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review 2020-02-25 19:35
Crave (Clark Family #1) by: Evelyn Sola
Crave (Clark Family #1) - Evelyn Sola




I took a risk and fell in love. The Clark Family is a hot mess, but proved to be a captivating one. Sola pulls emotions into a perfect little soap opera. There's heartbreaking betrayal, powerful attraction and more love than even I expected. Jacob is a contradiction that was worth being explored. Caught up in a downward spiral of anger and bitterness, he finds his redemption in the most unlikely of places. Sandra is his total opposite. They have nothing in common except for an unpredictable, all consuming attraction that threatens to swallow them whole. Crave is an explosive introduction to a family as fiery as the author who created them.

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text 2019-07-22 07:05
Cover Reveal - Crave




Crave by New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff
Release Date: April 7, 2020



Crave is a romantic and thrilling tale of forbidden love, about the undying battle between feeling nothing and feeling so much, it could destroy everyone you love.



Connect with Tracy Wolff online:


Website ~ Goodreads ~ Facebook ~ Twiiter



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review 2019-01-25 15:20
ARC REVIEW Crave the Heat by Marnee Blake

Crave the Heat (The Smokejumpers #2) The Smokejumpers #2, This can be read as a standalone. The two main characters in this book have quite a bit of baggage and throw in the suspense and you have a good read. It didn't jump out and catch my attention like I hoped it would but it wasn't bad. It went along at a steady pace the suspense and action were very good the romance is what got me. Dak and Heidi's attraction was pretty much instantaneous but Heidi moved to Oregon to escape her past, her ex and all the grief that relationship caused so she's pretty hesitant to get involved with someone again especially someone who such a high risk job. Dak has family drama up the wazoo, back home for the first time after ten years and the first time he sees his father it's only because his father needs him to do something and thinks he can manipulate Dak, he's very wrong about that. The romance, it was pretty hot and heavy at times but Heidi's wishy washy, back and forth actions got old quick, after the second time you just want to smack her upside the head and say, "it's a good thing".

Dak is a smokejumper he gets roped into acting as a liaison between the reservation and the forest services. Heidi is new to the arson investigator position here and she doesn't know a lot of people when first assigned a liaison she's a bit put off but the hottie ends up really helping her by introducing her to people who could actually help her. For Dak the series of fires happening on the reservation is personal and even though he knows who might be behind this he tries to fix it himself instead of informing Heidi and the local authorities. Which in the end causes a big rift between him and Heidi.

Overall, this was a good read. I really enjoyed the climactic conclusion to the events and when Dak and Heidi were together and she wasn't running scared I liked them together.   


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review 2018-11-13 12:53
Crave the Heat by Marnee Blake
Crave the Heat - Marnee Blake

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Dak Parrish has family issues. That's what he'd jumped at the opportunity to come back to Oregon to fight fires—his father, mother and little brother live on the reservation nearby. While his mother appears not to want to have anything to do with him, his father makes an impromptu visit, blackmailing Dak into helping an arsonist investigator look into suspicious fires...A prickly female investigator that quickly gets under Dak's skin...

Like its predecessor this story also didn't bring much to the table. The characters were bland (although the heroine was slightly too bitchy for my taste), the suspense had its moments, but the final reveal (without much motive behind it, or a worthy resolution) left everything to be desired, the pacing was plodding...

Another puffed-rice-cake equivalent.

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review 2018-10-16 02:51
good book and characters
Crave (Undone Book 1) - Jennifer Dawson

Layla’s pattern is long established -she vows, she craves, she gives in. But like any good addict, she always swears this is the last time. Layla tries , her therapist has given her some “management  tools” to get her through the hard times. But that too has become part of her ritual. Layla had lost her fiance John two weeks before her wedding. She held him as he died as he was murdered and she was also attacked. But Layla suffered with guilt and felt it was her fault. When the craving got to bad  she went to an underground sex club that John had taken her to the first time she went there and had meaningless ex so she didn’t have to feel. She had been doing this for the last year and a half. Layla made a set of rules that she made for her protection. Then she meets Michael and he isn’t the type to follow rules so he is dangerous to Layla  he is a Homicide Detective but he can give Layla what she needs. Layla and Michael do feel a connection- more than usual for Layla as she usually just has one night stands. Michael wants Layla more than he has ever wanted anyone else. Michael goes right through Layla’s walls, defenses, and rules that she had made to protect herself.

I did enjoy reading this book. It did confuse me for awhile it did drag for me at times. I felt so very bad for Layla and what she had went through. I loved Layla and Michael together. I liked the plots and there was hot sex scenes in this book. I enjoyed the twists in this story. I felt like I was there with Layla. I loved seeing Layla heal and get herself back together with Michael help. I loved the characters and the twists and ins and outs of this book and I recommend this.

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