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review 2019-04-04 19:47
Lola – eine Frau, die eine Männerdomäne vollends aufmischt
Lola - Melissa Scrivner Love


Das Buch:

„Lola“ ist ein Thriller von Melissa Scrivner Love, der als broschierte Ausgabe und E-Book am 11.03.2019 im Suhrkamp Verlag erschienen ist.


Der Inhalt:

Lola Vasquez ist nach außen die kleine, harmlose Freundin von Garcia, dem Anführer der Crenshaw Six. In Wahrheit jedoch ist die unscheinbare Chica der brillante und skrupellose Kopf der Latino-Gang. Sie besticht durch ihre Intelligenz und behauptet sich wie niemand sonst in einer von Drogen und Gewalt geprägten eiskalten Männerdomäne. Als Garcia vom Kartell die Chance auf einen größeren Auftrag bekommt, wittert Lola die Chance mit den Crenshaw Six in der Hackordnung aufzusteigen. Doch so lukrativ das Ganze auch sein könnte, wenn etwas schief geht, steht ihr Kopf auf dem Spiel.


Meine Meinung:

Das Cover finde ich toll und vor allem perfekt zur Geschichte passend. Die Farben, die einen Sonnenuntergang symbolisieren könnten und die Frau als Silhouette, die zumindest über einen Teil der Stadt herrscht. Für mich ist die Geschichte perfekt auf dem Cover eingefangen.
Der Schreibstil ist gut verständlich und passt gut zu der „Ghettoszene“. Die Autorin hat mit Lola eine sehr sympathische und genau deswegen aber auch kontroverse Protagonistin erschaffen, die sich allem zum Trotz im Gangstermilieu behauptet. Sie kennt ihre Ziele und versteht es diese auch umzusetzen. Dennoch schlittert sie mit ihrem Verhalten natürlich ständig in Situationen, die ihr das Leben kosten können. Genau das hat für mich die Geschichte so authentisch gemacht. Wäre die Protagonistin gänzlich unantastbar, hätte es für mich nicht zusammengepasst. Doch so sieht man eine Frau, die sich aus den dunklen Ecken ihrer Vergangenheit gekämpft hat und sich für nichts zu schade ist. Das von Lola überall von einer Anti-Heldin gesprochen wird, verstehe ich nicht unbedingt, darunter stelle ich mir etwas anderes vor, aber vielleicht ist die Definition auch noch anders auslegbar.

Die Nebencharaktere werden ebenfalls ausreichend beleuchtet und die Geschichte rund um das Drogenmilieu ist gut recherchiert und durchgehend nachvollziehbar. Die Story nimmt von Kapitel zu Kapitel mehr Fahrt auf, was dazu geführt hat, dass ich das Buch spätestens ab der Hälfte, nur noch schwer aus der Hand legen konnte.



Ein toller Gangsterthriller, der eindeutig durch die beeindruckende Frauenrolle brilliert und einige Überraschungen bereithält. Von mir gibt es auf jeden Fall eine Leseempfehlung.


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review 2017-05-09 08:00
Lola: A Novel - Melissa Love

Lola is at times an uncomfortable read. The main character, Lola, shadow-leader of the Crenshaw Six, is extremely ruthless and this makes that you're immediately hooked. And as things start to spin out of control, Lola will take even more cruel decisions.

But, back to the start. Lola, secretly the leader of a small gang in Los Angeles, makes a bad decision that put her and hers right in the middle of two battling cartels. While now her life is in immediate danger she to a level likes it because this is the moment for her to step out of the shadows and stop being underestimated.

It was a surprisingly good book. I'm usually not really into books about gang/drug wars, but Lola's story was very good. I liked her connection to Lucy, but her conflicted relationship with her brother didn't feel real to me. If you do not like to read about violence, mutilation, rape, murder and the like, this probably isn't the book for you. Otherwise, it's a very compelling read.

Thanks to the publisher and Blogging for Books for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2016-08-23 03:03
Lola Review
Lola: A Novel - Melissa Love

Lola, by Melissa Love, reads like a television drama. If you're a fan of shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, you should like this book. That being said, the book is not without its problems.

If you're a medical professional of any kind, this book is likely to have you rolling your eyes or fuming more than half a dozen times. The medical inaccuracies were ludicrous and easily fixable. Nothing consulting a nurse wouldn't have fixed. The problems are as follows (slight spoilers ahead):

#1. Character has finger cut off and reattached and contracts sepsis all under 24 hours. I was a CNA for five years, and during that time I was trained and became a certified phlebotomist. I drew plenty of cultures in those five years. Cultures, the tests used to diagnose sepsis, take 24-48 hours to grow results.

#2. The symptoms of infection take hours to develop. Even if they tested this character the minute he hit the ER, there's no way he could have been diagnosed and admitted for sepsis because they would have had no reason to even check for sepsis.

#3. I'm sure there are shitty hospital employees out there who do not give a shit about HIPPA rules and regs, but who gives out a patient's diagnosis and personal info to someone who's only asking for a fucking room number?

To paraphrase:

Person: "Hey, I'm looking for so-and-so."

Hospital personnel: "Right. He's in room what's-its-fuck and by the way they were able to reattach his finger and he was admitted because he has sepsis."

Person: "Great. I'm so-and-so by the way."

Hospital personnel: "Oh, cool. He's been asking about you."

If you've never worked for a hospital, none of this is going to bother you. Needless to say, it bothered the fuck out of me because I was enjoying the realistic feel of the book. It took me over half the book to get back into the story because I was pissed that the author couldn't be bothered with simple fact checking.

Another thing that took me out of the story was zero mention of smog. It's always clear blue skies and gorgeous vistas in this book. I lived in California for 15 years, was born and raised there. The sky always looked like a smoky bar unless the Santa Anas had blown through. This might sound like me being nit-picky, but not mentioning smog in a story set in southern California is like writing about Egypt without mentioning sand.

Finally, as far as accuracy is concerned, I've been a member of three different gyms in my life. None of them allowed you to keep items in their lockers overnight, much less for several days. That being said, some might. So I might be wrong, but I doubt it. Lockers in gyms are prime real estate, and I don't believe any company would risk tying up lockers by giving them permanently to customers. Besides, they would eventually run out.

All of that killed my rating for this one. The story itself is a five-star read, as is the quality of the writing. A little more research would've made this a runner for my book of the year. I loved the characters, especially Lola and Lucy. If the author decides to write a sequel, I'll definitely pick it up.

In summation: Lola is a terrific story that is well-written yet horribly researched. All of the problems in this book are easily fixable, but it didn't seem like anyone wanted to be bothered with checking the facts. If you can ignore the impossiblities and inaccuracies, you should dig it, but my life-experience ruined the book for me. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC, which I received for free in return for the honest review you've just read.

Final Judgment: Donald-Trump levels of fact checking.

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