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review 2018-05-14 04:54
Mona Lisa Overdrive - William Gibson

Really good story that was somewhat faster paced than the previous book in the trilogy. I was a little surprised at the reference to a second matrix at the end and where it originated.

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review 2018-01-25 09:07
Review: Too Rich For a Bride
Too Rich for a Bride - Mona Hodgson

Ida Sinclair is headed to Cripple Creek. She must first graduate from Business school. There someone that tries and mess that up with her. Her professor see her skills and is intruding and asks Ida to meet him at his office to chat after she done with her duties.


Ida just want a job in the business world? Will she get it in New York or will she go to Cripple Creek? That her plan to go to Cripple Creek to be with her sisters Nell and Kat along. Her father want he to. Her little sister Vivian is to join them the next summer.


Tucker Raines is asked to come to Cripple Creek by his mother. He arrives a day or so before Ida Sinclair. He left his sister to come help out. He finds out his father is ill and he got to take over the family business “The Raines Ice Company”. Tucker finds that having his mother and father stay in Colorado Springs so that his father can stay at the hospital is the best option and care.


Tucker finds out what the real reason and his father is in debt. How will Tucker pull his family business out of debt but also pay for his sister Willow care as well. Tucker runs into Ida Sinclair for the first time at the depot with his mother and father.


There are surprises as you turn the pages. What will happen to Tucker and Ida? Mona get you hooked and you can't be let go. You also learn about the Cripple Creek around that time period in history.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/01/review-too-rich-for-bride.html
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text 2017-10-27 21:17
Double Bingo Oct 27
Carmilla - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Faerie Tale: A Novel of Terror and Fantasy - Raymond E. Feist
Dead Sea - Tim Curran
Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel - Ben Aaronovitch
In The Woods - Jessica Mallory,Thomas Washburn Jr
Stalking Jack - Madison Kent
Mirror Mirror - Anthony M. Strong
High Witch (High Witch Book 1) (Volume 1) - Mona Hanna
The Werewolf Whisperer: ¬°Feliz Navidad! (A Werewolf Whisperer Novella Book 1) - Bonita Gutierrez,Camilla Ochlan

I'm sure they'll all fall fast and furious now, but it's fun anyway. Diagonal top left to bottom right and 5th row down!



Just two more squares to call!

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review 2017-10-13 20:49
mixed feelings
Begin Again: Allie and Kaden's Story - Mona Kasten,Toby Axelrod

Ally moves to college. And is looking for a place to live as the dorms were already full,  and then finds out Kaden has a spare room. Kaden is nasty and rude at first.  He doesn’t want to live with a girl but Ally talks him into giving her a chance as a roommate. Kaden has some rules: 1- don’t talk about her girl problems,  2- keep her mouth shut if he brings someone home, 3-  they will never hook up.    Ally escaped her rich controlling family to go to college and she made  sure the college wasn’t close to her family. Ally didn’t take Kaden’s bs though. Kaden was a hot but tortured guy. Who really usually only does one night stands. Ally and kaden both have a troubled past and both have issues. Kaden has tattoos and each one represents a memory from his past. Kaden and Ally become friends and start to become more. Then Kaden’s brother shows up and he threatens to tell Ally about kaden’s past which he is ashamed of.

I had mixed feelings about this book. It had a good plot. I didn’t like Kaden at first he was just rude and mean. I do believe some things got ,lost in translation as this was originally written in german by a German author. I do think the issues portrayed in this book are realistic. This had a pretty good ending. But this was fairly predictable. I liked how Ally didn’t take Kaden’s bs. I loved how there was a build up yo kaden’s and Allys relationship. I thought this book was a little too long and could have been shorter. I didn't like the back and forth had about being together or not. I didn’t really care for kaden’s mood swings. I also didn’t like how Kaden blames everything he does wrong on his bad past. I said I had mixed feeling on this book.

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review 2017-09-30 10:55
High Witch
High Witch (High Witch Book 1) (Volume 1) - Mona Hanna

by Mona Hanna


By the time I got a couple of Kindle pages in, I worked out that I'd walked into a YA Romance, but the writing was reasonably good so I persevered. Then a line of internal dialogue gave me a hint that there was something original about it and my interest increased. Also it's from the boy's point of view, which is less common.


It's a fairly simple story with a few clichés, most notably the boy protecting the girl when she's an all-powerful witch. It's a sweet story, but at times too sweet. I imagine it would be good for romantically dreaming young girls. The world building shows promise and the writing is good, but the plotting and internal thoughts of the main character are definitely too young for me. If it weren't for the sex, I'd say pre-teen level. The sex is mostly off-camera, but still more than I want to read about.


My only real complaint is the lack of free will involved. Surely a High Witch, according to the rules of magic established in the story, is too powerful to be compelled? But the author sets the rules so it is as it is. Not my cuppa, but the author shows potential.

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