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review 2017-03-16 15:00
Ninefox Gambit Review
Ninefox Gambit - Yoon Ha Lee

There are some books that demand your full attention and dedication to reading the monster, but they pay off in the end. They’ll never be books you rave about, but you’re glad you read them for one reason or another. (Aurora, 2312, etc.) And there are books like Ninefox Gambit. They demand full attention and dedication to reading it, but at no point ever provide a payoff.


Even though most math makes me run screaming in the opposite direction, I did like the premise of a math-based system of fighting. Too bad it just feels like the author took your basic fantasy mage skills and substituted math words instead of spell words. And that ticks me off. The first fight that we see Cheris and her troops in completely caught my attention. I was entranced and ready to dive in. And then the magic, pardon the pun, started slipping away. It became just another variant (sorry) of the stuff that bores me in fantasy novels.


Fans of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth will find familiar ground in the faction-separated systems in Ninefox Gambit. However, unlike in Roth’s series (which I did not finish, just to be clear), there are no heroes to root for. The characters in Ninefox Gambit are pale imitations of human beings shoved into the roles needed for the author play out his epic battles. I think I was supposed to care about Jedao’s backstory, but I didn’t. Even at the end it was very much “That’s nice, dear” instead of “Oh, that explains it all!”


I’m willing to admit that part of my problem with Ninefox Gambit is probably a lack of cultural understanding. The closest I’ve ever come to understanding any Eastern culture is regular visits to the local noodle house. So I don’t understand the calendrical naming system, the emphasis on presentation and conformity, etc. I don’t understand how things could develop to the point they have in this novel. And the sheer amount of calm discussion and introspection in lieu of action in this book made me want to fall over and start snoring.


The sad thing is that about midway through chapter fifteen, Ninefox Gambit actually started to catch my interest again. Even amuse me. But it’s yet another one of those cases where it’s too little, too late.


Overall, Ninefox Gambit just felt like a colossal waste of time that didn’t satisfy me on any level.

Source: www.scifiandscary.com/ninefox-gambit-review/#more-26992
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review 2017-02-12 16:53
Alien Paladin's Woman by Vi Voxley Review
Alien Paladin's Woman: SciFi Alien-Human Military Suspense Romance - Vi Voxley

Sometimes, what the galaxy needs is a hero no one's ever heard of.

Tieran, the Commander of the Palian paladins, has never been allowed to have anything of his own, other than the blade in his hands and the honor he serves with. But a feisty, curvy, and utterly impossible human woman is about to change all that. He never thought that he'd desire something or someone as much as he needs her and nothing will take her from him. Even if he has to slay the most feared enemy ever known for her.

Audrey Price has seen a lot of hard work and cold times as a governor of ice planet mining colonies. She never expected to be in the middle of the greatest hunt in the galaxy, though. One moment, she was protecting her miners from an alien threat, and the next moment, she's tied to said threat, with only one man capable of keeping her and the rest of the universe in one piece. The sexy, infuriating paladin who makes her core pulse as hard as he makes her want to wring his neck.

Coming to grips with the fact that she's the key to tracking down one of the most mysterious and horrible races known is no easy feat, but that's nothing compared to dealing with the fact that she might be falling for the paladin. And when all eyes are on them, including a pair that can see through space and leave havoc in its path, Audrey and Tieran are in the fight of their life.

Not only for their own safety, but for that of the galaxy as a whole.






I just have so much fun with this series!


Where did that book go? Oh, I read it already. So fun!


The hero is this one is a super smart warrior from a race of peacekeeping geniuses. How dope is that?

He is very pragmatic.


The heroine is an adventuress organizer who is appointed governor of far flung colonies. How dope is that?


They make a wonderful partnership in this non stop action adventure and save each other many times.




PS the chest veins on the cover creep me out. That is all

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review 2014-06-08 05:31
Disturbing look at what happens when death in war becomes meaningless
The Eternity Brigade - Stephen Goldin

I originally read this book back when I was in high school, not so long after the Vietnam war that people still questioned why wars were even being fought. Even back then this story stuck with me, and was my first real introduction to the sub-genre of military science fiction. What happens when killing doesn't matter, death doesn't matter, all that matters is to complete the mission, with no understanding of WHY you are fighting the war or killing the guy in the blue armband, only to be put to sleep when it's all said and done and woken up when the next war rolls around to kill again.

Now, upon re-reading the updated edition in 2014, it strikes me how well this book brings you into the psyche of a 'career soldier' caught in this hellish merry-go-round as he is resurrected to fight in wars again and again. It was disturbing when I read this story back in the early 1980's, and it's even MORE disturbing now as we are not yet extricated from Afghanistan (which at least STARTED with a purpose) and Iraq (which is like ... WTF???) and already there are hawkish clamorings to 'help' Ukraine or 'help' Syria. War is dehumanizing, and while some wars can't be avoided, this book highlights that soldiers are not some fungible commodity to be shuffled form war to war.

Great read! 5-stars.

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