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text 2019-09-17 12:45
Tips to Best Delivery Experience with On Demand Delivery App

The on-demand delivery business in general and the food delivery service, in particular, has altogether transformed the entire food industry especially through the presence of a food ordering app.


Today, customers simply have to register or login to a food ordering app and then look for the restaurant delivering their meals at the most convenient price and placing their order and having it tracked through the in-built navigation and getting it delivered at their doorstep.


This simple process has altogether eased the life of customers by allowing them the flexibility to look for different restaurants with the best offer without getting disturbed as it happened earlier when they manually called the restaurant people to get their food delivered and finding out that the food stock is over.


There are many food ordering apps that have helped the customers in this process out of which a very prominent place is held by the Mr Delivery App which helps users get their food delivered to their doorstep in three simple steps,


Steps to Deliver Food on Mr Delivery

But here we are not going to talk about the delivery process and the users. We would be discussing the captains who in turn help accelerate the success of the Mr Delivery App, their delivery drivers.


Food delivery app


Delivery Driver


A delivery driver is a person who catapults a business towards its goals. In other words, the success of a business depends on the services it offers, especially if it is food on-demand delivery service.


As mentioned earlier the food ordering apps have altogether revolutionized the food ordering process for a user. However, it has also helped the delivery driver earn a livelihood through the process of food delivery.


How? The food delivery service through their food ordering app helps in hiring freelancers looking for jobs through the section of ‘Become a Driver’.


All that the new prospective employees have to do is register on it with their basic contact details, i.e., name, mobile number and email address. They next add their city and preferred hours per week along with the cell phone type.


Next, they mention the vehicle details as well as other important details required for legal work along with their age and finally submit it.


This is a very unique process of hiring the best force through a systematic background check which not only helps the business operate in a safe manner but also saves the user from any untoward incident.


Thus for any food delivery service especially new start-ups that want to deliver the best service to the users through their food ordering app, the Mr Delivery App Clone should also make sure to hire the right workforce to help them, i.e., skilled and professional delivery drivers.


Steps to Hiring the Right Force for Your Business


Document Submission present in the Mr Delivery App Clone, driver’s app so that the delivery personnel can update all their necessary earning


Get a Criminal Verification and Drug Test is done to see if the delivery driver has had any previous criminal background


Review Check by the previous employers to check the overall record of the delivery drivers


Benefits of food delivery app


Saves our time:

Going to a restaurant, ordering the food and if the restaurant is full and have no seats left then it will undoubtedly spoil your mood and also waste your time.


Saves us from cooking:


It is undoubtedly true that handmade foods have their own quality and a genuine taste, but food delivery services save us from the burden of cooking and it is also an easy process. The food is simply ordered, delivered and then consumed. It is also a good service for the elder ones who don't have energy even to go into the kitchen and cook the food.


Wide variety of menu:

So, if you want your food ordering app, the Mr Delivery App Clone to become a hit among users, make sure that your captains are the best so that they can sail your ship of food delivery to a new height.

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text 2019-09-07 14:59
Steps in Creating a Food Delivery App like UberEats

Before the arrival of food delivery apps like UberEats, Swiggy, and Zomato, ordering food is not a burden anymore. It is, of course, a tedious business to call a restaurant and order the food we love in the past where there was no application. The traditional way of ordering food is troublesome and you have to explain your specifications over a call, unaware of the new categories and so on. 


Now with the arrival of apps like UberEats, Zomato and FoodPanda, we can have everything we want in minutes. Food delivery apps are beneficial to us in so many ways, 


  • Few taps service
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • More categories


The on-demand food delivery industry is a billion-dollar sector and there is a huge demand for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the sector. Are you one among them with a dream of starting a business on your own? That’s one of the easiest ways to earn revenue in a short span. 


The primary step is to build a food delivery app for your business. UberEats clones are readily available in the market which helps you save time and money. AppDupe, one of the pioneers in app development offers an easily customizable UberEats clone at an affordable cost with a variety of features such as, 


  1. Control page
  2. Notification
  3. OrderInstant search
  4. Product page
  5. Favorites

Enter the industry with an advanced UberEats clone and start making money in no time. Talk to their experts for more information.

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