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review 2017-05-26 06:27
Age gap yum yum!
At Attention (Out of Uniform #2) - Annabeth Albert
  • A Group Unicorn Review with Adam and Cupcake

    FOUR HEARTS--I've seen this author's work, perused the blurbs and I didn't bite.

    But this blurb was the prettiest show pony with SRAL approved buzz words and themes:

    widower still grieving after partner's passing (bring on the pain)
    widower has kidlets AND needs a manny
    manny is the widower's best friend's little brother
    best friend's brother has had a crush on widower since his teens


    Of course, I lassoed the hell out of this book and gobbled all the words.

    Being as it's my first Annabeth Albert read, I'm not sure how it rates on the Annabeth Albert scale. If this was very on her A-game or there's better? *shrugs*

    I was entertained and had a great time reading At Attention.

    23 year-old Dylan gets a chance of his lifetime when his unrequited crush hires and moves him in his San Diego home for the summer. Dylan's crush, 34 year old Apollo needs a nanny to take care of his adorable 4 year old twins whole Apollo works on a naval base. This book can be read as a standalone, I wasn't lost. And I'm curious about the previous and future pairings.

    Dylan tries to tamp down his lusty feelings as Apollo works through his grief. Two years has passed but there is no time limit on grieving. And Apollo is a grumpy, more reserved bundle of emotions. He would take time to start to contemplate having feelings for another man. Luckily, Apollo's libido isn't broken. And try as he might, he can't deny the easiness he has with Dylan. The camaraderie and sharing his daily worries of being a single parent added more base to their friendship foundation formed with Dylan was just a teen.

    The story is a good mix of nerdy, adorable, (lightly) angsty, sexy and sweet. Dylan can't stop his feelings from blooming once again. Apollo sees his friend's kid brother in a new light, an adult. They try going the friendship route on equal terms, but their bodies won't be denied.

    The sex in this book?

    The sex was...hot. If I had to give it a flavor, it's hot vanilla custard. Sweet, varied and with a hint of spice. (highlights: intercrural (yay!), frottage, light domination/ control a smidge of exhibition) There is mirror sex but, it could've been hotter in my opinion. I might have been spoiled by a hotter mirror scene in another NA series I've read.

    The grieving and the time given for Apollo to work through his process was more important factor for me. Apollo plays hot and cold. The ghost of his lover is one he surrounds himself with daily and it's hard to break through. Dylan makes him crack through the shell. Plus, he's possessive and doesn't want any other guy getting Dylan's time. He wants it all to his self. That was bonus characteristics that I enjoy. The possessiveness and the control in the bedroom (of course).

    The best bonus of all? Dylan wasn't a pushover. And he spoke his mind even if might hurt, be it himself or Apollo. I'm #teamDylan all day!

    This story was really good. Not Earth shattering, or extremely memorable. For all themes it had going on, it worked. The writing is easy to read, all of the characters are likeable. All of them from kids to grandmas. I really liked how it ended, well maybe before the fluffed ending. It was added sugar I could have done without. But HEA lovers will totes lurve it.

    This couple totally worked for me and I see them having a long loving future ahead of them.

    Recommended for readers who enjoy contemporary, like the tropes I listed and wallow in second chance romance.

    Come join me as I ride my pretty pony into the sunset.

    #NoRegrets #teamDylan

    A copy provided via Netgalley for an honest review.
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review 2015-07-26 22:39
*squees* times a million from this quarter
Just a Feeling - J.H. Knight

My review of Just a Feeling by J.H. Knight






I've been waiting for this one not even the psychic tag is going to deter me...because I really love nanny romances.

Um...my heart melts when I see a tattooed, burly guy with a baby.

Pardon me.

Um...this story is somewhere in the 4.5 - 5 stars range, so I'm just cutting to the chase and round this shit because this is totally one of my favorites of the event.

It was sweet but not overly sticky, it was funny but not at the expense of the characters, it was real because babies don't come with a manual and it was touching because through grief came a pretty solid HFN/HEA that read organic.

This is my first J.H. Knight too! Yay!

Mark is an ex-solider who planned on being uncle to his best friend's baby and due to an unfortunate event, he's a father to a baby boy he can't even name. He's tired, he's heartbroken and he is in love with the tiny human who is colicky and drives him up the wall.

But he knows the baby has him as his protector. And Mark is the kind of guy who will step up to the plate.

Ian, the auburn haired (I swear he's a great character, I'm not rhapsodizing just because he's a ginger) nanny, who is snarky and overly qualified, makes Mark realize a few things:

- that he can accept help
- that he can learn to balance this parenting thing with an extra set of hands
- that he can possibly...have a meaningful relationship

Ian is a great character

and even with the tag that is not my favorite, it wasn't so in your face - the psychic-ness

(spoiler show)

from a big family who gets people, how different personalities work. He's adaptable but firm in his beliefs when it counts.

Reading Mark fall for Ian was beautiful. He was trying to fight it but it's inevitable. *pink and gushy sigh*

My only complaint? I wished this was longer. :D

I loved Ian's family (Dave and his mouth is the shit! The shit!) And the snark, great level of snark. Yup. :D

Um...it's safe to say I'll try to fit in the books I have by this author collecting dust on my Kindle sooner than later.

Highly recommended for nanny romance lovers, lovers of babies in romances and happy (let me borrow from Cupcake) squishy feels.

It's a feel good romance.

My thanks to the author and the team behind the event! *♡*

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