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review 2019-02-13 22:35
Book Review - New Horizons by Hailey Turner
New Horizons (Metahuman Files: Classified #2)New Horizons by Hailey Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved taking a trip back to Hailey's Metaverse in this smoking hot novella.

Taking place after the last Metahuman's book, In the Requim, Alpha team is now disbanded - officially - and all it's members are in the MDF's reserves, scattered around the country.

Trevor Sanchez, the team's medic and telekinetic has gone to med school, on Jamie's dime, to learn how to be a doctor. He's fast tracking but with his military field medic experience and time spent in Alpha team, the slog isn't that hard. Late night classes though, can be a pain in the ass.

And then a code silver echoes through the teaching hospital where his classes take place. Code silver - a situation in the ER involving an armed assailant. Once a Marine, always a Marine, or so the saying goes. And it goes double when you're a former member of Alpha Team. So Trevor reacts, telekinesis ripping through the situation, a bunch of Sons of Adam members and a domestic situation culminating in Trevor finding himself looking into a pair of blue eyes and a boy next door face of a paramedic putting himself between the victim and the shooter.

Is it any surprise that Trevor falls hard for Brendan Kane? And when his interference makes him a target? Well with friends like Trevor has... it gets taken care of Alpha Team style.

Oh and there may be an inappropriate but exceedingly HOT use of telekinesis and a wall. Oh my!

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-05-19 22:31
Book Review - In the Requiem by Hailey Turner
In the Requiem (Metahuman Files, #5)In the Requiem by Hailey Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh MFG!!! This book. THIS BOOK!

Where do I begin? How about with Hailey Turner is an evil genius. This book, the last full book for Alpha Team (that she says, but come onnnn Hailey, we need to see weddings and things like that, plus one got away! - nope, not telling, that would be a spoiler) and she KILLED it! It still baffles me that she's a pretty much a newbie writer, that this series is her first, because she writes like a seasoned pro.

So for those of you who've become a stalkerish fan (like me) you've probably followed the series from the beginning. Alpha team has been pitted for the past two years against a Russian precog , Stanislav Pavluhkin, bent on owning the world through manipulation of the wealthiest families in the world. His ultimate target - the Callahan family which means Captain Jamie Callahan, code name Apollo and team leader of the MDF's premier heavy hitting metahuman team, is directly in his sights, along with the rest of Alpha team. And then there's Declan Wolcott; in a previous story Apollo had stopped Declan's wife, Victoria Wolcott, from detonating a Splice bomb with a bullet. Declan wants revenge for his wife's death. And to make matters even more complicated, a top CIA official has ties to the Pavluhkin crime family and Declan Wolcott and has been waging a secret war to discredit the Callahan presidential campaign. Oh yeah, Jamie's father is running for the Republican party leadership.

Jamie has been torn between duty to country and his military family and his father's ambitions and his father's for Jamie to come out from behind his secret identity of Apollo. In in the Requiem everything comes to a head in a full out urban guerrilla battle for nothing less than the safety of the entire country. At stake? Jamie's very soul. The price? one that may be too steep for him to pay.

This book was a full on scorcher with the hottest sex scenes, the most action packed sequences fraught with tension and a plot that left me a sobbing wreck but what a way to go out. I can't wait to see what Hailey does next. One of my go to authors from now on.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-02-08 19:30
Book Review: Out of the Ashes (AKA Where's Alexei's pancakes?)

Where the flaming heck are Alexie's pancakes, woman??? That man deserves pancakes! :D

In all seriousness, Hailey has done it again with this novella. Given how In the Blood ended this book was also extremely needed. Don't get me wrong, I loved In the Blood but OMG the angst, the ouchies, the sheer emotional trauma that Ms. Hailey inflicted on me left me needing this book. Not to say that Out of The Ashes was a cavity inducer or anything.

Out of The Ashes takes place three months after In the Blood finishes and it's an Alexei/Sean centric book because those two boys were left beaten and bloodied at the end of the last one. Sean has just been cleared to return to active duty and Alexei is about to go on his own recertification testing. On the MDF front they've recovered enough from their capture and torture to return to work. On the emotional front? Sean still has nightmares, still feels guilty, and Alexei doesn't know how to convince him that it wasn't Sean's fault. They haven't been intimate since before Boston and both men are fraying at the edges.

On the surface, they're living together, they sleep in the same bed, they love each other more than ever but... knowing that someone from _your_ past hurt your lover in order to hurt you? Sean's guilt is eating him alive. Alexei is trying to be patient, to be an understanding supportive partner. He doesn't blame Sean for any of it and he's committed to _them_. But sometimes the distance growing between them leaves him exhausted.

But once Alexei passes his re-evals there's not time for them to ease back in to work because there's a mission... and it centers around Pavluhkin. Sean's meta ability makes him the ideal person for the mission. Infiltrate a party, retrieve an encoded drive that could link the Pavluhkins to Splice, and get out. The party is in London so Liam Wessex is brought in to act as their contact and way into the party. Alexei is sent along for the ride to test that both men truly are ready to go back into the field.

But as is usually the case with Alpha Team, things go FUBAR FAST! Janssen is at the party and the men have to fight their way out after retrieving the data. A car chase, Alexei setting things on fire, Sean phasing them and a tube ride ensue. Basically normal Alpha Team Chaos. But the end result is that Sean and Alexei finally find their balance and each other again... and Sean finds out that he has a bigger family than he realized, because Alpha Team has his back.

Hailey's characterizations were perfect, as usual, and the book was full of the lovely blend of humor, action, romance and explosions that I've come to associate with Hailey's writing. She is a master of detail and Out of The Ashes is a great example of a well-timed, well thought out plot. I am so thrilled to be able to say I know this author because I expect to see amazing things from her in the future!

But there were no pancakes for Alexei. Sadness :( (Hailey teased us saying Alexei was getting pancakes and then denied us the pancakes if y'all are wondering why I keep referencing pancakes. there's even a hashtag for it now #JusticeForAlexei!) 



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review 2012-07-31 00:00
Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge (Winter's Saga, #1) - Karen Luellen 3.5 -4 stars. I liked most of the book but Meg was a big reason why this only got 3.5 stars. Her word choices bugged me to no end. One paragraph she was all proper, the next she was saying things like WTF?, What the heck and Ugh. In certain parts of the book if I hadn't been aware of who was narrating the book already I would have thought different paragraphs were from completely different characters. And the word fellow was way overused IMO. Another big thing for me was that the kids had been trained in battle (and if you've read the book you know they can hold their own) but for all of that the family didn't have a go bag? I know it's a minor detail but considering that Margo had essentially prepared them for what might happen in almost every other form I was surprised that Meg didn't find a closet full of supplies that they might need. The plot itself was great and the prologue sucked me in I just wished some of the finer details were smoother. I loved Maze and how protective he was. I also got a kick out of Evan. I already purchased the second book in the series so I'll start that in a few days.
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