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text 2017-10-14 03:15
Reading Update: Under Debbie's Blue Umbrella/47% - Buddy Read
Mr Mercedes - Stephen King

Before I get too far into the next section: Poison Bait, I thought I'd stop here and say...


What the HOLY, ice-cream-loving, I've-got-a-new-lease-on-life, HELL, Det. Ret. Hodges!? I'm not some well read King fan, but what I have read? Not ONE TIME did I think he wrote a character who made such a monumentally stupid decision as Hodges makes by involving Jerome in his wingnut investigation of a hidden SERIAL KILLER. Sure, let the kid go explore some exotic, extremely private internet site. Sounds totally legit. Why can't he just go to the library? If Hodges is so 'old school', why not that? I get looked at like I wear grandma panties when I mention that I use the library. *shakes head*


That said. I do like King's writing. Yes, I do. In some of these passages I'm very much reminded of Insomnia.


"He sits back again, head tilted, eyes fixed on nothing. He isn't aware of time passing; for Hodges, time, which has hung so heavy since his retirement, has been cancelled."


I'm going to try to get through the next section by tomorrow...it does move quick, but there is only so much dark I can handle. 



Bookstooge's Mr Mercedes Posts



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text 2017-10-04 03:19
Reading progress update: I've read 10%.
Mr Mercedes - Stephen King

Is this a bonafide thriller/mystery book from King? He's gotten my attention. His writing in this one is on point, full of quips and great imagery. 


"Some cases are like idle computers; they go to sleep."


And it's flowing at a good pace so far. Bill Hodges is totally my type of character. King has already got me invested in the story and the people.


"Hodges has read there are wells in Iceland so deep you can drop a stone down them and never hear the splash. He thinks some human souls are like that."


Hodges is flawed, but full of piss and vinegar:



"His last thought before he goes under is of how Mr. Mercedes' poison-pen letter finished up. Mr. Mercedes wants him to commit suicide. Hodges wonders what he would think if he knew he had given this particular ex-Knight of the Badge and Gun a reason to live, instead."








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text 2017-10-01 23:12
Mr. Mercedes Buddy Read
Mr Mercedes - Stephen King

Could I get through a Halloween Bingo without reading a Stephen King? I think not.


Friend and throwback Bookliker, Bookstooge is buddy reading this with me for the next two weeks. Hopefully I can get through this entire thing by then, I tend to slow read King.


Spoilers will abound! We're both wild and fancy free with this one.


You can follow his updates here:


Bookstooges Mr Mercedes Posts




Yay for buddy reading Stephen King!





(Allow me to blame my cold medication for this awesome buddy read image. It seemed cool at the time.)

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