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text 2015-03-11 03:29
Micron Associates Travel Guide 101 - Packing tips

Whether it’s for work or for leisure, we all need (love) to travel at some point. And one of the things that require utmost planning and attention is packing your bags in such a way as to avoid hassles on your trip. Fortunately, Micron Associates Travel Guide has shared a few packing tips that will hopefully help you in adopting a travel-light mindset.


Backup important details. Have handwritten notes with you containing important numbers and addresses so if you lose your phone you still have a way to contact people whom you can ask for help. Also, important documents like passports and tickets should be photocopied and placed in different bags, just in case. However unlikely, you should also be prepared for worst-case scenarios (e.g. losing all your bags) — scan the documents and store them in your email.


Split up cash. Of course it’s always convenient that you keep valuables in your carry-on bag as much as possible. However, Micron Associates Travel Guide says that storing all your money in one bag could be a bad idea. Try splitting them among your various bags or pockets so just in case, you still have something to work upon. The same goes for other valuables like passports, tickets and credit cards.


Plan what to wear. If you already have an idea of the kind of place you’re going to and the types of activities you might be involved in, you should be able to plan only those items that are really needed. So if you know that it is summer at your destination, there should be no need for that jacket.


Use plastic bags. Usually, travellers use resealable plastic bags only on their toiletries and food in order to prevent leakage. But you can also use those to pack your clothes to prevent water from getting in! (You know, just in the off-chance that your bag gets dropped in a pool.) Also, Ziplocs are extremely handy in separating various kinds of clothing that will go in your suitcase. This also prevents your other stuff from absorbing any undesirable odor from shoes or sandals. Just think about it: no more rummaging to look for that other pair of socks. Not to mention you don’t have to display all your clothes at customs — just take out clear plastic bags then repack when done.

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