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review 2017-12-20 16:18
Wedding Peach Vol 1 by Nao Yazawa
Wedding Peach, Vol. 1 - Sukehiro Tomita

In terms of story and originality, this might not be the best take on the magic girl genre, but I still really love this series.

It is a highly nostalgic manga series for me. It is super ridicules, I'll admit. Momoko accepts that she is a magical girl too easily and automatically knows how to fight, and all her magic spell catch phrases, but we can argue that it is destiny and of course she would know all this.

Princess Peach has all the magical girl stereotypes. All the girls are swoon/crazy in love with the sports stars, trying to give them bento boxes, the main character Momoko has a love/hate relationship with a guy who is highly likely to be her love interest. It is super obvious.

Our lovely newly turned magical girl goes through the whole "I like him, no but I can't, he's rude and mean, but deep down he has a heart of gold" thing with this guy. It's so cheesy, and overdone, but I can't help but still like this and think overall it is very cute, makes me feel like a giggly teenager again.

I want to point out that in a lot of stories the love interest like this are usually just jerks/mean, maybe even abusive and that is seen as dark and brooding, romanticized, but the boy in this manga isn't really a bad person, and I don't believe their budding relationship is toxic or problematic. Some people take the "boys are mean because they like me" thing way over the top in real life and in stories as well; I don't feel like this one was over the top, just judging from the first volume, at least.

I've heard people say it is a rip off of Sailor Moon, but I have a feeling people think that of a lot of magical girl manga. Whether or not it is a rip off, I'm not bothered by it.

This volume had sweet moments, moments where I was like "oh, that's cute," but there were also a couple moments where my heart was touched. Maybe I am too sentimental?

It is cliche, of course. People are going to either love it or hate it.

P.S I really want my own Jama P pet.


"Miss Peach! Much Happy!"

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review 2017-12-04 00:00
Nana, Vol. 1
Nana, Vol. 1 - Ai Yazawa I am conflicted. I love one half of this series, and absolutely hate the other. How can something be so subversive in its portrayal of women and at the same time be so sexist?

The series follows two women named Nana through their romantic escapades and their friendship. Both women move to Tokyo, become roommates, and we learn about their separate backgrounds.

I love Nana O’s storyline. I want to be her friend. She’s an edgy rock star with a really great romance plot. She’s independent and tries to make her own way in the world.

Unfortunately, both Nana K’s views of the world and romantic life are seriously harmful. (“Only guys can have sex when they’re not in love”? Seriously?) Her entire motive for living is to find a boyfriend, and she’s completely defined by her past romantic relationships. She’s also super obnoxious.

So I have a hard time reconciling these two conflicting themes. Feminism and anti feminism side by side? Wtf?

Ugh. 4 stars, I guess.
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review 2015-06-27 09:39
NANA 1st Illustrations (in Japanese0 - Ai Yazawa

I found this beautiful art book at Animecon 2015, and I am delighted that I found it. I really love the NANA series (anime/manga) and I am still hoping that Ai Yazawa will continue with the series one day again.

The book shows all the characters we know from the series. Starting with Black Stones and ending with both of the Nana's together. It was beautiful to see all the characters again, though some of the images broke my heart, knowing what happened in the manga, they are so wonderful together and I am still hurt that the mangaka did that to them. :(
I loved seeing the bands again, the couples were cute, it was hilarious though how for Nana or as they also call her, Hachi, they had a whole slew of guys, while the other Nana only had Ren.

The illustrations are either a 2 pages spread or various smaller ones on 2 pages. All of them are in colour and the artstyle switches quite a lot, but it is still all Yazawa's artstyle. And artstyle that I loved when I started reading Paradise Kiss, and a love that never left me. Some artists just have a certain style that makes you want to see more of it.
I found quite a few favourites in this art book, so I will be sure to check it out more often, until we at least get new Nana or a new series by the mangaka.

The art book is also easily accessible, sometimes art books have written text, but this one is 99% pictures, with only near the back where all the pictures are listed in tiny print you will find a Japanese explanation for the images. The message by the artist is found in English and Japanese, so you can easily read that one.

The art book comes in a pretty cardboard slipcase, so your book will be protected. I also love the text on it, not only does it give protection it looks really pretty!

All in all, this is one art book I would highly recommend. Are you a fan of NANA? Then this is the perfect art book for you!

Review first posted at http://twirlingbookprincess.com/

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review 2014-06-10 00:00
Gokinjo Monogatari Vol.1 [Japanese Edition]
Gokinjo Monogatari Vol.1 [Japanese Edition] - Ai Yazawa Short review.

I watched this anime several years ago, and decided today to also check out the manga. However, I must say the manga is less fun than the anime is. For some reason it seems bland and boring, while the anime was just awesome.

Mikako is a cute character, and I have liked her since I met her first in Paradise Kiss. She has her troubles and her worries, and I was just hoping for some action with Tsutomu, sadly I know from the anime that that took quite a bit of time. I love how dedicated she is to her work and her fashion.

Tsutomu is bleh, and like in the anime, it took a long time for me to finally like him. I found him indecisive, rude and no fun. How he treated Mikako? Just mean. Be honest with yourself, don't go dating other people to avoid your feelings.

I do love the setting though. Fashion and romance. :) Oh and let's not forget some slice of life.

Mikako's friends are really awesome and also very sweet. And I love how they dress.

Will I be reading the rest of the manga? No, it is nice, but I prefer the anime.

Review first posted at http://twirlingbookprincess.com/
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review 2013-04-16 11:21
Nana, Vol. 3 (v. 3)
Nana, Vol. 3 - Ai Yazawa Nana and Hachi's adventures continue in this likable installment. Has the demon lord got Shoji in his grasp? Find out!
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