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review 2019-02-18 20:56
Review: Moonlight & Whiskey by Tricia Lynne
Moonlight & Whiskey - Tricia Lynne

Reviewed for Wit and Sin


A take-no-s*** heroine, a rockin’ hero, and the city of New Orleans are the stars of the show in Moonlight & Whiskey. Tricia Lynne’s debut shows she has a lot of promise as an author – the way she writes about NOLA makes you feel like you’re really there. The city is a vivid, luscious character in and of itself and was unquestionably my favorite part of the book.

I really wanted to like Avery and there are some things I really did enjoy about her. Watching her come into her own in her professional life was fantastic and she has some body image issues that make her relatable. But aside from that, Avery is a bit much for me. She tends to go from zero to one hundred in no time flat, she and her best friend can be crass (and it takes a lot to put me off in that area), and she just felt too over-the-top all the time with very few breathers. Declan starts out the book a pretty hot hero (who doesn’t love a hero who’s a bad boy/skilled lover/kind soul?), but the deeper he and Avery fall in love, the more his demons are brought out. There’s a lot of talk of the light and the dark in Moonlight & Whiskey, especially as it relates to Declan, and sometimes I felt like I was getting repeatedly hit over the head with this particular theme.

The romance is filled with erotic moments, but once the book starts travelling down the light/dark path the passion turns into flat-out drama. There are times Avery and Declan work really well together, but I wanted something more substantial than what was given to make me believe in them as a couple given how quickly they fall in love. A lot of overused tropes start appearing as well in the latter half of the book (the big misunderstanding, pushing someone away for their own good, the heroine who is always overlooked yet two very different kinds of guys fall all over themselves for her, etc.). I don’t want to spoil the story, but many of the obstacles in the way of Avery and Declan’s happily ever after don’t feel organic. There’s a certain character’s interference in particular that just felt shoehorned in for added drama and honestly I just wanted to shake all the characters and tell them to calm the f*** down for five minutes. Call it reader preference, but for me if there’s high drama there also needs to be some balance or the characters start to seem immature and the entire reading experience is like being hit by a two-by-four.

As I mentioned before, Moonlight & Whiskey is Ms. Lynne’s debut and while I had issues with the characters and romance, there really are times in the story her writing was captivating. The way she brought NOLA to life ensures that I’ll definitely want to read another one of her books because I’m interested to see how she grows as an author.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.



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review 2019-02-03 15:10
Snark abounds.
Eleventh Grave in Moonlight - Darynda Jones

Snark abounds, the humor is awesome. That is the only good thing I can say, regarding this book. These stories have become so far “out there”. I have finished this one, because I can’t imagine how these are going to end and make any sense. I love Charley and her group of characters, but the story line keeps growing and now, it is just out of control.   Have to finish, cannot imagine the ending. On to the next. 

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review 2019-01-16 22:30
The Moonlight Wedding (Married in Malibu) by Lucy Kevin, Bella Andre
The Moonlight Wedding - Lucy Kevin,Bella Andre



Love is about taking chances when it comes to matters of the heart. Well Kevin most definitely puts her heart into this rollercoaster romance. The Moonlight Wedding may be a whirlwind, but it's not always smooth sailing. The musician and the wedding planner are about to discover just like in life, when the odds seem insurmountable, love finds a way. Lucas and Meg are about to rewrite the stars with this sentimental romance. Lucy Kevin did good with this marvelous read.

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review 2019-01-15 20:26
More than Moonlight - Piper Vaughn,M.J. O'Shea

Tre novelle utilissime per scoprire qualche retroscena in più sul rapporto tra Shane e Jess. Le tre storielle sono molto brevi, carine, un po' erotiche (soprattutto la terza) e approfondiscono alcuni elementi già raccontati nei flashback del primo volume della serie spiegando meglio alcune cose che nel romanzo venivano accennate o raccontate a grandi linee. Consigliate a mio avviso dopo la lettura del primo romanzo della serie per riuscire ad apprezzarle meglio e capire di più il rapporto tra i due ragazzi e la nascita della loro love story 

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review 2018-12-25 04:27
Rise of the Dragon
Rise of the Dragon: an Urban Fantasy (Moonlight Dragon) (Volume 5) - Tricia Owens
This picks up where book 4 left off. We learn who the "Oddsmakers" are, Lev's fate, and what happened to Anne's uncle. There was a lot happening in this one. All-in-all, a satisfying conclusion. I thought everything was wrapped up nicely.


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