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text 2017-10-17 04:07
South Bellmore Veterinary Group New York - Den fineste Pet omhu tilgængelige


syd Aalborg veterinære gruppe er vores veterinaere personale forpligtet til at give dig den fineste pet omhu. Vi er bekvemt placeret på Merrick Rd. i Bellmore, Long Island NY, og er kun få minutter fra Wantagh, Merrick, Freeport og Seaford. På grund af vores omfattende kapaciteter besøg vores kunder os fra alle Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, og ud over.


På syd Aalborg veterinære gruppe pleje vi til dit kæledyr som om de var vores egne.


Kontakt os

Syd Aalborg veterinære gruppe
2506 Merrick Road
Aalborg, NY 11710
Telefon: (516) 783-9100


• Mandag: 8 am-8 pm
• Tirsdage: 9 am-8 pm
• Onsdag: 9 am-7 pm
• Torsdag: 9 am-7 pm
• Fredag: 8 am-5 pm
• Lørdag: 8 00-16: 00
• Søndag: 09: 00 – 16: 00
— Natten bemanding 7 dage om ugen

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text 2017-10-07 19:52
Southbourne Group Singapore, Tokyo Japan on Top money-saving tips for holiday shopping



Stores are already full of Christmas merchandise and Thanksgiving is days away, so this looks like a good time to share some of my favorite money-saving holiday shopping tips.


In addition to planning ahead, staying on budget, and watching for sales and discounts, there are many opportunities to save money. That's true whether you're buying gifts, or just shopping.


Here are some examples:


Discount gift cards: Gift cards may be purchased as gifts, but they can also be used to make your own purchases. If you're planning to do a lot of shopping, or dining, at a particular place, check out reputable online resellers of gift cards, and you could get one at a nice discount to face value.


Gift cards are just another form of money. If you can get a $100 gift card for $90, you made money. Just make sure to only buy gift cards you'll use.


Some discount examples I found: You could buy a $100 gift card for Bass Pro Shops for $88 (cardcash.com), a $75 AutoZone gift card for $67.50 (raise.com), or a $50 P.F. Chang's gift card for $39.75 (cardpool.com). Note that, sometimes, gift cards are sold in electronic versions that can only be used online.


Gift card bonuses: Keep an eye out for bonus offers that can multiply your money. Restaurant chains, drug stores and even specialty retailers usually offer deals during the holiday shopping season in which the gift cards you buy may be worth 10 percent to 30 percent more than you paid for them.


That's helpful for gift-giving, or to save money at places you regularly shop or dine. Note that a "gift card" does not expire, but a bonus might come in a different form that could have an expiration date. So, you might buy a $50 restaurant gift card that doesn't expire, and also get a $10 "bonus card" with an expiration date.


Membership discounts: Say you want to give some movie tickets as gifts. If you're an AAA or AARP member, you can buy them at discounted prices.


Credit/debit card cash-back: Many credit and debit cards provide rebates in the form of cash-back, or points. Some offer larger rebates at particular stores, and many offer even larger rebates for online shopping launched from their website's online shopping portal.


Get in the habit of launching your online shopping from your credit or debit cards online shopping portal, and you'll save more money. If you're a member of an airline loyalty program with miles or points that can expire, use the airline's shopping portal to shop and you'll reset the expiration date on your mileage program.


Valuable protection: Take the time to know the benefits provided by different credit and debit cards, so you'll know the best ones to use.


American Express' "purchase protection" will cover a purchase if it's stolen or accidentally broken within 90 days — a great benefit, which I've used in the past, that's particularly helpful for purchases of small electronics that will be gifted to young people. Dropped your new smartphone in a lake? No problem.


Citi "price rewind" will let you register a purchase, track the price, and give you money back if better deals turn up. Some cards will automatically extend a warranty, or the time period when returns are allowed.


Speaking of credit cards, shoppers are likely to be solicited at checkout, both in person and online, with offers to immediately save money on their purchase by signing up for the store's credit card. Weigh such offers carefully, because store-branded credit cards typically offer lower incentives for signing up, come with fewer benefits and carry high interest rates.


