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review 2017-09-21 16:15
Cold Blood
Cold Blood: A gripping serial killer thriller that will take your breath away (Detective Erika Foster Book 5) - Robert Bryndza

A suitcase has been found washed up on the shore of the river Thames. When Detective Erika Foster opens it she sees that it contains the dismembered body of a young man. This is identical to another suitcase that was found two weeks ago only that one held the body of a woman. Erika realizes she's looking for a serial killer but when she begins to dig into the case she is brutally attacked. She has no choice but to take time off but her mind is still on the case. When she learns that the twin daughters of her colleague have been kidnapped, she will stop at nothing to get those girls back home safe and sound.

When I find out another Erika Foster book is coming out I feel like I have to read it. I know it's going to be the same as the ones before it - Erika goes through hell and then saves the day. I know the descriptions of people are going to drive me nuts again (horse-faced girl, jowly face with several chins), and there's going to be so many convenient things that will happen to make the story fit together. But I still find myself turning the pages quickly and when the book is finished I'm happy I read it. I'm also happy that Erika is not in a relationship. I'd like the focus to be on her job. I want her to be an independent woman! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book.

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review 2017-09-21 04:10
Slap Shot: An Aces Hockey Novel - Kelly Jamieson

This is book # 5 in the Aces Hockey series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding, and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this great series in order.


Kendra meet Max at a wedding.  The chemistry if off the charts right from the get go.  The timing however, seems off.  She is beginning to feel like it was just a one off.


Max wants more from Kendra, but his issues from losing his wife are still there.  He is hoping to heal, and Kendra is a big part of that.  Her touch soothes him.


This was an amazing story.  So much was in it with surprises and fun.  The banter is delicious.  The heat was right on, and the story just flowed really well.  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-09-21 00:56
Shining Through (Red Hot Russians) by Elizabeth Harmon
Shining Through (Red Hot Russians) - Elizabeth Harmon


The career of her dreams has become the life of her nightmares.  Perfection is the goal and Tabitha is determined to deliver the goods, even if her heart is no longer in the sport. Shining Through is an up close and personal look at the drama behind the glamour of ice skating.  There's grace, heat and romance.  Ms. Harmon spotlights two characters working their way back, in an atmosphere that is as cold as the stage on which they perform.  The excitement of competition has nothing on the sparks that heat up the connection between Daniil and Tabitha.

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review 2017-09-20 21:27
Too Beautiful to Break (Romancing the Clarksons) by Tessa Bailey
Too Beautiful to Break (Romancing the Clarksons) - Tessa Bailey


Reading Too Beautiful to Break, is like standing in the eye of a hurricane.  The storm clouds alert to danger, but the thrill of the unknown outweighs the fear of what's to come. Belmont and Sage are a cocktail of danger from their co - dependent relationship, to their individual demons.  Underneath the calm lies precarious revelations that could prove lethal to a friendship that goes beyond the boundaries of the norm.  At times I felt like a voyeur as I traversed the carnage of this disturbingly complicated duet of hearts, but once you step into the maze there's no turning back.  Your heart won't allow you to walk away.


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review 2017-09-20 03:21
Crossing the Horizon
Crossing the Horizon: A Novel - Laurie Notaro

I think I could fill a shelf with all these obscure true stories of accomplished women. Notaro captures a frenzied time before Amelia Earhart was a household name; when scores of people were literally racing to be the first to cross the Atlantic, and many were dying in the attempt. What I love about this book is the three unique women Notaro profiles: the bad girl daughter of an earl, the beauty queen with something to prove, and the glamorous scene-stealer who I kept imagining as Lina Lamont from Singing in the Rain, for some reason. (If you remember who she is, you will hear that screechy voice say all of her lines as you read, sorry!)


In any case, this is part thriller, part slapstick, and always riveting drama. Why have I not heard of any of these women before? Why does this keep happening? I feel like I literally learned "the history of men" in school, and people are just now realizing our mistake. Let's hope they keep making up for it with compelling stories like this one.

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