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text 2018-02-28 02:42
No Ordinary Star Book Trailer!
No Ordinary Star - Frank M. Turner
No Plain Rebel (No Ordinary Star) (Volume 2) - M.C. Frank
No Vain Loss - M.C. Frank

It's here! It's finally here! The beautiful trailer for the amazing No Ordinary Star series by M.C. Frank! 



First, check out the trailer HERE and then read an excerpt of my spoiler free review below! 


A fairy in the Arctic, a tin solider in the future, and a mysterious clock that keeps the world balanced; what exactly is this story about? That's what I ventured to find out as I began my read of No Ordinary Star - or NOS - by M.C. Frank. 

 I was intrigued from the start. I wanted to find out more about our characters, about the year they lived in, about the mysteriously Clockmaster, and about how the world go so screwed up in the first place. I'll just say, which the answers I was provided with in this book I was not disappointed. 


Psst! Don't forget to check out the ongoing giveaway HERE for $15 to the Book Depository!!


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review 2018-01-29 13:11
mixed reaction to this
Know Your Style: Mix It, Match It, Love It - Alyson Walsh

It has some good advice but it's mostly from people in fashion, the illustrations are very stylised so unless you know what they're talking about you will have to google the designers and the concepts, people lovingly describe favourite outfits or clothing and they're drawn quite simply, I do like the illustrations but not for this book.


While it talks about style and cultivating your own, but then it derides some styles and fads and while I agree with some of it I think it's a bit prescriptive and not really about finding your own style, more about finding an approved style.


What really made me nod in agreement is the final section on Eliminating Faffage and Throw it in the Fashion Bin.  Yes, clutch bags are the devil, however if someone wants to wear over-the-knee boots I won't stop them, the off the shoulder top or something that requires special underwear being wrong, yes spanx and their ilk are evil (I have some for very special events), high heels aren't my thing (pass me the 2 inch heel though, flats are painful for me) but I know people who adore them. Clothes from polyester or acrylic I am against in general principle but sometimes acrylic mix is useful (and you can pry the acrylic mix in himselfs sock yarn from my cold dead body, it has made them endure so well); I have never worn thongs and the idea of c-strings makes me shudder.  I like garments that have historical elements and would love some steampunk garments, historical re-enactment for the win. But yes, I don't understand buying damaged garments, frays and holes in my garments are reasons to get them mended or to dispose of them, it's a sign that they have served their purpose.


Overall it's not a bad read but I found myself disagreeing with chunks of it. It wasn't really about helping me find my own style, more about seeing other people's styles and how to imitate them.

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review 2018-01-23 20:03
Sofia the First A Magical Match - Disney Book Group,Disney Storybook Art Team

For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

A nice story about friendship with an important lesson in the end. 

This is a fun and simple book. Good team work and problems solving.

The illustrations were cute in a very computer-y sort of way. Overall, a good read.

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review 2018-01-16 08:57
good book and characters
Match Made in Manhattan: A Novel - Amanda Stauffer

Alison had two dead end relationships. Alison is looking for someone to settle down with. Alison is mature, focused, and knew what she wants in a guy. Alison’s job, boss, and stress she has. Alison with the support if her girlfriends and family sign up for Match.com which was an internet computer dating site.

I liked this story a lot also the plot and pace. I liked how Alison’s prioritizes her career. I also liked how Alison’s attitude changed as times went on in this book. I also liked the humor of this book. I also enjoyed finding out about the next guy Alison had a date with. I really liked how Alison gave her dates “ the pants speech”. I also liked how this book showed some of the weirdness of online dating. This did drag at times for me. Sometimes it was also hard to tell between the many men in this book.I didn’t like how judgmental Alison could be to her dates. But to me the pros outweigh the cons. I loved the characters  and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2018-01-08 12:55
A Worthy Read
The Perfect Match - T Wayne Bloodworth The Perfect Match - T Wayne Bloodworth

A narrative, both sincere and touching, The Perfect Match by author T. Wayne Bloodworth focuses on the complex and emotion ridden journey of Dr. Zack Folsom, a man living life so mired in doubt, sorrow and guilt, that it takes twisted fate for him to let go and start living life as he should.


Central character, Doctor Zack Folsom, a talented cardiac surgeon, loving husband and father, becomes a man preoccupied, after suddenly losing his wife Emily in a fatal car accident. To avoid the pain of his loss, he throws himself into his work dedicating the majority of his time and energy to his medical practice gaining him the reputation of being “all business” while he constantly wields an irascible and crudely sarcastic disposition.

Although he experiences great success as a competent surgeon, he also deeply feels the emptiness of the void left by his wife’s death. Meanwhile, his only son Brody who is very much in need of a loving relationship with his father especially after the loss of his mother is now raised and cared for by Emily’s family. Consequently, the relationship between father and son eventually festers into a dysfunctional and emotionally fractured relationship as Brody feels ignored and essentially parent-less, and in turn grows to hold onto a deep and resounding resentment against his father.


However, a turning point occurs when things change as a twist of fate brings a lucrative offer to purchase Zack’s start up, a surgical robotics company. The offer not only bears opportunities that would allow Zack freedom from a now disenchanting career, but also brings a beautiful and intelligent lawyer, Gabriella Bennett into his life. As a mutual attraction develops, she helps to bring closure to some of the complexities and emptiness in his life.


Overall a satisfying read, The Perfect Match lives up to its name on multiple levels especially with the theme of the perfect match, being well executed by author T. Wayne Bloodworth. He artfully employs a nicely honed knack for evenly paced, detailed storytelling mainly when it comes to his ability to portray vivid images, the medical field and scenes of touching emotion. Additionally, I found the characters to be well thought out. I particularly enjoyed the character of Doctor Folsom. He was a sympathetic character whose emotions were tangibly realistic. I recommend putting this book on your “to be read” list. It definitely would make a good end of summer, feel good read.

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