Bartholomew is a teacher of medicine at Michaelhouse. He is a more modern type of doctor than most at the time. He doesn't use horoscopes or bloodletting or examination of urine (though the last has it's modern uses, but here is not a place to discuss the history of diabetes). They have heard that there's a plague coming but what's currently occupying their minds is the apparent suicide of the Master of the House. When other members of the house start to die in mysterious circumstances, fingers start to point. Then the plague hits and things get even more complicated. I wanted to like this but I was mostly underwhelmed. I'll probably give this series at least one more book, but I have no real rush on me to do so. I didn't feel connected to any of the characters and as characters died they felt like they almost blurred together. Interesting but not compelling reading for me.
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