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photo 2015-12-05 02:46
Updated Pic of Review Books

This picture is to share, but also a visual to help me stay on course. I have a lot of reading and catching up to do. I've had a lot going on this year that has inhibited me from completing tasks and obligations.


Hopefully, I'm coming out of the storm and will have to deal with rain every now and then. I am speaking about my health. I currently wear bifocals where before I just wore reading glasses. My brain is okay somedays and others, not so great. I get discouraged and my reviews have suffered. Well, the absence of them. I'm determined to keep writing. My writing may not ever be the same as prior to 2013, but it's the new me and I have to get comfortable with it. 


I've found a home on Booklikes. I've been on Goodreads for many years and still utilize it as a place to log my library, but home it isn't. The 14 people who consistently have my back on here keep me inspired and I love the interaction of all the post and comments. My discomfort with my inability to write, as I used to, has made me shy away from posting on here. I want to be more active. I can be more active. I love to read. I used to love to write.


Starting today I will not hold myself back from a community of ladies and men that I have grown to like and appreciate. I find comfort in their comments and posts. I am thankful for Booklikes and those of you who come on here to share your love of books, reading, writing and people. Bless you all and thank you!

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photo 2015-10-06 18:27
I'm stumped

Does anyone know the ins and outs of Netgalley Approval Ratings? I seem to be stuck at this 57% no matter what I do. I posted two overdue reviews and it didn't budge. This leads me to believe that if the reviews are late (and the book archived) your review does not count.  I have 19 approvals and 17 reviews. The math just does not add up.


This is what Netgalley help says:

Found in your Profile, the Feedback to Approval Ratio calculates the percentage of feedback to approved titles (this includes Read Now titles, Invites, and Wishes Granted). Publishers and authors rely on your feedback, and are more likely to approve members who provide meaningful feedback and recommendations about their titles. 

Our suggestion is to keep your Feedback to Approval ratio close to 80%, meaning that for every 10 titles you are approved to read, you provide feedback for 8 titles. Feedback can be notes, a review, a link to a review online, or information about how you will promote the title.


A few seconds later: So after doing a little more difficult math and actually reading their help document (haha) I realized that your invites may be included in your approval rating. That's the only way the math works. WTH? So this means I have to read and review all invites or it's a negative against me?  This seems screwy if it's true. Am I supposed to go in and decline the invites which are no longer available to me? I'm so confused :(


PS You can see a bigger screen shot if you click on the picture.


Several hours later :  I ended up emailing Netgalley and they helped me sort it out. I had a bunch of archived titles that I couldn't find. Note to self: do not ever click on another of the READ NOW email links from Netgalley.  

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photo 2015-08-26 17:26
To Be Read ASAP

These are books that I would like to read before years's end. My reading has been getting better. I'm finding ways to continue with books that lull and cause me to lose interest. I have a problem. I don't like to read multiple books at one time. I'm learning to get beyond that and adapt.


I'm still having some issues with health that are distracting, but I will press on with my reading. I have made a promise to not absentmindedly waste my reading hours on You Tube videos. 


Wish me luck. I'll need all the support!


I want to say thank you again for supporting my booklikes blog. Your comments and likes encourage me to continue writing, albeit difficult, and not give up. 

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photo 2015-05-08 21:52

I was going to add a link to a review I have written on NG, but then I saw what had been added since I last visit...



It's also on Edelweiss so that makes the odds a bit better to get the book! 

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photo 2015-03-24 22:20
Peaceful Neighbor: Discovering the Countercultural Mister Rogers - Michael G. Long

Netgalley loves me and wants me to be happy. Today, I was notified about this book, requested it, was granted permission, and started reading it. Yay, Netgalley and yay, Mr. Rogers!

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