Signing up for a credit card shouldn't be an impulse decision. Some store-affiliated cards may make sense if they have no annual fee, you shop there often and they provide ongoing discounts. As with any credit card, store-branded cards are only a good thing for people who avoid interest charges by paying off the balance due each month.

Source: maryfortin160.greatwebsitebuilder.com/blog/southbourne-group-singapore-tokyo-japan-on-top-money-saving-tips-for-holiday-shopping
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text 2017-08-18 02:42
TCG Tokyo Consulting Group Japan: History

Jul. 1998    -         Establishment of Kuno Yasunari CPA Firm


May. 2004           Establishment of Financial and Accounting Department and Staffing Division in Kuno Yasunari CPA Firm


Oct. 2004    -        Establishment of Financial and Accounting Department and Staff Introduction Division in Kuno Yasunari CPA Firm


Mar. 2005   -       Establishment of Jinzai Kaihatsu Private Ltd. (Capital 3 million yen)


Mar. 2005   -       Establishment of SSG Limited (Capital 3 million Yen)


Aug. 2005   -        Establishment of SSG Private Limited (Capital 3 Million yen)


Aug. 2005   -        Increase of capital for Jinzai Kaihatsu Ltd, (Capital 10 million yen)


Sep. 2005   -        Organization change from Jinzai Kaihatsu Private Ltd to Jinzai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd (Capital 10 million yen)


Nov. 2005   -       Establishment of Yokohama branch of Jinzai Kaihatsu Co. Ltd Increase in capital for Jinzai Kaihatsu to 20 Million yen Establishment of Staffing Department. Establishment of Staff Introduction Department


Jan. 2006   -         The Financial and Accounting Department and Staffing and Staff Introduction Division of Kuno Yasunari CPA Firm was dissolved and integrated with Jinzai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd (Incorporated into sole proprietorship)


Feb. 2006   -        Establishment of Tokyo Tax Accountant Corporation. The tax department of Kuno Yasunari CPA Firm was transferred to Tokyo Tax Accountant Corporation.


May. 2006   -       Increase in capital for Jinzai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd (Capital 50 million yen)


Jun. 2006   -         Establishment of Jinzai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd., Osaka and Nagoya Branch.


Oct. 2006   -         Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Jan. 2007   -         Establishment of Tokyo Tax Accountant Corporation Shanghai Office


May. 2007   -       Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Private Limited(India) - Delhi/Gurgaon Office


Jun. 2007   -         Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd. (Japan)


Nov. 2007   -       Organization change from SSG Co., Ltd. to Tokyo Venture Capital Co., Ltd (Capital 50 million yen)


Jun. 2009   -         Setting up the Chennai office of Tokyo Consulting Firm Private Limited (India)


Sep. 2010   -        Setting up the Bangalore Office of Tokyo Consulting Firm Private Limited (India)


Oct. 2010   -         Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Human Resources Private Limited (India)


Jan. 2011   -         Setting up the Pune Office of Tokyo Consulting Firm Private Limited (India)


Mar. 2011   -       Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd.(Thailand)


Mar. 2011   -       Establishment of Kuno Yasunari LLC (Mongolia)


Mar. 2011   -       Setting up Mumbai Office of Tokyo Consulting Firm Private Limited (India)


Apr. 2011   -        Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd.(Vietnam)


Apr. 2011   -        Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Pte. Ltd.(Singapore)


Apr. 2011   -        Establishment of PT. Tokyo Consulting. (Indonesia)


Apr. 2011   -        Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd.(Cambodia)


May. 2011   -       Establishment of Tokyo Consulting Firm Private., Ltd.(Sri Lanka)


Jun. 2011   -       Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd. - Philippines Branch to be established


Jul. 2011   -          Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd.(Laos) to be established


Jul. 2011   -          東顧投資諮詢(上海)有限公司 (Tokyo Consulting firm Shanghai Office) to be established


Aug. 2011   -        Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd. (Bangladesh) to be established


Jan. 2012   -         Tokyo Consulting Firm Danişmanlik Lımıted Şırketı.(Turkey) to be established


