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text 2017-08-16 15:00
Dry August...

...haven't sat down to read or write this month.  There's a partial reason.


Since I'm new here, you wouldn't know that I lost my sweet kitty a few weeks back.  He was nearly 18 and it broke my heart to let him go.  So on a random Friday, my daughter and myself walked the dog in a completely different route because I needed to drop something into the mailbox.



This little angel, found us and followed us all the way home.  He was so skinny--starving--and so thirsty that he could barely produce a meow.  Naturally I scooped him up, brought him inside and fed him.  After eating his fill, we gave him a bath and after he dried, a flea treatment.



After he realized that he was safe, he passed out as only a kitten can.



After the heartbreak of losing Paw-Paw, hubby and I both agreed we would not add to our furry family.  It was too hard and we still have a kitty and a dog who will break our hearts in the future.  But what were the odds that I would be walking that way, on that day, at that time with my daughter?!  Everyone kept saying it was fate, that someone sent him to us, that I was supposed to find him--well, he found us.  And after a lot of tears, hubby agreed that he would stay.


He's not mine per se.  My oldest daughter has claimed him and plans to take full financial and physical responsibility of him once she starts her job.  But we rescued him from certain death, just as we did for our Paw-Paw nearly 18 years ago.

It only took a day for him to get used to Chevy.



He and Leeloo are taking a little longer, but they are making good progress.



When he found Paw-Paw's favorite nap spot and adopted it as his own, I broke into tears.  Not quite ugly crying, but it was a near thing.  My sweet boy sent him to us!  It's the only thing that makes sense to me.  And I'm so happy.  He could never replace my Paw-Paw, but he's helping to mend my broken heart.



He has his first vet appointment on Friday and as long as they don't tell us something is seriously wrong with him (which I doubt they will), he is now a part of our family.  Chevrolet Nova and Leeloo Dallas now have a new partner in crime.  I introduce to you, Korben Dallas.



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text 2016-11-15 13:50
Task the Ninth: The Happy New Year - The Member of the Wedding
The Member of the Wedding (Penguin Modern Classics) - Ali Smith,Carson McCullers

It is still a bit early to be considering the new year (as much as I would like 2016 to be over and done with!) but it occurred to me yesterday that The Member of the Wedding, which I finished a few days ago, qualifies for the Ninth Task of the Twelve Tasks of the Festive Period.


In The Member of the Wedding, a young teen, Frankie, is coming to terms with her place in the world and her feelings of being an outsider. It's very much a coming-of-age novel in which McCullers explores the meaning of family and belonging to a group, and how growing is an act of separation.

I'll jot down my thoughts on the book in a separate review, once I get to mull over a few more aspects of the novel.


Task the Ninth: The Happy New Year


- Every year you get a little bit older! Read a coming of age novel or any old favorite comfort read to start the new year right; or


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text 2016-11-11 21:49
Reading Project ........ Carson McCullers
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - Carson McCullers
Illumination and Night Glare: The Unfinished Autobiography of Carson McCullers - Carlos L. Dews,Carlos Dews,Carson McCullers
The Mortgaged Heart - Carson McCullers,Margarita G. Smith,Joyce Carol Oates
The Member of the Wedding (Penguin Modern Classics) - Ali Smith,Carson McCullers
Reflections in a Golden Eye - Carson McCullers
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe: Wunderkind; The Jockey; Madame Zilensky and the Ki (Penguin Modern Classics) - Carson McCullers
Carson Mccullers: a Life - Josyane Savigneau
Clock without Hands - Carson McCullers

You know that curious spark that lights your interest in something when you come across a reference, a song, a picture?

Well, I have had a moment like that a couple of weeks ago when I checked out Suzanne Vega's latest album Lover, Beloved, which as it turns out is about Carson McCullers. I've always been curious about McCullers and her characters, but Vega's album finally kicked my interest into gear enough to do something about it.


What I knew about McCullers, was not a lot. I had read The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, and, as it was dedicated to another one of my favourite writers, Reflections in a Golden Eye, knew she suffered a lot of ill health, alcoholism, depression, but not much else, except that she once gave a luncheon for Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen which also included Marylin Monroe and Arthur Miller.

What a party that must have been!



There is a fab article about the meeting in The Rumpus, but just the idea of these people hanging out sounds awesome. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of Blixen's/Dinesen's work, but I bet she was a great teller of stories in person.


Anyway, what I am getting to is that I am looking to learn more about Carson McCullers and her work, which seems to explore the life of the outcast, the outsider, the one not fitting in. Apparently, Graham Greene was a fan, which makes this little project even more intriguing.


Reading List (in order of publication date) - with links to reviews added:


  • The Ballad of the Sad Café (1951), a collection comprising:
    • the eponymous novella and six short stories:
      • "Wunderkind" (Story, 1936)
      • "The Jockey" (The New Yorker, 1941)
      • "Madame Zilensky and the King of Finland" (The New Yorker, 1941)
      • "The Sojourner" (Mademoiselle, 1950)
      • "A Domestic Dilemma" (New York Post magazine section, September 16, 1951)
      • "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud" (Harper's Bazaar, 1942)

Clock Without Hands (1961)


  • The Mortgaged Heart (1972) - a posthumous collection of writings
  • Illumination and Night Glare (1999) - unfinished autobiography
  • "Sucker", a short story


Other Works by CM that are not on my Reading List:


The Square Root of Wonderful (1958), a play

Sweet as a Pickle and Clean as a Pig (1964), a collection of poems







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review 2016-11-09 00:52
Portrait of Margaret Tate, Mistress of Montpelier, a Plantation: Widow and Relic of William Theophilus Powell by Carolyn E. Hood-Kourdache
Portrait of Margaret Tate, Mistress of Montpelier, a Plantation: Widow and Relic of William Theophilus Powell - Carolyn E. Hood-Kourdache

Portrait of Margaret Tate, Mistress of Montpelier, a Plantation: Widow and Relic of William Theophilus Powell 

Carolyn E. Hood-Kourdache

Paperback, 92 pages
Published June 22nd 2016 by Tree Rings Publishing, LLC

ISBN:   069274892X (ISBN 13 9780692748923)


  While I found this to be more of a textbook read, I did enjoy it. A great amount of research went into this and shows a side of history that needs to be told. A woman considered a "Chocktaw mixed-blood"and someone who freed black slaves is an important part of American history (escpecially for Floridians) that needs to be told and included in the school books. Technically written for adults, the format could easily be read and understood by high school grades. A wonderful bibliography/source list is included.

****This book was received from author through a Booklikes giveaway. ****
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review 2016-03-23 00:00
The Member of the Wedding
The Member of the Wedding - Carson McCullers Chronology
Introduction, by Ali Smith

--The Member of the Wedding
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