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review 2015-01-14 18:13
What I'm presently calling 'My Re-Training Journey"
The Hungry Girl Diet: Big Portions. Big Results. Drop 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks - Lisa Lillien

The first book in my journey to live healthier, cleaner, and stronger - hopefully with the added benefit of losing 35 pounds.

I was drawn to this book first because of the sentiment that I wouldn't be hungry. There is nothing like sitting around at night with a growling stomach, dreaming about a fresh bag of Doritos.

I'm just being real here. Typing the word Doritos is somewhat difficult.  And they're so bad...but it tastes so good to be bad.


So, yes, healthier, cleaner, stronger meant re-training myself. So back to not wanting to be hungry.


I needed to get to a place where I knew HOW to eat the right kind of food in the quantities necessary so that I can feel satisfied.


Overall, I was unimpressed with this book. But let's start with some good things:




 - The plan is easy, focuses on food, and includes lots of choices.

 - There's little 'cooking' involved, so you won't be slaving away every night.

 - The sentiment that you will not be 'hungry' is a true one. There is a lot of food in the daily plan. I tried three different breakfast options - I couldn't finish one, and the other two were very satisfying.

- It really did help me understand the balance of protein and carbs that work to keep you feeling fueled.

- The reading is not dense or heavy. It was easy to read with the million distractions that is my life. I read while cooking, doing laundry, and helping with first grade homework.



- The tone is annoying with it's cheerleading quality. I like being positive and buy into the fact that your mental state of mind goes a long way in your bodily health (not that this is really mentioned here...)but, not every sentance needs to end in an exclaimation point. Fiber is not exciting. Neither is protein. Nor anything fat free - no matter how natural it is. 

- 1300 calories is not enough for someone who is moderately overweight. If you JUST had 10 lbs to lose, this could be accurate -- but otherwise? This was not addressed, even by the endorsed dietician.

- A lot of repetative information - The tips are repeated page after page, sometimes on back-to-back pages. For example, a tip that ground turkey is actually more caloric than ground beef appears on back to back pages.

- There isn't a lot of new information (drink water! what your portions!) If you were BRAND NEW to diet and nutrition, this would be a good starting place. 

- A personal negative -- I was looking to start to eat cleaner and this is not the book to do that with. Microwaved popcorn, fat free dressing, pre-packaged sauces and marinades, tofu products, packaged cereal/protien/snack bars are not for me.


So, what this book did do for me is springboard into reading other books and get me going. I've chosen to count calories and I use the app for myfitnesspal.com which I've been pleased with.


My takeaway:

- I kicked my drinking habit. DDP (aka Diet Dr. Pepper) was becoming a little too important in my life. I switched to water only based on Lisa Lillien's advice. I did add back one cup of coffee because I find coffee immensely pleasurable and I missed it.

- I tried several recipes (that doesn't include soy products) and have added into my regular rotation  two favorites - tuna stuffed egg whites and yogurt breakfast bowl.



I'm down 7lbs since starting my little change of lifestyle. Most of this is water weight, but it still feels good.



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