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text 2017-05-22 16:39
Reading progress update: I've read 4 out of 400 pages.
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 1 - Sara Pichelli,David Marquez,Chris Samnee,Brian Michael Bendis

I'm halfway tempted to do what I never do, and follow up a graphic novel with another graphic novel; this looks SO good! it's probably not going to happen--Disclaimer will likely prevail--but I am looking forward to Miles Morales as my gatekeeper to the Ultimates Universe, or whatever I'm supposed to be calling it. the added bonus: flipping through this, and reading the back cover, has revealed a Mysterio presence, AND a Prowler presence...two of my fave raves! so, soon, no doubt.

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quote 2016-09-29 18:29
"Remember what I told you when we first met?"

"'Baby powder in the private area will reduce costume chaffing'?"

"And with great power..."
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Vol. 1 - Sara Pichelli,Brian Michael Bendis

Spider Man & Spider Man (Miles Morales)

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review 2015-08-23 15:38
Uneven, but brilliant for all that
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 - Revival (Ultimate Spider-Man - Brian Michael Bendis,Dave Marquez,Mark Bagley,Mark Brooks,Stuart Immonen,David Lafuente

A lot of what I like about Miles Morales is here: the young child, struggling to find his place in a world full of superheroes, where he is counted amongst them.   He's trying to balance school, his friend Ganke, his girlfriend Katie Bishop and his superhero life. 


Of course, nothing is that easy.   His father blames Spider-Man - the new, post Parker Spider-Man - for his wife's death.   Of course, she was helping people in the hospital where she worked, and got shot by a police officer, so it wasn't directly Spider-Man's fault.   It was a big fight due to Spider-Man, and Miles' father has never been all that fond of superheroes in general.  


But when Galactus - from the normal Marvel universe -  breaks through the walls of the multiverses and starts devouring alternate universes, well, Miles thinks he has no choice but to reveal his secret identity as Spider-Man.   He'd been trying to get his father to leave, but had been running around as his alter-ego, trying to save New York.   It made sense as Cataclysm was happening, and New Jersey had been destroyed, as in completely wiped off the map.  


This all happened before this series, but also explains why Miles is living alone.   His mother dead, his father run off by this secret, he worries about telling Katie his secret.   Will it drive her off?   Will she stay when he keeps 'flaking', although he's really running off to save people?


And to further complicate things, other people are lying about certain people not being dead.   It all adds up to one headache after another for Miles, and while he's a trooper, I wonder how much of this pace he can take.   I do hope he catches a break soon.   It's rewarding to see him march on, to see him use humor and bravery, and certainty that he's doing right to keep going, but poor kid!


Some issues were funnier than others, and all had the potential to be that funny.   The pacing felt off too, with some issues a bit more action-packed, and others at a bit of a lull.   I'm not sure I can point my finger at why this doesn't have the same spark for me that the original Morales/Spider-Man series did, but it just doesn't.   It's a little more depressing, maybe?   


I'm going to wait for MU to get the final issues up until I read the second volume, which I hope does pick up for me.   Overall, this was really good, there were some really funny moments, and I can't believe how much I ship Miles/Katie.    I'd read the second volume just to find out what happens with them, to be honest.  


For now, though, Spider-Men!

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review 2015-08-10 04:31
Spider-man Spider-men
Spider-Men - Sara Pichelli,Brian Michael Bendis

This has to be one of my favorite spin-off series ever. I just LOVE this 5 part comic series. I can't recommend it enough.


Peter Parker finds Mysterio using a interdenominational portal to another dimension. And of course Peter gets sucked into the portal. When he is teleported fully to the other side of the portal, he finds out that it's still the same New York City he loves and protects. But as he goes around the city he finds out everyone knows that Peter Parker is Spider-man (and his costume is in bad taste) and not only that. But.... Peter Parker Died a few months back. He's confused and scared and goes swinging through the city trying to figure out what's going on. And It just gets weirder and weirder from there! PLEASE please please pick this comic up in graphic novel form or comic form! It's so superb and amazing! 

Thanks for reading <3

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