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review 2018-08-20 01:09
Sheer: A Hollywood Romance (Exposed Book 3) by Sarah Robinson
Sheer: A Hollywood Romance - Sarah Robinson


Wounded hearts get a chance to heal. Robinson takes the broken and makes them whole. The beauty of the Exposed series is that images can be deceiving. There's drama under the surface waiting to bubble over. It's how the people handle the fallout that makes the stories so intriguing. Sheer is the beginning of the end for an unforgettable series. As Grant and Simone find their way in the industry of bright lights and heartache, each tackles hard knocks in their personal lives and insecurities in their professional ones. The fault in our stars is that we all have flaws. It's the lessons we learn and the peace we find from working through them, that helps us become who we're meant to be. Gritty, sensitive and inspiring tale.

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review 2018-08-19 21:50
Practice Husband (Trophy Husbands, #2) by Noelle Adams
Practice Husband - Noelle Adams


It's tough to move away from the past when every step finds you within the same place. Hunter and Sam had a destiny. They were meant to be together, but life kept getting in the way. Practice Husband is a chance to start over for two people who never seemed to get it right. Hunter is so much more than his sordid past and with a helping hand from a valued friend, he has a chance to move away from the chains of prison and into the light of the real world. Sam is a bit naive, but her beautiful heart is a treasure just waiting to shine it's value. What began in heartache became an inspiring tale of hope and salvation.

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review 2018-08-19 18:55
Hard Sell (21 Wall Street, #2) by Lauren Layne
Hard Sell - Lauren Layne


He needs her. She wants him. Will pleasure trump business or will their chemistry blow up in their faces. Hard Sell is an easy read with a whole lot of temptation thrown in for good measure. Layne takes readers back into the fast paced world of trading with a naughty broker and his image fixer. Matt is young, sexy, wealthy and a hit with the ladies. He's also a genius on the trading floor, which makes his bad boy image a liability when it comes to his clients. Enter Sabrina. Her skills are legendary when it comes to PR. She knows just how to fix any problem including a playboy with a wicked reputation. Theirs is a battle of wills that never seems to shut off. They quickly go from choice words and hot looks to stolen kisses and deep feelings. What happens when the person that drives you crazy becomes the one you can't live without? Hard Sell is a pressure cooker of chaos just waiting to explode.

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review 2018-08-19 17:40
If Cats Disappeared from the World
If Cats Disappeared from the World - Eric Selland,Genki Kawamura

[I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

An enjoyable read with an important message about the value we give to life, what we do with our lives, and what we’d be ready to sacrifice to extend them. Confronted to the prospect of dying very soon, in the next few months if not the next few days, the narrator is offered a bargain by the Devil itself, and a tempting one at that: for each thing he erases from the world, he gets to live one more day. Which quickly raises a lot of questions and conundrums, because if it’s worth earning more life time, it has to be a sacrifice… but if we sacrifice too much, is it worth keeping on living?

The chapter with the talking cat was well done, too: first because of the cat’s voice, second because he was very… feline (those bipeds never understand anything to cats, do they?), and third due to his selective memory, something that was sad, but also a reminder that we don’t know how animals think, and what we take for granted may not be what is important to them.

I did find the story too predictable, though, in that the message was obvious from the beginning, and completely expected considering the type of stories it usually goes with. There’s no real twist, nothing I didn’t see coming, and no ‘revelation’ either, if this makes sense—other novels on a similar theme already did it, and this one doesn’t go far enough with the associated tropes to rise above them all. (I also think that the Devil imposing choices about what to make disappear removed the possibility of things going awry because of the narrator: ‘he made me do it, so it’s not my fault’. I prefer when my protagonists make their own mistakes, and then atone for / learn from them.)

3.5 stars.

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review 2018-08-19 00:50
Going Down Easy (Boys of the Big Easy, #1) by Erin Nicholas
Going Down Easy - Erin Nicholas


Are they permanently in lust or accidentally in love? With a steamy backdrop like New Orleans Nicholas' works her magic. Going Down Easy is meant to be memorable and with a duo like Gabe and Addison, it certainly is. When a booty call becomes the real deal, there are tough choices to be made and long withheld truths to be revealed. If the spice of life serves as the food of the heart, Erin Nicholas' has cooked up a tempting treat.

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