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review 2020-09-10 01:00
Lies and Lullabies - Sarina Bowen

John AKA "Jonas" is happy to go back to his special summer place.  He cannot help but think back to the person who made it so wonderful for him.  She was a good friend, a fine cook, and an amazing woman.  Then he sees Kira and thinks he may be imagining things.

Kira has hidden so much from Jonas.  She did not know how to get a hold of him at first, and then time just passed.  Now she is uncertain they can find common ground.  Then he kisses her and her body remembers.....

Starting off with a bang, so to speak, this new story left me breathless and satisfied at the same time.  These characters were complex.  Their story was heartfelt.  I honestly cannot wait for the next installment in the new Hush Note series.  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2020-09-10 00:05
Locked Heart - Eden Finley

Cash has finally achieved a lifelong dream.  One thing he notices now, is that the one person he wanted to be with him there when he experiences it, is not a part of his life anymore.  Should he reach out?


Sherlock AKA "Locke" is not sure if he should open a door that has been closed for a decade.  Will he survive if he spends time with Cash again?  He took a lot to get where he is in his life.  If only he could stop himself from feeling attracted........


This book has a strong character base.  I found myself wanting to know more about all of them.  Such a solid story and the pace was pleasantly fast but not too much.  I really liked it and could not put it down and then I was done. Would love to see these characters again.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2020-09-09 23:36
Must Love Dogs...and Hockey - Kelly Jamieson

Lilly feels like her life is falling apart.  She has lost another job, and it has her feeling low about herself.  Then she gets an additional dog walking client.  He intrigues her, and she finds him incredibly attractive.


Easton is totally enamored with Lilly.  Right from the moment they meet he cannot help but think she is so beautiful.  She seems to love dogs, and is great with them.  Since he finds himself unexpectedly the caregiver of a puppy he needs her help.


This story has such a great balance.  I felt like it had a great base story. Was full of humor, angst, heat, and more.  I had to read it all in one sitting, since I did not want to put it down.  The characters are meant to be and it shows. I give it a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review by Netgalley and its publishers.

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review 2020-09-09 20:02
Facing Ali


The first thing you should know about Facing Ali before viewing it is that it is a documentary style film. Knowing little about the most famous boxer from the 1960s and 70s, viewers will learn quite a bit about Ali’s boxing career through the recollections of ten of his opponents. Facing Ali is an honest film told by those who fought against Muhammad Ali throughout his career, including fighters like Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Henry Cooper, and more.


Viewers can expect to learn a lot about Ali’s start as a fighter and about his career as a whole, as well as a little bit about his conversion to Islam, the changing of his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, and his stance on the Vietnam War. This film is very touching, especially towards the end as his modest opponents express empathy towards Ali’s Parkinson’s disease and pay their respects to one of the greatest boxers of all time.


The film also comes with several special features. There are animated trivia cards that display basic facts and interesting details about each of the opponents that speak in the film. There is a feature called “Bringing the Fights to Life” in which the production team discusses the creation of (and ideas behind) Facing Ali, as well as the technology and equipment used in the making of the film. The next section is called “Facing Ali: Book to Screen,” in which the producers discuss how they put together the resources necessary to create an authentic film that accurately tells the story of Ali. Finally, there is a feature called “After the Bell” in which the producers discuss how they were able to meet up with the fighters that tell Ali’s story throughout the film, and their experiences interviewing each boxer.


Any fan of Muhammad Ali will want to watch this film, and you can do it with "ip lookup location". It provides a very authentic and honest revisiting of Ali’s legacy through the stories of ten respectable fighters as they recall their bouts with one of the greatest fighters of all time. Their stories are very real, and viewers will notice right away the amount of respect these boxers have for Muhammad Ali, as well as the empathy they share for his continuing struggle with Parkinson’s disease. However, if you’re not particularly interested in Muhammad Ali and his famous fighting career, this film will probably not interest you. For those even mildly curious about Ali’s greatest fights and the stories that can be told by those he fought against, Facing Ali is at least worth a rental.

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text 2020-09-09 15:36
Just how Does the Garcias Fruit Available For Sale Compare To Various Other Healthy And Balanced Fruit Supplements?

The iphd's most effective birds is a garcinia garcia fruit for sale situation of description why the unique iahp is such an important air of garcias fruit available for sale Chinese herbal medications. In Chinese herbal medication, the fruit is referred to as 'Green Mountain Ginseng', 'Ming' which implies 'large'Gan' which indicates 'plant'.

To recognize the meaning of the term 'green mountain' is to know real meaning of this fruit, it remains in reality a species of hedge that expands in locations where there is an abundance of rainfall as well as the tree itself have an enormous amount of fallen leaves. This is additionally the reason why vaccinations are not found on the coastline. It is found on the highlands of China, the steppes of Mongolia, the Tibetan Plateau and in the Himalayas.

The fruit is available in 3 components. The external skin is environment-friendly like the colour of the mountains, with black spots on it.

The within the fruit is a luscious colour as well as it has black seeds. http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=weight loss When you get the seeds you will figure out that they are covered with a covering of a brown grey powder, and this powder also has a flavour that makes you desire extra! If you eat one of the seeds after that be prepared to have your belly loaded with all kind of rewards!

Now for the 'Green Mountain Ginseng' element, which is actually garcias fruit remove, this is what is required to deal with all disorders. It contains all the enzymes that have actually been scientifically proven to promote the manufacturing of collagen and also elastin, which are two of the key healthy proteins that are in charge of keeping our skin flexible and also younger looking. It likewise consists of enzymes that help to boost circulation to all parts of the body, it enhances power degrees and assists boost the blood circulation to the various components of the body.

Garcias fruit supplement is not simply excellent for your skin, it is likewise fantastic to take after a meal for its antiinflammatory buildings. It additionally helps heal a range of skin conditions.

Another reason the green hill ginseng supplement is such a popular natural remedy is since it is additionally a natural appetite suppressant and also fat heater. Several of the weight management residential properties of this natural herb have been proven in scientific trials to help people lose up to eight extra pounds weekly. The garcinia cambogia review herb also has anti-oxidants which help to destroy free radicals, which have a tendency to damages cells in the body, especially when they strike the liver and kidneys.

In conclusion, garcias fruit supplement is certainly the fruit that everyone requires to have in their everyday diet regimen. It will certainly provide you all the benefits that your body needs in order to fight your fat trouble.

If you are searching for a healthy selection of fruit for your fruit smoothie mixes, look no further than garcias fruit offer for sale. You will certainly never ever lack options!

The very best component about this fruit is that it is a 100% natural healthy fruit that is simple to grow as well as really nourishing. You may be stunned to figure out that you do not have to include any type of type of preservatives or additives to it.

It is extremely easy to expand and also this implies that you do not need to purchase an entire bunch or grow a new food from the ground up. This indicates that you will certainly conserve money as well.

You don't require to invest a lot of cash on these fruit as well as it can be found in a variety of different ranges. You can easily discover a fruit that fits your preference as well as needs.

To comprehend the definition of the term 'green hill' is to recognize the true meaning of this fruit, it is in fact a species of hedge that expands in areas where there is a wealth of rains and the tree itself have an enormous quantity of fallen leaves. The within of the fruit is a creamy colour and also it has black seeds. Currently for the 'Green Mountain Ginseng' element, which is in fact garcias fruit remove, this is what is required to treat all conditions. It likewise contains enzymes that assist to boost blood circulation to all components of the body, it raises energy degrees and assists increase the blood circulation to the various parts of the body.

Garcias fruit supplement is not simply good for your skin, it is additionally excellent to take after a dish for its antiinflammatory properties.

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