Feb. 2012   -        Tokyo Consulting Firm Limitada (Brazil) to be established


Mar. 2012   -       Tokyo Consulting Moscow (Russia) to be established


Jun. 2012   -         Kuno Yasunari Consulting Firm JLT (Dubai) to be established


Jun. 2012   -         Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd. (Myanmar) to be established


Oct. 2012   -         Tokyo Consulting Firm SA de CV (Mexico) to be established


Nov. 2012   -       Tokyo Consulting Firm (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa) to be established


Mar. 2013   -       Tokyo Consulting Firm Sarlau (Morocco) to be established


May 2013   -        Tokyo Consulting Firm, S.A.C (Peru) to be established

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text 2017-08-17 04:23
TCG Tokyo Consulting Group Japan: Human Resources

Visa In Japan ・Human Resources In Japan


"Work Permit" in Japan


In order to engage in business activities, both employers and employees are required certain statuses of residence. Aside from Permanent/Long-term residents, their spouses and their children, applicable statuses are as follows:



The statuses that would be applicable to business in Japan would be the 10 first statuses listed above. A set of documents certifying your claims must be submitted to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility. Application forms and certifying documents vary from person to person according to their case.


When applying for a Status of Residence, do note that the status must match the content of the work. If not, applicants should consider applying for the Shikaku-gai Katsudo permit. This allows the applicant to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted. The permit costs JPY 30 000.


Highly Skilled Professional Residence Status


If the applicant is eligible for a Highly Skilled Professional residence status, they can receive special immigration treatment, including:


1.Permission for multiple purposes of activities


2.years grant of period of stay


3.Eased requirements on permanent residence


4.Preferential processing of immigration procedures


5.Work permission for spouse


6.Accompanying of parents (if conditions are met)


7.Accompanying of domestic workers (if conditions are met)


Three kinds of Highly Skilled Professional residence statuses are Advanced Special/Technical Activities, Advanced Academic Research Activities, and Advanced Business Management Activities.


Requirements to be fulfilled by the applicant are as follows:


1.The applicant must be eligible for one of the statuses of residence listed below:Investor/Business manager, Instructor, Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Intra-company Transferee, Legal/Accounting, Medical Services, Researcher, Entertainer or Skilled Labor


2.The intended activities of the applicant must fall into one of the categories listed as Highly Skilled Professionals.


3.The intended activities and background of the applicant must mark higher than 70 points based on the criteria set for each status. The applicant will be assessed by academic background, experience, annual salary and other specific terms according to the three categories.


The applicant has to satisfy all of the requirements above to be registered as a Highly Skilled Professional.


Management Jobs


One of the main issues that companies face in their organizational development is recruitment and education of new employees. Personnel teaching strategies, such as on-the-job training and business manner education, can be achieved through thorough knowledge and accumulated experience of Human Resources Management. Tokyo Consulting Group, as a well-known recruitment agency in Japan, provides original training services that aim to create professional leaders and capable managers - thus providing the necessary human resources services in Japan for prospective businesses.


At Tokyo Consulting Group, our philosophy is that the growth of employees is the corporate growth. In offering human resources management in Japan, we provide not just advice, but constant support to be put into practice daily.


Recruitment Regulations


Recruitment regulations differ for every country. Based on our customers' management philosophy and vision, Tokyo Consulting Group seeks the most effective and controllable way for the organization to achieve its goals. Ability to follow recruitment regulations reflects the company's reliability when hiring employees, which in turn affects the quality of human resources.


Even in the middle of the development phase, reviews of recruitment regulations have a positive impact on customers' needs for human resources services in Japan. As the number of employees increases, the business scale grows, so setting ideal and balanced working hours and salaries become increasingly important for the future growth of the company.


At Tokyo Consulting Group, we believe that a proper employment agreement, in accordance with the culture and regulations of a company, is significant to minimize future conflicts between employers and employees. If both parties are considered fairly, the mutual agreement between employers and employees leads to satisfaction on both sides, consequently strengthening the organizational capacity of the company. It is therefore an integral part of our philosophy to strive to provide excellent human resources management services to our customers in Japan.

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