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text 2019-11-07 11:26
Utility Mobile Applications for Different Events and Conferences

In the corporate world, quite a big share of the budget is dedicated to events, that is because events come under a good marketing strategy. Different types of events are conducted, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, et cetera, to achieve targeted goals, attract the audience and their attention, to market about brand or product or service. For this purpose, event planners or conference organizers need to utilize a powerful tool to manage everything more efficiently and effectively. Such a powerful tool is none other than mobile apps for events and conferences.

This advanced tool has gained a lot of popularity among event planners, the audience (attendees), sponsors, and exhibitors. That is because the mobile app for events or conferences is designed with useful tools for everyone from different categories, be it a team of planners, attendees, invitees, or the guests of the event, sponsors, and partners.

Mobile application software program like conference event app has several beneficial features to manage the event(s) very well, right from the beginning to end and even for establishing a strong base of next event. A planner can indeed utilize the app even before the event starts, and keep attendees engaged. It is important to keep the audience or attendees excited about the event by providing necessary information, details, and updates. There are several ways to keep them engaged so that on the day of the event, planner(s) can have a maximum of attendees at the venue.

Mobile apps for events and conferences are used to create a personalized experience as these apps allow people (attendees) to choose and save their favorites. They are allowed to research the opportunities being offered at the event. They can make their schedules and can receive notifications containing updates of events(s). With the help of interactive maps, they can easily reach out to the venue, access information about local transport, et cetera, too. They can gather information about guests of events. These apps allow improving event networking.

If you want one of the best conference apps, you can rely on Grupio, a leading service provider offering a powerful platform to all sectors to have mobile apps for events. You can have native apps for Androids, iPhones, mobile-optimized websites for different platforms.

For more information, visit Grupio.com

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text 2019-10-09 06:23
Why Choose Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences?
Most business events are focused to engage maximum attendees and generate ROI. Like every field, mobile apps also transformed event management and made it simpler. Tons of businesses are relying on these apps for event management. The reasons are that some of the best mobile event apps are not only beneficial for businesses, but attendees also find them engaging and convenient. These apps reduce the cost of printing, eases data management, accumulation, and analysis, and broaden the reach of the business.
If you haven't tried a mobile app for your events and looking for mobile apps for events and conferences should consider numerous things, for example, benefits, cost, and effectiveness. As the attendees can easily be reached through mobile event apps, it has become essential to these apps to survive in the competition. A custom event app can simplify the activities performed before, during, and after the event. When choosing an application you should make sure it is in your budget, and include features to drive engagement, and increase sponsorship revenue. A good event app can help you to organize your team, speed up the registration, attendee management, provide real-time analytics, and even allow you to manage multiple events simultaneously.
Whether you are planning a conference, meeting, or need the best university mobile apps, you should try Grupio. It is one of the most effective event apps suitable for event organizers. It helps them to make the event more productive for the attendees. Customers can choose from the available options, including Grupio Express, Grupio Custom, and Grupio Multi-Event. With the express version, users can take advantage of the effective content management system, and publish content using simple steps. On the other hand, the custom version allows you to create a personalized mobile experience for the attendees of your event.
For more information, visit Grupio.com
Content has been taken from http://bit.ly/30Zo61a
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text 2019-10-05 08:39
Manage Events Professionally with Top Event Planning Apps for iPhone

Whether it is a trade show or a conference, attendees desire to get the latest updates within a short time. It is essential to have a solution like event apps, to keep your attendees connected, and informed. Many business owners are using these apps to plan and organize meetings, conferences, and trade shows. Thus, it has become crucial to use event planning apps for iPhone in order to drive engagement and ensure event success.


There are a plethora of reasons to incorporate mobile apps for event management. Event apps are built with the intention to help users to communicate with attendees before, during, and after the event. Custom event apps are scalable, secure, and easy to use, compared to other web-based programs. Attendees can get quick access to the event-related information within a few taps. Developing a new mobile app from scratch for event management can be time-consuming and expensive. Whether you are looking for effective event apps for a corporate event or the best university mobile apps, it is always a good idea to invest in a reliable custom app services. Attendee focused Iphone event apps boost interaction, brand recognition, and engagement, and helps to generate ROI.


For all business events, Grupio is the best option. It is a well-known event app service provider offering customers to get a custom app for their event needs. They have different cost-effective products for better event management like Grupio Custom, Grupio Express, and Grupio Multi-Event. With Grupio Express, you can use an advanced content management system to publish your content easily and get your event featured in the app for better exposure. On the other hand, Grupio custom is one of the best event apps 2019 that provides organizers and event attendees with a unique experience.

For more information, visit Grupio.com

This content has been taken from https://bit.ly/331TJZF

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