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text 2017-03-28 14:47
Reading progress update: I've read 24 out of 185 pages.
The Golden Door - Bart Spicer

thefts all around him at his boss' big store, for Carney Wilde to investigate--but so far, no murders. why do I think that may change? almost everyone introduced, besides Carney, gives me the creeps.

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text 2017-03-28 10:25
Reading progress update: I've read 334 out of 536 pages.
The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco

Day 4 is over. 


Thank god day 4 is over.


Day 4 was spent with Adso mooning about in the most melodramatic, angst-ridden fit of romance that has, possibly ever, been committed to paper.  


In the midst of all this mooning, he and William make a map of the library.


That's it.

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text 2017-03-28 05:43
Reading progress update: I've read 258 out of 536 pages.
The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco

Day three.  Are we there yet?


Day three started off refreshingly concise with clues and questioning; some sections were even just two pages!  We're making progress, I thought.


And then god Eco laughed.  Obviously he realised he was focusing much too strongly on the plot, and immediately corrected himself with pages of mind-numbing, hair-splitting, theological and philosophical monologues.  Context or not, plot-related or not, I'd argue nobody needs to know this much 13th century theology.  


Then all of the sudden, and I do mean all of the sudden, Adso sins.  Sins HUGE - at least two commandments were shattered and several vows were definitely tarnished.  And the whole thing happened as quickly, and as unbelievably, as though he'd slipped on a banana peel.  All I can say is he's lucky to have had William as his confessor; if he'd confessed to anyone in the church when I was growing up, he'd still be saying rosaries 10 centuries later.  


After confessing and not getting more than a cuff on the head (!!), the day ends with the discovery of another dead body.  They're dropping like flies at the monastery and I can't help thinking that if only they'd stop with the theological tangents, they'd have caught this guy by now, and I could be reading something far more entertaining, if also far more shallow.


I do have to say though, William and his glasses make me chuckle, as do some of the chapter headers.


Let day 4 begin!

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text 2017-03-28 04:36
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 185 pages.
The Golden Door - Bart Spicer

my impression is that Bart Spicer is a name forgotten...a writer whose novels have not survived the test of time. but way way back, he wrote a Mystery/Hard-Boiled series starring a guy named Carney Wilde. and how could I ignore forever a hero named Carney Wilde?? not possible!

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review 2017-03-28 02:59
Single Malt Murder by Melinda Mullet
Single Malt Murder: A Whisky Business Mystery - Melinda Mullet

 When Abigail Logan's Uncle Ben dies and leaves her a whiskey distillery, the world traveled photographer is at a lost in what to do with a whiskey distillery?! With her best friend and whiskey expert Patrick and her wheaten terrier Liam in tow. She goes to see what her Uncle Ben's life was like in the small Scottish Highlands village and this old distillery. Even before she can set eyes on the place, she starts getting odd and strange threats. Thinking it was just a bit of misogyny on a woman running a whiskey distillery, that thought is blow outta the water when a dead body of an employee is found dead in one of the vat. Now Abi is trying to find out who is trying to close down the distillery and untangle everyone's hidden motives..


 Finding a new cozy mystery series that catches you right at the start is like finding a new favorite dish or drink? I was quickly wrapped up in the world Melinda Mullet created in Single Malt Muder.


 I enjoyed the cast of characters, in Abi you have someone whose witness and seen much through the lens of her camera. This gives her an different perspective with people and places. This is a huge strength that helps her with all the clues thrown her way. Abi is in no way some perfect person. She can be hard-headed and a bit blind to those around her. Much like her Uncle Ben and his love for the distillery, something she has to overcome in her jealousy of her only family member, and see how much Ben wanted her to be a part of. The rest of the cast of characters are slowly touch upon but nothing to concrete which I think is an opening for the rest of the series.

Abi does have a future suitor in the work (maybe) and I did like the interaction between the two that starts off pretty rocky and ends up with a great understanding of one another and a little bit more?


 I enjoyed the mystery of the story, when you think it was going one way, the clues would point another direction and while I had my suspicion on who was behind it, I was still surprised when it all came together in the end.
 Along with the distillery, the village is very rich with characters and even more places to explore, I can't wait to see more from this series!


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