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text 2019-03-19 03:59
Paradise Valley by C.J. Box
Paradise Valley: A Novel (Highway Quartet) - C.J. Box

First, about the series. Paradise Valley is in a series that has 2 different names, or to me, it has two different names.  Actually, it has three different names. So I really don't think this has any spoilers in it but it could so read at your own risk.


The First book, Back of the Beyond was a good enough book and the series was called Cody Hoyt series.  It was about an alcoholic detective that had lots of faults but took his job seriously.  Because of his demons, he was sort of a lone wolf and he became a mentor to Cassie Dewey.


The second book, The Highway, is the only book I've ever been pissed at.  Only George R.R. Martin can kill off one of the main characters but how do you kill off the character the series is named for.  Cassie Dewey comes in and finishes out the book as the protagonist.  I think this is where the Highway Quartet series comes in.


The third book, Badlands, took me a while to read.  I still hadn't forgiven box for killing off Hoyt, but Cassie Dewey really comes on strong in this book and makes this the 2nd book of the Cassie Dewey series.


Now we're at the fourth book in the Highway Quartet and a 5th Highway quartet is coming out later this year, so how is this a quartet. So let's get started.


Paradise Valley starts our really good for Detective Cassie Dewey when Cassie gets a lead on the serial killer she's been chasing, but things go really bad.  Not only does the serial killer have it out for her but the County District Attorney and the FBI want s her hide.  Now she has to go back to relying on what Cody Hoyt taught her on being a lone wolf.  This takes her back to the beginning.  To the Lizard Kings old stomping grounds.  Cassie is always one step behind the Lizard King and finally gets help and support from people she has never met.  Will this be the end of the Lizard King or the end of her.  Since there's another book coming out this year I think we can figure the answer out, but this book is a really hard journey.


This is by far the best of the series and worth reading the series.  Paradise Valley brings Cassie Dewey up to par with C.J. Box's breadwinner, Joe Pickett.  It is well worth the read.


4 stars for me.


Paradise Valley by C.J. Box

Book 4 in the Cassie Dewey series (to heck with the Highway Quartet, Cassie deserves her name on it.)


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review 2019-03-18 16:57
Review: "The Crucifix Killer" (Robert Hunter, #1) by Chris Carter
The Crucifix Killer - Chris Carter


~ 3.5 stars ~


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text 2019-03-18 12:46
REVIEW TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - A Body In A Bathhouse (A Mitch O'Reilly Mystery #1) by Brad Shreve
A Body In A Bathhouse (A Mitch O'Reilly Mystery #1) - Brad Shreve

On the verge of bankruptcy, private investigator, Mitch O’Reilly takes any gig that comes his way, while running his Eye Spy Supply shop in a forgotten Los Angeles strip mall. After two tours in Afghanistan, Mitch’s life amounts to operating his store, coping with his fun-loving sister, Josie, and scoring with anonymous men he meets online. That changes when he gets a break. A beloved comedy scriptwriter is murdered at a bathhouse, and Mitch is hired to prove the innocence of the club custodian. Adapting from a two-bit gumshoe to a high-profile sleuth proves more challenging than he expected. 

As if Mitch didn’t have enough to deal with, charismatic bathhouse operator, Trent Nakos, enters his life. After a heartbreaking past, the manager is the definition of a man the brooding P.I. actively avoids.

Following leads from sprawling mansions to sketchy hoods is demanding but becomes more troublesome when deadly threats jeopardize the biggest opportunity of his career.



@SignalBoostPR, @Sheila_Kell, @BradShreve, #Mystery, #LGBTQ+, 4 out of 5 (very good)

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/03/18/A-Body-In-A-Bathhouse-A-Mitch-OReilly-Mystery-1-by-Brad-Shreve
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review 2019-03-18 08:15
Death Comes to Bath (Kurland St. Mary Mystery, #6)
Death Comes to Bath - Catherine Lloyd

This has been a reliable series from the start.  Death Comes to Bath is not the strongest in the series in terms of mystery plotting or main character development, but the atmosphere, setting and secondary character development balance the scales.


After a serious setback in Sir Robert Kurland's post-war recovery, Lady (Lucy) Kurland packs up and drags him to Bath for 3 months for the restorative water cure, dragging her sister along in the hopes that she will find a suitable man to marry.  Sir Robert makes fast friends with their cantankerous neighbour and when he ends up dead, Robert and Lucy take it upon themselves to discover who, in one of the most disastrous families that ever was, might have committed the crime.


The outrageous dysfunction of the murdered man's family almost lends an air of frivolity to the story, but not really.  The plotting of the murder itself was semi-predictable; the murderer wasn't a shocking revelation, though it wasn't at all telegraphed. A few extra points go to the author for the plot twist that I only cottoned on to a few pages before it was revealed to the characters.  


The character development between Lucy and Robert was sadly predictable, although also historically accurate, so no fault goes to the author.  What was far more interesting to me is the continued exploration of Lucy's sister Anna's reluctance to marry because she doesn't want kids.  Historically accurate or not, I find her small story line compelling and it filled the gaps nicely for me when the story threatened to become stale.  (It's possible I mixed metaphors there?)


MT and I spent an all-too-short overnighter in Bath a few years ago, and all it's done is whet my appetite for the city.  The area of Bath this story covers is small, and almost cliched with its mentions of the Pump Room, but I still ate it up with a spoon.  


Death Comes to Bath is a light and charming way to spend a few hours, and I will happily anticipate a 7th adventure.

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text 2019-03-17 20:09
Reading progress update: I've read 76 out of 380 pages.
Force of Nature: A Novel - Jane Harper

I love how Jane Harper uses two time lines and shifting perspectives to create an incredibly tension, which slowly builds up with each passing chapter.


And Force of Nature seems to be equally as good or even better than The Dry, which I really loved when I read it. 

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