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review 2014-02-02 00:00
Melting Ms Frost
Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black Synopsis
Annabel Frost manages Cluny's Restaurant in London and has a reputation of being a tough and exacting boss. Actually the employees just think of her as a cold, unfeeling bitch.

Aidan Flynn is the new head barman and is drawn to Annabel the moment he lays eyes on her. She tears strips off him at a team meeting, because he dared to talk back to her, and is instantly enthralled by her.

Annabel appears impervious to Aidan's charms, but his compelling gaze and Irish lilt may just captivate her yet.

This book was a bit of a surprise to me. I knew from the blurb it was a story for fans of erotic romance, however, it took a long, long time to get to the sexy bits. However, along the way there is a lot of lustful, sexual tension that kept me reading.

Plus the writing style of Kat Black was surprisingly unusual. The well written story had very interesting descriptions and I really enjoyed being surprised by being able to predict the next scene.

Aidan has a dominating persona (both in and out of the bedroom) and he challenges Annabel at every turn to submit to him. I really didn't like him in the beginning with the way he was so charming and sure he could get Annabel into bed. But as you learn more about him and Annabel I changed my mind and began to like him.

Annabel is tough because she has needed to be. Her life hasn't been easy as she's only had herself to depend since her father died. Letting Aidan into her life was certainly a struggle for her and even in the end I'm not sure she really did.

I think you'll enjoy the read because it's not your standard boy meets girl, boy has erotic sex with girl kind of story. However, I did find that some chapters had a lot of very detailed padding that really didn't need to be there and others that were a bit light on, where the motivation for an action was quick and not really worked into the story really well. In saying that, tho' I really enjoyed the way this book was written and the sexual tension kept me going.

I have become a fan of Kat Black's style and hopefully you will too.
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review 2013-12-29 02:34
Oh this one is promising!
Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black




YUM!  That's what comes to mind when I think of the chemistry between Aidan and Annabel.  Oh, she was a prickly one, but she didn't stand a chance when it came to Aidan's sexy determination to have her.  And that's what drew me the most into this latest romance by Kat Black.


Melting Ms Frost was the story of Annabel Frost.  If I had to sum her up in a few words I would use ball buster.  She was definitely prickly, not letting anyone close, but she had her reasons.  She definitely met her match though when she got a new employee Aidan Flynn.  She was affected by him and he didn't seem to take no for an answer.  And watching the sparks fly between them was legendary.


I really enjoyed this story.  I thought the chemistry between Aidan and Annabel was palpable.  I could just about feel the sparks through my kindle.  


I also really appreciated what the under the surface in Annabel's life.  I really liked her more once I got a glimpse into what formed her opinions about men and relationships in general.  Because of her mom, I don't think she could have ended up any other way.  I'm just happy that Aidan was stubborn.


There were things that I didn't love about the story as well, and that's why it got 4 stars instead of 5.  I had a hard time suspending belief about Aidan's health.  It just didn't ring true for me. I'm not sure why.  And, I just thought Annabel's mother was just way too weak.  She infuriated me so much, I think I wanted her out of the story.


No matter, I still devoured this story and couldn't get enough of Annabel and Aidan.  I can't wait to see what's in store for them in the next book!


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text 2013-11-27 00:13
Melting Ms Frost
Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black
 Kat Black has brought us a book that is true to it's title. Melting Ms Frost is a very sexy book. Aidan is a dirty, but sweet talker that will melt even the coldest of hearts. I love reading the story of Annabel and Aidan.


Annabel is use to keeping everything under control. She doesn't let anyone run over her, and I respect that. Everyone was afraid of her...well everyone except Aidan. Aidan challenged Annabel with a game of cat and mouse. Ms Frost could not stand the heat coming from Aidan. Aidan new exactly what he wanted, and he made sure he got it.


I love how even at the beginning of the book Aidan broke down some of Annabel's control! "You are all I've been thinking about for the past few hours." He visually traced the contours of her face. "I confess I can't help wondering what you look like with that glorious hair let loose." Boy was she shocked!


I rated this book 4.5 stars because it was repetitive. Annabel would loose control with Aidan, but then change her mind. It was great how she kept her control into place, but it was a bit drawn out.


This book is a very light Dom/Sub that is defiantly on the spicy side. While not quite BDSM or erotica. It is absolutely sexy. I love dirty talk in a book, and Aidan gave us a lot of that. I love watching Annabel submit to Aidan.


Over all this was a really hot and interesting read. I will definitely recommend this to those of you who like hot and sexy romance books.


Make sure to pick up your copy of this book when it hits the stores!


*I received this ARC  from Harper Collins UK on NetGalley.*

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review 2013-11-20 00:00
Melting Ms Frost
Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black Review coming on November 28
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review 2013-11-12 19:58
ARC Review: Melting Ms Frost by Kat Black
Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black

3.5 stars. Melting Ms Frost is a spicy contemporary romance set in London. It explores a lite dom-sub relationship between Aiden, a mysterious and handsome Irish bar tender, and his boss Annabel Frost, the cold, stiff and proper manager of the chic restaurant.

Aiden is a talker: a smooth talker, a sweet talker, and most assuredly a dirty talker. While Annabel would never fraternize with the help, she is drawn to Aiden's shocking flirtatious advances as he pushes well beyond the boundaries of appropriate in a work place. She denies her attraction and sets out to avoid him, but he can read her like a book and persists through her resistance to eventually make her his.

I should probably mention that I could count the number of BDSM themed romances I have read on one hand, and still have a few fingers left. It is normally not my cuppa, and while I enjoyed this book I still don't think it's my cuppa.

Aiden only wants a dom-sub relationship with Annabel, but to have that way he will need to make her see how she is attracted to that lifestyle. When the relationship finally heats up, the game of dom-sub means she must surrender control to Aiden if she is to receive 'satisfaction'.

I instantly liked Aiden, and loved the way he would go about shocking Annabel with his naughty whispers of desire. Annabel, being the cold and stiff person she is, was much harder to like at first. But the cat and mouse games between them was fun to watch, and slowly we began to see a likable side to Annabel as well.

The story is heavily focused on the sexual relationship between Aiden and Annabel, but I hesitate to call this one an 'erotica' novel. It is a spicy read with light-erotica moments, but it spends more time on the sexual tension build up and not so much on the bedroom scenes. (If you are looking for hardcore erotica or hardcore BDSM, this isn't that book.)

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