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review 2018-07-06 13:59
Three more else world tales about Batman
Batman Chronicles # 21 (Ref-1402549379) - DC Comics

Apocalypse Girl: Not what I expected.   Instead of thrusting Batman into an alternate world, a girl comes to his from another world.   The tale speaks to despair, what boredom will do to you, the dangers of at least some drugs, fans appropriating things - Batman and what he represents in this case - to a degree that seems to negatively affect his reach and ability to do his job, and immediate violence when confronted with something - or in this case someone - who is unintentionally dangerous and not quite understood yet. 


And yet through all this, it manages to pull off a hopeful and very believable ending. 


Citizen Wayne: Citizen Kane + Batman?  I dunno.   Casablance and Citizen Kane?  I can't get through those movies, although there is a nice twist on that ending that I simply didn't see coming. I felt like it was so obvious I should have, but I was so entertained by the story I didn't. 


A Silent Tale of the Bat: The description is this: "A silent tale of a world where everybody is Batman and all children have to endure the events that made Bruce Wayne so. " (From this website: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Batman_Chronicles_Vol_1_21)  Which is why I was so confused.   If everybody is Batman and all children have to endure the events that made Bruce Wayne so, who remains to kill the parents?  Who lives to become parents?   Who is there for Batman to fight if everyone is Batman?   Do Batmans just go around punching each other all day?   What?   The?   Fuck?  I expected something... different.   Something that, y'know, made sense?   


So the third didn't make sense at all to me, thus the knocking off one star.   The other two stories were great, with the first being my favorite.   





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review 2018-07-06 13:42
Three fun else world tales
Batman Chronicles # 11 (Ref-1553565505) - DC Comics

Berlin Batman: Wayne is a Jew in nazi Germany.   His parents were murdered for being Jewish.   The Batman versus nazis?   Um, yes, please!   So much yes.   It's an alternate look at how Batman may have come about in a different time.   Not all that much changes, to be honest, but... Batman versus nazis.   I mean, he could have decided to become Batman just to punch nazis, no backstory included, and I would have been like YES.


Bride of Leatherwing: Leatherwing is Batman + pirate.   So I'm not sure I buy this: stealing, looting, etc?   He basically gives a death sentence at the end, couching it in terms of 'eh, we'll let the sea decide' and I didn't buy that, either.   


On the other hand, it's told in pirate chanty verse on page, and I love the whole Felina being his bride and him having a Robin.   On a pirate ship.   Not without its faults, but fun enough for me to forgive said faults. 


Curse of the Cat-Woman: failed policeman Bruce Wayne becomes a PI.   When he's charged with keeping a wealthy man safe, he must choose between his new lady, Selina Kyle, and said man.  


Pretty much what the title sounds like: Kyle is a were-cat.   I didn't see that ending coming.   Tragic and hopeful at the same time, I was fascinated even more by what tales could be told - and were not.  I know it's unlikely, but I sincerely hope DC revisits this tale at some point.


All in all, three drastically different, but enjoyable, alternate universe looks at Batman.

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review 2018-05-20 19:18
Better Call Batman!: With Audio Recordin... Better Call Batman!: With Audio Recording - Patrick Spaziante
For more reviews, check out by blog: Craft-Cycle

This book is based on two films, Animal Instincts and Monster Mayhem. What that means is that, by packing two films into one short Level Two reader, chaos is created, leaving the reader with a mess of a book with not much plot. Fast-paced with tons of villains, this just reads like a fighting free for all. It's cool to see some of the lesser known villains from Gotham City, but man, this is a mess. 

The first half is clearly from Animal Instincts, then there is a halfhearted transition to Monster Mayhem. Simple sentence structure, but the story is very disjointed. 

This book was doomed to fail. It's just too ambitious for a Level Two book. Not a fan. 
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review 2018-05-06 19:27
Bedtime for Batman (DC Super Heroes) - Michael Dahl,Ethen Beavers
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

An adorable picture big equating a superhero protecting the city with a child getting ready for bed. Very entertaining and engaging. I loved the fun comparison illustrations and vague statements that connected the boy with Batman ("For there are those who depend on him." = child feeding goldfish and Batman returning a stolen purse). Very clever and fun.

The book even includes a short "Bedtime Checklist!", which includes tasks such as "bath", "pajamas", "teeth", and "story time". A fun way to get ready for bed with your favorite superhero. 

A very nice, simple book for superhero fans.
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text 2018-05-04 04:07
aka Gotham Season 9, just didn't work for me. DNF'd.
Batman: Nightwalker - Marie Lu,Will Damon

Let me get the Audiobook portion out of the way quickly -- Damron does a capable job. He didn't particularly wow me, but I had no complaints about his work. I could see myself really getting into a book he narrated.


This is essentially Gotham, season 9. Bruce is on the eve of graduation, turning 18 (yet his guardian, Alfred, is still treated as if he has any standing in his life), and finds himself on the wrong end of the law and serving probation by doing community service at Arkham Asylum. While there, he becomes fascinated by an accused murderer -- she's part of a criminal/political (technically a terrorist group, but the label was never used) group targeting Gotham's one percenters.


The line between the Bruce Wayne of this book and the Dark Knight we all know is pretty weak. You've got Alfred, Lucius Fox, Bruce's dead parents, Gotham City -- sure -- but there's nothing that distinctively Batman about them (as used here). Even when you throw in Harvey Dent as a troubled youth with a strong trust in the legal system as one of Bruce's best friend and numerous references to bats, and you're supposed to thing that you've got yourself the building blocks of the Caped Crusader. But it'd have been incredibly easy for this to be any other rich youth with a knack for electronics. This doesn't have to be a Batman story, it could be almost any generic YA hero.


If you want to read an inexperienced, fallible, Batman (as seems to be the case here), read Miller's Batman: Year One or Barr's Batman: Year Two -- they treat the character the way he should be treated. This book just wasn't. I got about halfway through (maybe a little over halfway) before I just couldn't take it anymore and decided to move on.


I liked the Wonder Woman installment in this series just fine -- why didn't this one work for me? Well, while Diana wasn't the hero we all know -- she was still clear in her purpose, driven to do right and capable. Bruce is none of those things -- which is odd, because he's typically been depicted as driven and single-minded since childhood. That's the Bruce we all know, and should've seen here.


I can see why some people will enjoy this, but I just can't bother to finish.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2018/05/03/batman-nightwalker-audiobook-by-marie-lu-will-damron-aka-gotham-season-9-just-didnt-work-for-me-dnfd
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