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review 2018-01-16 20:00
Monsters Among Us
The Last Wish : Introducing the Witcher - Andrzej Sapkowski,Danusia Stok

"The Last Wish" is a collection of stories about Geralt Rivia, the Witcher, whose occupation is to deal with monsters. This is a frame story in which other stories are the memories that the protagonist recalls as he recovers from a nearly fatal wound.

Readers who enjoy dark fantasy, fables, and fairy tales will love this book. The author retells some well-known fairy tales with ingeunity, such as "Beauty and the Beast" , "Sleeping Beauty," "Rapunzel", and "Snow White", and he also offers unique twists on ancient Eastern European legends such as the strigoi and rusalka, jinn, and even the Fair Folk, Fae or Elves. Some stories are pretty scary, and some are fairly humorous. Some have a little of both. All are written with loving care, with emotional depth, and plenty of action scenes.

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review 2017-11-20 17:30
Every Story Was Monstrous Fun
The Monster Hunter Files - Larry Correia,Jim Butcher,Faith Hunter,Jonathan Maberry,Oliver Wyman,Khristine Hvam,Bailey Carr,Audible Studios
Fabulous audiobook, filled with excellent short stories perfect for travel, walking, sitting or just ignoring the people around you. The narration was very well done. I think this is the first anthology where I enjoyed all the stories and authors.
Two of my favorite authors were included in this monster hunter collection of short stories, Jim Butcher, and Faith Hunter. Both write fabulous characters and truly wicked monsters, so I was thrilled when I won a copy of this. Yes, both knocked it out of the park with their tales. Really I had no doubts they wouldn't. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed each of the other authors previously unknown to me. I think the last story was my favorite new to me author story, it was about a Golem, I love Golems.
I plan on reading each of the other authors from this collection.


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text 2017-10-24 03:03
Reading progress update: I've read 60%.
Alex Finch: Monster Hunter: The Monster Files, Book 1 - Cate Dean,Kathleen Burns Kingsbury,Susan Walsh Sanderson

Great audio filled with excellent monster hunter stories, mysterious and scary :D Perfect for my long drive to Dallas last weekend

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review 2017-08-07 00:00
Monster Hunter Siege (Monster Hunters International Book 6)
Monster Hunter Siege (Monster Hunters In... Monster Hunter Siege (Monster Hunters International Book 6) - Larry Correia It feels like a long time since I got to sink my teeth into a Monster Hunter Internal story. Well at least one that takes place in the main story arc that is.

I did indeed have rather high expectations on this one and Mr. Correia certainly delivered.

The book continues the story from book five. Hell, at least as far as I remember. The last book was published three years ago and I have to confess that some of the details might have faded in my memory.

We get introduced to Owen’s father who, not surprisingly, is just as much badass as his son. He also has a secret. I do not think I can explain it without spoiling too much so I will not try but it’s a big one and it’s pretty a damned important one for the story.

As usual with books from Larry Correia it is a well written book, no bullshit, plenty of action, enjoyable dialogue and lots and lots of hardware that makes loud noises (okay there was a few Katana’s and other cutting instruments as well). Actually in this movie the amount of hardware is overshadowing all the previous books taken together. MHI is going to war! Not only MHI but pretty much the entire monster hunter community…all over the world.

With all this going on the book is a bit different from the previous books. It is on a different scale and although Owen is still the main character, and one crucial for the story, the books is not so much about the MHI team as the other books but rather about good versus evil on a global scale. I have no problem with that.

My one gripe about this book is, where the fuck is Frank? Yes, yes, I know he was briefly present in the beginning but I really miss the little altercations between Frank and the MHI team.

Overall a great book and it was so good to sink my eyes into a Larry Correia book again.
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review 2017-03-15 00:00
Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter
Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter - Russell ... Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter - Russell Nohelty This was perhaps one of the more interesting graphic novels that I've read. There've been others I enjoyed more, but this one made me think. It's genuinely hard to tell if Ichabod is actually a monster killer at the end of the world, or if this is just a glimpse into the mind of an insane serial killer justifying his kills.

The drawing style wasn't my favorite. It did suit the material, but some of the characters looked a wee bit too similar.

Definitely enjoyed it.
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